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Individuals could not care less about the amount you know until they know the amount you care.

Hello Followers,

It is a kind of chilly Thursday.

As this year comes to an end, there is only one more month to go.

Dan and I have made a complete circle in the knowledge of cancer awareness.

We have spread throughout the past several years many experiences and knowledge.

The past two years have been focused on one’s thoughts, moods, words, and actions.

We have been spreading much like a crow communicates until its message is heard.

So, Dan and I welcome you to go to our YouTube site to enjoy and bring uplifting vibes to your day.

These uplifting videos hold a significant place in our lives.

They offer a glimpse into the wisdom of our experiences.

A series of writings from me; Sheryl Malin, a passionate person sharing her experience with Functional Medicine.

Not just the symptom, but the cause – the root of a disease.



How valuable is your health worth?

When we get sick, we go to the doctor to get fixed up.

They ask you how you feel and go by your symptoms.

They take tests on you to rule out any issues you may have to find the disease and then treat it with a pill.

But do they find out the cause, the root of why you have been feeling the way you do and why the disease is there? No, not normally!

For 13 years, I have been studying how I might have ended up with breast cancer and why I chose Functional Medicine.

The reasons for my beginning the program which lead me to my journey I am sharing with you.

To explain all of this, I have taken the advice of one of the oldest types of trees, the bristlecone pine.

First, we must understand the growth and why they can live to be over 5000 years old.

We need to use our imagination and explore the branches of this pine tree as the diseases that are diagnosed daily.

Each one is treated by our conventional doctors as symptoms and is given medication for treatment.

Is this not like putting a band aid on a cut?

Now, what would you think the oldest pine tree would do?

Well, it would talk to its roots and ask what it was lacking.

The branches would ask the tree, is it due to the environment (climate, chemicals, water, lack of sunshine, the soil.

All these situations have something to do with why the pine is not growing and is getting sick.

This is much like us, the cause of why we get diseases are much like the pine tree.

For us to correct the problem we must go deeper into the root of the why.

This is Functional Medicine.

Many diseases begin in the gut because of our food.

The other reasons which cause our illnesses are the environment (pollution), the food (chemicals, GMO’s processing), water we drink, stress, lack of exercise, and our DNA.

In later writings, I will explain all the above and how we can change our health by changing our lifestyle.

Also, how we can alter our DNA to make it healthy.

Take it from the bristlecone pine, the oldest tree in the world, stand tall and proud.

Go out on a limb.

Remember your roots.

Drink plenty of water.

Be content with your natural beauty and enjoy the view.

Remember there are no mistakes – just lessons.

Trust and love yourself and know that anything is possible.


I was taught by a wise doctor in Mexico that stated to me, “you may not be able to change the environment outside your home, but you can change it within your home.”

Continuing as in the previous posts; 365 morning meditations for joyful days all year long.

The book is SUNRISE GRATITUDE by Emily Silva.

November 9th


The crow has much to say and communicates until its message is heard.

Crows are symbolic messengers of the gods and are believed to have a spiritual connection.

As their call is heard, their message spreads.

Each of us has a spiritual calling deep within, it is important to communicate our soulful messages.

Tap into your higher self and listen for your calling.

Use your voice to communicate your own message.

PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong.

Dan and I have started back bouncing and walking to Walk at Home YouTube.

It is always important to change your routine around you but continue keeping a healthy lifestyle.

It is easy to get hung up on how much farther we wish to go in life, but in this loving and peaceful 10-minute guided meditation, you will instead take stock in just how far you have come.

Get ready to feel deep appreciation towards yourself and your inherent worth.


For us, that may be walking through a park, walking in a mall, or going to the gym and just staying home, bouncing, and walking to Walk at Home with YouTube.

This also includes daily meditation and twice a week Tai Chi.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.

Until Friday, be a lifelong student.

The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self-confidence you will have.


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