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October was labeled for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


This month of October was labeled for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are walks and items for sale that have pink ribbons on them, all to raise money for a cure for breast cancer. I was labeled a breast cancer patient in 2010. For me it was not finding a cure, but how did it happen in the first place and how can I take care of it so it doesn’t happen again. DNA is only 5% to 10%!

For almost eight years, I have been researching and learning how to take care of the root cause of why and changing my patterns so I can keep healthy from all the major diseases that we have labeled ourselves with. First, I decided not to have surgery. What would that accomplish, just a part removed from my body. The masses were not blocking anything and I was functioning alright. Second, I did not have chemotherapy. Why would I put another chemical in my body for this may have been the one reason why this even happened? Third, I did not have radiation. Again, why would I put radiation in my body, when we read all the time radiation causes cancer.

For, me I decided to do less invasive procedures to take care of the cancer and to begin healing.

I learned the why and cause (the root) and no chemo pill will do that. We need to look at the whole picture and take a look at our lifestyle and the environment. There are so much that we can do to stay away from the chemicals in our foods, products we wear and managing stress and keeping healthy by moving around more. Yes, because our food these days with the lack of good soil, I take supplements and nutrition products to give me what my body needs.

So, with a chemo pill you are putting chemicals in you at the same time it is killing not just the bad cells, but the good ones. Plus, it is causing other side effects. Radiation, causes side effects.

I for the past seven- and one-half years, when this time rolls around for walks and labeling for Breast Cancer Month, I try to educate others. That it’s our environment and our lifestyle that we need to put our money into, this is the root. The best cure is really changing your lifestyle.

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