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Every path toward self-discovery is a valid one.


Hello Followers,

It’s Tuesday, one more day closer to the week-end!

As Dan and I end our series of SELF-WORTH, I wonder if you can associate why we feel it is one ingredient to keeping healthy.

Does it ever seem like people place too much importance on their sense of self-worth?

If so, consider this; believing in your value is a crucial element of mental health.

Without it, it's easy to become depressed and anxious.

Fading into the background in social situations is easily done.

What's more, it's possible to let opportunities pass you by.

You can develop a healthy sense of self-worth without losing empathy for others or becoming excessively self-centered.

With all its benefits, self-worth can bring you and the people you care about greater happiness.

Given that, there's every reason to improve it.

Self-worth seems to shield us from many types of mental illness and emotional problems.

Low self-esteem has been identified as a factor in addictions, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

When people don't believe in their inherent value, then drugs, alcohol, and other addictions can seem to ease the pain.

They may fight their way out of addiction just by force of will.

Then, whenever they feel the worst about themselves, they return to it or fall deeper into addiction.

They can never overcome the effects of the habit until they develop a stronger sense of self-worth.

Depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions often happen to people who deal with low self-worth.

At this point, no one knows whether it's the mental condition and the particular circumstance associated with it that causes the low self-worth or whether it happens the other way around.

Either way, they build on each other, creating a persistent feeling of unworthiness and despair.

In this case, both the mental condition and the self-worth issues must be dealt with.

People who don't value themselves tend to get into unhealthy relationships.

They may look for someone who they believe can do for them what they feel they can't do for themselves.

Or, they may search for a partner who seems inferior so that they can feel better about themselves.

No matter how it happens, the relationship starts with a faulty foundation and only gets unhealthier as time goes by.

The relationship can't be healed until both partners have a good sense of self-worth.

For some, that never happens, and the relationship ends.

But by improving their self-esteem, they can build a better life either way.

Hope, now you can understand why, Dan and I posted this series of SELF WORTH.

Tomorrow, starting the series on HAPPINESS.



When you try to make things better for a lot of people, you may end up making things worse for yourself.

A little self-sacrifice is noble, but depriving yourself of too much will only leave you depleted.

By that time, most people won’t even realize you need anything, because you’re the one who has always given.

Take care of yourself.

Self-preservation is not selfish; it’s essential for living a full and happy life.

The freedom to be yourself is a gift only you can give yourself.

But once you do, no one can take it away.

How many are you out there are left-handers?

I raise my left hand! When I was growing up, I learned everything right-handed; which made everything I did the wrong way.


Are Left Handers Less Healthy Than Right Handers?

Left handers have some disadvantages from a health risk perspective, which I have been sharing with you in previous posts.

So, now let's address some advantages.

Yes, there are advantages to be a left hander associated with health.

  1. A 2001 study of over 1.2 million people concluded that left handers did not have a health risk disadvantage for allergies and had lower rates of ulcers and arthritis.

  2. According to a 2015 study, left-handed people recover from strokes and other brain related injuries faster than right-handed people.

  3. A 2006 study suggested that left hand dominant people are faster than right hand dominant people at processing multiple stimuli.

  4. A 2017 study published in Biology Letters indicated that left hand dominant athletes in certain sports have a much higher representation than they do in the general population.

For example, while about 10 percent of the general population is left hand dominant, about 30 percent of the elite pitchers in baseball are lefties.

Lefties can also be proud of their representation in other areas, such as leadership: Four of the last eight U.S. presidents; Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama - have been left-handed.


Ehud, son of Gera the Benjamite, may be the earliest identified left-handers.

Since he is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

He killed the King of Moab by concealing his double-edged dagger under his clothes on the right thigh.

Anyone searching him would have only checked his left side, where a righty would keep his weapon.

If you are interested in reading Dan’s and My Journey Through Cancer without Surgery, Chemo or Radiation, just click on the books for more information:

MY JOURNEY OF COMPLETION (Body, Heart and Soul) – Enjoy Life While Managing Cancer

The first day of November, Dan and I took a drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains toward Floyd.

It was breathtaking, something that I never seen. All the trees leaves where changing colors.




