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Good Morning Sunday,

Its been 75 days and no interaction with people other then phone or on face-time, zoom. I’ve planning on waiting until things get clearer on what’s happening with the virus. What are you up to? Have you been going along with normal activities?

I know the virus is just one element of how our environment is being polluted, which causes damage to our health or even death. If you look harder, you will see how horrible pollution is killing us slowly. I have been on the topic of how our environment is being polluted for the past week and posted about how important water is to our health. Did you know that the water in which we drink and shower is being polluted with several chemicals that are causing a lot of our diseases?

One of which is FLUORIDE!!

Fluorides - in excessive amounts can make your teeth yellow and cause damage to the spinal cord.

We must treat water as if it were the most precious thing in the world, the most valuable natural resource. Be economical with water! Don't waste it! We still have time to do something about this problem before it is too late. Mikhail Gorbachev

I posted on the blog on Sunday, January 6, 2013, which is crazy on what is happening in today’s world.


January 2, 2013

This article is an excerpt from The Health Conspiracy and How to End It that has been expanded upon.

Fluoride is a compound that is added to most drinking water in the United States and some other countries. It can even be found in your food and other products such as toothpaste and dental floss. Now, why is fluoride added to the water?

Let’s have a look at the alleged “logic” here with a pretend conversation:

Steve: Why is fluoride added to the water?

Bob: It’s supposed to fight cavities.

Steve: Okay. Whose cavities?

Bob: The cavities of low-income families.

Steve: So, it’s put in the water?

Bob: Right.

Steve: But, isn’t most water used for showering, washing clothes, washing dishes and flushing toilets?

Bob: Right.

Steve: And, wouldn’t higher income families have healthier teeth, based on your logic, so they wouldn’t need fluoridated water?

Bob: Right.

Steve: So, why, exactly, is it in all of the water then?

Bob: Because, it’s supposed to fight cavities.

Now, that conversation sounds like it could have been between Dorothy and Toto while following the yellow brick road. However; that is actually the logic for fluoridating our water supply. And, here’s another brain buster for you. If it’s supposed to fight cavities, why do you swallow it? Do you eat chap stick when your lips are chapped? Do you chug a glass of sunscreen to prevent sunburn? I don’t think so. So, where’s the scientific evidence that ingesting fluoride fights cavities? Maybe, Dorothy and Toto can ask the wicked witch of the west when they see her.

But, let’s play the man behind the curtain for a second, and agree that fluoride does fight cavities. How much do we need? What if a man, 30 years of age, drinks 70 ounces of tap water a day and a female child, 6 years of age, drinks 40 ounces of tap water? What if it’s the opposite? Who’s saying that the girl is drinking too much or the man isn’t drinking enough? The fact is, fluoride is classified as a drug by the FDA and is probably the only non-over-the-counter drug in America not administered by a doctor with no dosage control. Mass medication for everybody.

Or, at least those who are unaware. Regardless whether it’s good or bad, why shouldn’t anybody have the right to vote and tell his or her neighbors living in your town or city what they should have in their water?

What Is Fluoride and Where Does It Come From?

Fluoride can be found in its natural form in fresh and ocean water, but this is not what is added to drinking water. The fluoride in our water is actually a byproduct of the phosphate mining industry. Toxic fumes used to go into the atmosphere from refining phosphate into fertilizer. Once it was recognized that this was bad for the environment, wet scrubbing systems were installed to keep the toxic fumes from going into the outside air. The chemical residues inside the wet scrubbers, sodium silicofluoride and Hexafluorosilicic acid, had to be cleaned off and are considered hazardous waste, so it is illegal to just toss them out. So, it’s added to the water supply instead. Who are the geniuses that came up with that solution?

Just having a look at the label of sodium fluoride, it reads “Danger: Poison – Toxic by Ingestion”. A company that distributes fluoride to towns and cities provides a little more information. Health Hazards: “Corrosive to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes through direct contact, inhalation or ingestion.” “May cause severe irritation and burns, which may not be immediately apparent.” “Potential Health Effects: Ingestion Corrosive. Harmful or fatal if swallowed.” “May cause severe irritation and burns of the mouth, throat and digestive tract.” “Signs and symptoms: May lead to coma or death.”

Everywhere water is a thing of beauty, gleaming in the dewdrops; singing in the summer rain; shining in the ice-gems till the leaves all seem to turn to living jewels; spreading a golden veil over the setting sun; or a white gauze around the midnight moon. John Ballantine Gough

Another post that I blogged about on Saturday, November 12, 2016, which I feel should be told.

