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For more than seven years, I have been sharing my story of breast cancer. It has been something that I have been sharing every step of the way, through treatments as well as research and aftercare. I have learned from the best of the best. Doctors and professionals that are not well noticed; however, I trust with my life. They have given me my life back and educated me more than a conventional doctor in ways to live a clean life away from cancer.

I created a website, which shows Dan and my story through cancer. Treatments that kills cancer without side effects and killing your body. I did this to educate and help people. I wanted to give back what I have learned and relate that there is a positive way to treat cancer and any autoimmune disease without killing your whole body.

One of the after protocols are building our immune system and detoxing our bodies. In order for us to do this we take supplements. Through this, a lot of research and knowledge went through in finding the best products to take. Life Extension and Rain International products we find are the best products that are on the market for the quality of substance.

The biggest thing that cancer taught me was, what kind of quality do we want to live? Also, cancer did not just happen overnight, so the disease is not going to just go away.

My doctors inspired me to continue to share education and products that will manage cancer and autoimmune diseases without side effects.

Dan and I are always free to talk about our experiences and share our knowledge with you. E-mail

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