Dan and I grabbed an opportunity nine years ago, when we took on the adventure and moved to Mexico. Back then, we didn’t know what to expect, except that both of us were alive and ready for a change. We had been going to Tijuana for cancer treatments and knew somewhat what we were heading into. We ended up living in the center of the country however; better for travel purposes and it was nothing like what we had thought about. To this date, we are back in the states living in Virginia and what we took from Mexico was friendships, culture and understanding of their ways of life.


Through thousands of pictures that I took, Dan and I are showing how safe Mexico is. There is a saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; this is so true! A picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.

"Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words."


So, we will be posting a gallery of pictures on each post, hopefully you will see each one has a story.

Today will continue the series on LIVING SUCCESSFULLY WITH SCREWED-UP PEOPLE, by Elizabeth B. Brown. Dan and I continue to share ways to benefit and help keep one’s health cells healthy. A wise man told me ten years ago, when one is in balance with themselves; one stays healthy.

For more information click on book


When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.

Authors Wallerstein and Blakeslee share the discouraging data that flows from the breakdown of significant relationships.

Their compilations of research shows clearly that the breakup of significant relationships puts people at much higher risk for both psychiatric and physical diseases, including every type of cancer.

Only 10 percent of people from broken marriage relationships responded that both people were living happier, fuller lives within a decade of the divorce.

It was normal to find only one of the former partners in a stable second marriage, while the other tried and failed or never remarried.

Nearly, one-third of the children witnessed the intense bitterness of the parents toward each other.

This had a negative effect on their feelings of security in all other relationships.

Continue tomorrow

This is the time to get ready for food and remedies that heal; alchemy of herbs. In the coming week, Dan and I will be blogging the benefits of NETTLE. It’s amazing what and how nettle can help keep your body healthy?


While most of us are familiar with making a cup of tea with a small number of herbs and a short sleeping time, nourishing herbal infusions use a lot of herbs and an extended period of sleeping.

Nettle infusions were made popular by herbalist Susan S. Weed.

She wrote, my daily cup of nourishing herbal infusion is my safeguard against cancer; my longevity tonic and my beauty treatment all in one cup.

Consider drinking this daily for general health, as it contains an amazing amount of nutrients that can support your energy level as well as the health of your bones, hair, and teeth.


20 grams dried nettle leaves (approximately 2 cups finely crumbled leaves)
Large pinch of lemongrass for favor


1.       Bring 4 cups of water to a boil.
2.       Place all the herbs in a 1-quart jar or French coffee press.
3.       Pour the just boiled water over the herbs.
4.       Stir well, and then cover with a lid.
5.       Allow herbs to infuse for 4 hours or overnight.
6.       Strain when done.
7.       You can drink the infusion warm or cold.
8.       Drink within 56 hours.


THIS IS AN ENCLOSURE – will be at the end of all the blogs, for I stress; this daily routine will heal and keep your body cells happy.

As I end this blog, Dan and I for several years have shared our experiences with enjoying life while managing cancer. By keeping healthy, our routine daily has been walking (exercise), meditation (for stress), Qigong (exercise and for stress).

I know some will say they do not have enough time with work, kids and household chores!!

Dan and I have put together videos from WALK AT HOME together on our website, that you can follow in home; when you have short periods of time and unable to go out. They are from 15 mins up to 30 mins depending on the miles. This is one of the first steps to making your cells happy!!

Also, meditation videos, help to lower stress and is also one of the first steps to making your cells happy; click on

Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Self-Love and Self-Worth

You are worthy of love.

And, you are worthy of loving yourself.

This means having forgiveness for yourself and taking care of yourself first.

This will, in turn, result in a deeper care for others.

This guided mindfulness meditation will focus on these ideas.

Let the ambient music and my relaxing voice allow you to find calm and peace, free from anxiety; whether listening in the morning, before sleep, or any free moment during the day.

Meditation is becoming a global movement!

I hope this helps you to find peace and comfort in these challenging times.

I am especially glad to share this session with you.

It is very meaningful to me, and I hope it brings you deep transcendent healing.

“Surrender is a gift that you can give yourself. It’s an act of faith. It’s saying that even though I can see where this river is flowing, I trust it will take me in the right direction.” ~ Debbie Ford

We are still working on Qigong video’s to be posted on the website for easy access, until now you can go to the blog and on the right-hand side are hash #tag words, just click on the word #walk #Qigong #meditation. The post will pop up and then you can begin. Have fun with it!


Every path toward self-discovery is a valid one.

Until Wednesday, only you can make the decision for what you believe your worth is and that will determine how you allow other people to treat you.