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Sherry has been preaching since she was diagnosed with cancer that it all begins with the foods that we eat.  We are never told that what we see on commercials or in the supermarket that most are not good for us.  This is why we end up with heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Sherry has been eating organic and healthier as part of her lifestyle for the good,  over five years and do not sacrifice any food group, just educate herself on substituting for the bad stuff. A good lifestyle is to stay away from processed sugars and wheat for cancer feeds on these items.

To avoid ~ however in a later post she will show how you can eat items that are bad by making them good. You should eliminate all processed foods especially refined sugars such as; chocolate, soda, pastries, candy, doughnuts, cookies.  This is important for managing of blood sugar as well as to help starve cancer cells.  Avoid artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet and Splenda. Xylitol is a healthy and safe natural sweetener that can be used. NOTE ABOUT SUGARS:  All processed sugar and grains are considered harmful sugars to your bodies.  To maintain a healthier lifestyle this excludes all processed sugars and grains from your list of foods to eat.

You also need to avoid gluten.  Gluten free choices would include brown rice, millet, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and tapioca. Eliminate damaged oils such as vegetable oils as for corn, canola, and sunflower.  Another healthier way is using organic coconut oil, organic butter or Ghee, also use organic olive oil, avocado, nuts and butters.  Hemp nut butter would be an excellent choice.

The food we eat is not just important, but what we drink.  Drink plenty of pure water daily.  It is best to sip throughout the day, taking in about half your body weight in ounces per day.  You may add some fresh organic squeezed lemon to the water if desired.  Avoid drinking from plastic water bottles as there are compounds in plastic that can disrupt hormone function, look for a glass water bottle that you can use regularly. You need to eliminate fatty, charred or grilled foods.  This has been linked with a higher risk of cancer.

If you consume meat, poultry and dairy products ~ select organic and or grass fed and hormone free products.  These foods could contain residues of estrogenic hormones that are given to animals in order to promote growth.  As far as fish make sure it is wild.

 OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS for a healthier lifestyle Increase vegetables to 6-10 cups a day.  Vegetables provide the body with good water, fiber, and vitamins & minerals.  This helps us to cope better with stresses and increases immune function.  Other benefits of increased vegetable intake are increasing the PH within your body and decreases inflammation.

Decrease your exposure to toxins whenever possible. This is just as important as the food and water we drink ~ what we put on our bodies. •    Use only shampoos, body lotion, skin care products that are free of parabens and added chemicals. •    Avoid fumes from paint, cleaning solutions, bug sprays, nail polish, etc. There are organic and natural ways to go about using these products. •    Do not drink from plastic bottles or cups.  Glass would be best or paper cups. •    Avoid microwave ovens _ never stand in front of the oven while waiting for something to cook as they all leak radiation.  Microwaves reduces all nutrients in food •    Use only non-toxic laundry detergents and cleaners

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