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Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.


Hello Followers,

Dan and I sometimes have a hard time keeping the Faith, with the situation that is happening in today’s world.

You can’t help noticing and hearing about the virus, education and other political issues on the news as well as socially.

How Dan and I learned to keep the faith in times of trouble, may also help you.

Keep a positive attitude, reflecting on God's promises.

We are to praise Jesus in all things and in all circumstances.

Surrender your circumstances to God.

It can be so easy to get upset and shake our fists at Him when things aren’t going right.

Instead, ask Him for help and to change your circumstances.

Let Him take the wheel and trust what He is going to do

Be generous!

The Bible says even in times of trouble, we are to give.

It seems counterintuitive when you are struggling to keep your head above water.

However, in giving and blessing someone else, you are blessing yourself too.

God loves a cheerful giver.

Spend more time in the Word.

This will help keep you grounded and not going in another direction due to confusion or desperation.

Reach out to friends and family.

One of the best things to do in hard times is to draw close to those who love you most.

Sit down and discuss your situation with a close friend or family member and let them give you some encouragement.

Being connected to others is essential.

Having faith means we are part of a covenant body of believers, a family of brothers and sisters united in Jesus Christ.

Written by me on Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Last Sunday Dan and I decided to wake up early to go to the Open Circle here in Ajijic.

We have been planning this for a while, but something always seems to pop up and never have made it to the event.

This takes place every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Every Sunday there is a topic regarding body, soul and mind.

I am thinking of doing a talk on my journey of completion there.

Well, this week it was a fabulous topic and everyone could learn by it.


To sum this up ~ pain tells you that something is wrong and you can heal it without drugs and knives.

It’s about pain release therapy, a new understanding of pain and paradigm shift in pain therapy.

Most important is to know that pain occurs primarily as a warning and not as a result of damaged tissue.

Pain tells us to stop using the body in ways that are harmful.

It sees pain as a result of imbalanced Musculo-skeletal structure resulting in tension, contraction, spasms, squeezed nerves and finally shortening of muscles.

The causes are mostly habits of wrong body posture (computers, too much sitting, inactivity), repetitive movements, over strain or old traumas with the result favoring one part of the body.

If there is no correction, then painful contractions and adhesion of muscles and connective tissue develop.

I invite you to go if you are ever in this area of Mexico.

Dan and I enjoyed being there and it was uplifting for its meditating and learning about oneself.

As we were leaving the event, down the road near the town square I ran across this dog that was dyed pink.

The first thing that I thought was, this would be great for breast cancer awareness month.

It made me think on how important my passion is to educate people on choices other than surgery, chemo or radiation.


We all need to stand together and during cancer awareness months show and honor the people that passed on with other ways of managing cancer.

The first step is life change.

If you know anyone with cancer, remember there is hope.

There are creative personalized programs which are customized for each patient, helping them to fight their cancer their way.

Make an inquiry to see how we can help you find the right alternative cancer treatments for your situation.

How many are you out there are left-handers?

I raise my left hand! When I was growing up, I learned everything right-handed; which made everything I did the wrong way.

It’s time to share some words from THE LEFT-HANDER’S HANDBOOK.


Sigmund Freud sensed the presence of the left-handed brain, but because he couldn’t identify it.

He labeled it THE UNCONSCIOUS.

Today we know it’s just as conscious as the right-handed brain.

The left-handed brain does most of our dreaming.

It’s also where we get our hunches and other feelings that we can’t explain with words.



Conserving energy is a good thing, but this is also why belief is at the root of all positive change.

Unless you believe something better is possible, it makes no sense to devote energy or effort into making it happen.

So, all those other things, determination, perseverance, courage; they can’t do their job until belief.

Their leader, steps up front and center.

Before you do anything, set your foundation firm in the belief that great things are very possible and that you are more than able to make them happen.

Talk yourself into them, not out of them.

It’s a miracle and definitely against at rational odds that you are here right now.

You have knowledge and experience.

