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Dan and I for the past 9 years have been sharing our experiences with treating our cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation.  We even have been very passionate about sharing our treatments, along with the aftercare.  While living in Mexico for 6 years, we have been educating ourselves and learning that it’s all about your lifestyle.  The website was designed for one to think outside the box and research ways of prevention and treating illnesses without inflicting chemicals on oneself that were not made for our bodies.

We have gone an extra step by researching and using products to keep our immune system strong, along with keeping our health in shape.  While using some of the products, we thought you would like to know some of the better products on the market.  With the new era, now with on line purchasing there are so much to educate ourselves on.  So, Dan and I thought why not share our blessings with what we have been taught.

The products are high grade, natural, and organic. They consist of food, supplements, beauty products, household products and natural pet supplies.

Looking forward to helping you and maybe your pet on your way to a healthy body, along with doing a newsletter that is monthly regarding wellness.

Thank You and feel free to check out the products.


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