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Like everyone else, before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I ate what looked good and was available to me in the super market. Through my amazing doctors in Mexico, I learned not only how to control my cancer but how to change my lifestyle and make a healthier me. I am humbled to be able to speak my mind and show my challenges that I have faced.

This article you may not agree on, but just humor me for a bit. I felt compelled to write on the subject of food for it will be the death of us if we do not do something about it. Through my experience and research, I have found that it is true what we put in our bodies is what we become.

It's a big problem when you are in the hospital and being treated for cancer or any other disease and the nutritionist comes into your room and states that there is no diet and you can eat whatever you have been eating all along. What do they know about what you have eaten in the past! I know a lot of you think this is garbage and are not going to have an open mind, but that's alright because you will experience sometime in your life some health issues and this article my come back to you.

It starts with our creator, for our bodies were created for certain things to be digested. If this is not so, then why are there things that we eat that are poison to us and we die. Its like Adam and Eve, when Eve took a bite of the forbidden apple. Just like GOD created certain things for us to eat and man altered it by making processed foods and trying to make cows and livestock bigger with adding hormones to enter our bodies. We even have tried to alter the vegetables by lab studies to make them larger I do not think that our creator intended for us to change what he created.

If you look back in history, you can see that our ancestors just lived fine with the sheep and live stocks eating grass and no other food. The vegetables were grown with the soil from the earth without any other substances added to it. So you see; it is only fair to say that if it worked in the past why are we changing it if it is harming us.

We need to research and see for ourselves what America is doing to themselves. The internet is a great place to start and google is a great source to find anything and everything.

I know that we all come into this world and will exit it someday, but why do we have to exit without a choice. We deserve to choose and provide our lives with the quality that we were created for. Today; you can start by stop using the chemicals in cleaning products and check out the foods you are eating and read what it is made of. If you can not pronounce the words you should not purchase it.

Again, you need to have an open mind to go forward with a healthy and better quality of life that you deserve. Your system will work like it was created for and this will keep you from disease.

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