If great things happen to other people, why wouldn’t they happen to you?

If you are interested in reading Dan’s and My Journey Through Cancer without Surgery, Chemo or Radiation, just click on the books for more information:

MY JOURNEY OF COMPLETION (Body, Heart and Soul) – Enjoy Life While Managing Cancer



Dan and I grabbed an opportunity nine years ago, when we took on the adventure and moved to Mexico. Back then, we didn’t know what to expect, except that both of us were alive and ready for a change. We had been going to Tijuana for cancer treatments and knew somewhat what we were heading into. We ended up living in the center of the country however; better for travel purposes and it was nothing like what we had thought about. To this date, we are back in the states living in Virginia and what we took from Mexico was friendships, culture and understanding of their ways of life.


Through thousands of pictures that I took, Dan and I are showing how safe Mexico is. There is a saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; this is so true! A picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.


"Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words."

So, we will be posting a gallery of pictures on each post, hopefully you will see each one has a story.

Tomorrow I will continue the series on LIVING SUCCESSFULLY WITH SCREWED-UP PEOPLE, by Elizabeth B. Brown. Dan and I continue to share ways to benefit and help keep one’s health cells healthy. A wise man told me ten years ago, when one is in balance with themselves; one stays healthy.

For more information click on book



When recue workers approach an accident victim, their first task is encouragement.

You are going to be all right.

You are hurt, but we are here to help.

You can make it.

You are going to be safe.

They know the power the mind has to control shock, so they attempt to focus the victim on the positives, the possibilities; as opposed to the horrors and danger.

You may not be facing the problems of an accident, but the same advice applies to relationships problems.

Hang tight.

Don’t succumb.

Keep your fear and anger under control.

Reach out for help.

You can overcome.

Tomorrow’s blog will continue on – Encourage Yourself and Others.

This is the time to get ready for food and remedies that heal; alchemy of herbs. In the coming week, Dan and I will be blogging the benefits of TURMERIC. It’s amazing what and how turmeric can help keep your body healthy?

Did you know turmeric can increase the antioxidant capacity of the body?

Oxidative damage is believed to be one of the mechanisms behind aging and many diseases.

It involves free radicals, highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons.

Free radicals tend to react with important organic substances, such as fatty acids, proteins, or DNA.

The main reason antioxidants are so beneficial is that they protect your body from free radicals.

Curcumin is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals due to its chemical structure.

In addition, animal and cellular studies suggest that curcumin may block the action of free radicals and may stimulate the action of other antioxidants.


THIS IS AN ENCLOSURE – will be at the end of all the blogs, for I stress; this daily routine will heal keep your body cells happy.

As I end this blog, Dan and I for several years have shared our experiences with enjoying life while

managing cancer. By keeping healthy, our routine daily has been walking (exercise), meditation (for stress), Qigong (exercise and for stress).

Love this time of season, yesterday walking among all the fall colors.

I know some will say they do not have enough time with work, kids and household chores!!!


Dan and I have put together videos from WALK AT HOME together on our website, that you can follow in home; when you have short periods of time and unable to go out. They are from 15 mins up to 30 mins depending on the miles. This is one of the first steps to making your cells happy!!

Also, meditation videos, help to lower stress and is also one of the first steps to making your cells happy; click on

❤️Empowering the POWER Within Meditation ❤️Dr Joe Dispenza| Immune System BOOST| Female UK Voice🇬🇧

This Joe Dispenza meditation will help you to master your environment and body and change your energy.

“Surrender is a gift that you can give yourself. It’s an act of faith. It’s saying that even though I can see where this river is flowing, I trust it will take me in the right direction.” ~ Debbie Ford

We are still working on Qigong video’s to be posted on the website for easy access, until now you can go to the blog and on the right-hand side are hash # tag words, just click on the word #walk #Qigong #meditation. The post will pop up and then you can begin. Have fun with it!


Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.

Until Thursday, don't downgrade your dream to match your reality. Upgrade your faith to match your destiny.


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