Most Bottled Water is Filled with Fluoride, here’s a Complete List of Brands to Avoid

The senior study author Philippe Grandjean claims that the reason for this is the toxic effects of fluoride on the developing brain.

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that because chemical brain drains. The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.”

The following list includes bottled water brands that have no or little fluoride:

A Better Water

Agromas Natural Mineral Water



American Fare

American Star


Aqua Fresca

Aqua Panna

Aqua Pure

Aquarius Natural Mineral Water

Arbor Springs

Arlington Springs

Aquafina Water

Aqua Systems

Aqua Von

Artesian Wells

Augusta Medical – Daniels

Badger Water

Besco Pure Premium Drinking Water

BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water


Black Berry Farms

Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water






Callaway Blue



Century Springs


Chippewa Spring Water

Citi Stop

Classic Selection

Clearly Arctic

Clear Mountain Spring Water

Clover Company Limited


Cold Country

Cohutta Mountain Spring Water

Cowboy Squeeze

Crowne Plaza Drinking Water

Crowne Plaza Natural Mineral Water

Cruel Jacks Spring Water

Crystal Mountain Spring Water

Crystal Point

Crystal Ridge

Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water

Culligan Water

Dakota Splash


Deep Rock

Deep Rock Crystal Drop

Deep Rock Fontenelle

Deja Blue

Desert Quench

East Phils

Eco Quest


Equatorial Natural Mineral Water

Essentia Water



E Water

Family Pantry

Famous Ramona Water

Flowing Springs

Food Club

Founders Square Bank

Fresh Brands Artesian

Fresh Brands Distilled Water

Fresh Brands Drinking Water

Fresh Market


Glacier Bay

Glen Summit Springs Water

Glen Summit Distilled Water

Glenwood Inglewood

Gordon Food Service

Great Bear

Great Value




Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water

Hillcrest Distilled Water

Hillcrest Drinking Water

Hillcrest Spring Water

Hilton PJ Natural Mineral Water

Hinckley Springs


Hi-Sprint Drinking Water

Hi-Sprint Natural Mineral Water

Hog Wash

Hon Less Natural Mineral Water

Ice Jam


Istana Natural Mineral Water

Joe Muggs

Joe Ragan’s Pure Water

Junior Johnson

Just Squeezed

KLGCC Natural Mineral Water

Kroger Bottled Water (Reverse Osmosis)

Krystal J Artesian Water

Krystal J Distilled Water


Leroy Jenkins Ministries

Logansport Savings Bank



Masafi Pure Natural Mineral Water

Mercurio Produce

Mesra Drinking Water

Mesra Natural Mineral Water

Misty Mountain

Monadnock Mountain Spring Water


Mountain Energy

Mountain Forest

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mutiara Natural Mineral Water

Nantze Springs

New Frontier Bank

Niagra Mist

Nicolet Distilled

Northern Illinois University

Oasis Pure Drinking Water

Oasis Sparkling Water

Ogallala – Clear Cool Water

OUI Drinking Water

OUI Natural Mineral Water


Parmer Pure H2O

Patriots Choice

Pelangi Natural Mineral Water

Penta Ultra Premium Purified Drinking Water

Piggly Wiggly

Polaris Water

Pristine Natural Artesian

Purely Sedona

Quick Stop

Rain Soft

Refresh Natural Mineral Water

Reiser Drinking Water

Request Foods, Inc.

Rip Time

Roundy’s “Purified Water”

Safeway – Refreshe

Sam’s Wine & Spirits

San Faustino Natural Mineral Water

San Pellegrino

Santee Springs

Scheopner’s Water

Sequoia Springs





Silver Creek Purified Water

Silver Creek Spring Water

Sky Drinking Water

Smart Water

Snow Valley


Stator Bros. Markets

Summit Mountain

Summit Springs

Summit Valley


Teton Mountain Lodge Spring Water


United Dairy Farmers


Vitamin Water

Veta Drinking Water


Whistler Water

Whole Foods 365

Woodland Spring Water

Wyoming Machinery “Catipillar” Spring Water


What The World Needs More 💗 Love

Good morning Sunday🦋 Give all to love... Obey thy heart 💗 Have a wonderful day.

The following bottled water brands are high in fluoride, so you should avoid them in order to prevent serious health issues:



Belmont Springs

Crystal Rock

Crystal Springs

Deer Park

Diamond Springs

Hindley Spri

Ice Mountain


Kentwood Springs

Mayer Bros.

Mount Olympus

Nursery Water


Poland Spring

Pure Flo

Puritan Springs


Sierra Springs



DO you drink any of these brands?

Until tomorrow, if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.


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