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Good Afternoon Monday,

Its our second week hunkering down. Dan and I are keeping busy, walking, reading, cooking and cleaning. This uncertain time, children are home and its spring why not get them started on chores.

Like rearranging their rooms, I always liked changing the look of my rooms, it makes me feel like it’s a new space. This might make them feel good in that they are surrounded be a different space that’s theirs.

There are a lot of ideas regarding staying in touch with society. With the social distancing, we can use the internet more and our I phone to keep in touch with one another.

There is so much that we as a family get involved with. Some companies, are thinking of our children with learning programs that keep your children focused. If you are working at home, this might be a great why of them working as you work.

Scholastic offers free online classes for your kids to learn during school closures

If you want your kids to keep thinking and learning during corona-virus closures, here's a website for them.

PreK and Kindergarten

Grades 1 and 2

Grades 3 through 5

Grades 6 and above

Scholastic says in a statement that the site offers three hours of learning opportunities per day, for up to four weeks. The projects include writing and research based on nonfiction articles and stories, virtual field trips, reading and geography challenges and more.

Scholastic says the site will remain free and open indefinitely.

Scholastic editors have also launched what they say are kid-friendly resources for learning about the corona virus.

Another source is:

Disney, Kennedy Space Center offering free online activities for kids during school closures

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Big name attractions are bringing fun right to your home.

Disney and the Kennedy Space Center are stepping in to help keep students busy while schools remain closed.

“We have several parents here who are facing staying at home with their kids," said Dee Maynard of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “When you’re expecting them to be in school, you don’t just want every day to be play day, you want some education in there too.”

The kids are home for at least another month. Entertainment options are slim, but luckily for parents, some area attractions are coming to the rescue.

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Kennedy Space Center has launched science lessons on Facebook Live.

“We are giving lessons on rocketry, from the Saturn 5 center. We’re teaching people how to make rockets at home from recycled materials that are probably lying around the house.”

Parents also have online access to activity sheets and experiments, making spare time educational but fun. The sessions will take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 a.m. ET for young kids. For older children, including those in high school, there will be programming starting at 1 p.m.

Disney is also offering online resources for parents.

“We’re going to go behind the scenes, with the artists and engineers and see how they design and build the world’s attractions and characters for Disney parks.”

With Imagineering in a box, kids can learn how to build their own world, attractions and characters.

Remember, He’s got the whole world in His hands

Dan and I went to the local store in our area in Virginia. One thing I noticed the shelves with can goods and paper goods were empty, along with frozen goods, milk, eggs and meat. However, I did notice that fresh fruit and vegetables there were quite available. I was going to start back with recipes, but I decided to give ideas and you create your own dishes.

One thing that is very healthy and easy to make. Oatmeal by itself is boring, but it’s what you add with it that lifts it up. I always have on hand fruit, cinnamon, honey, nuts. This could be fun by putting them in bowls and letting your children create their own masterpieces

Are there ways that you can pay forward or share your blessings?

At the end of this week our grandson will be two and with social distance we will have to create different ways to celebrate with him. Been looking at ways to connect in these uncertain times.

I saw that someone celebrated with their love ones, by separate times, each person came to their home and at one window, put a note, picture they made or birthday wish. This worked and the birthday person was felt loved. We also have face time, what up, Skype. You can set up a group gathering by phone.

Until tomorrow, Be safe.


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