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March 27, 2024

Hello Followers,



The light in me greets the light in you.

Today look for the goodness in three people you deal with.

Open your heart as you speak with them and notice how this intention affects your thoughts, and the interaction you have with them.

Also remember whatever your state of mind or the number of things you must do today, rest for a moment between tasks and breathe.

Breathe at least three complete breaths.

This will give you much-needed energy.

And recharge you to carry on with your day.

Now you are ready to settle some differences.

Ready to compromise!


Compromise is a vital part of everyday life, and it is often the key to navigating difficult situations.

Whether in personal relationships, at work, or just dealing with daily hurdles, compromise can help us find common ground and move forward.

But sometimes finding the right words to express your willingness to compromise can be challenging.

Compromise is a key element in any successful relationship, whether it be personal or professional.

It is the art of finding a middle ground and meeting halfway to maintain the harmony between two parties.

 Compromise is a fundamental skill that we all need to hone to navigate life with ease.

It is the art of finding a middle ground, a way to work things out without being rigid or uncompromising.

Whether it be in our personal relationships, professional or even when dealing with challenges, compromise can help us move forward and achieve success.

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March 27th


You cannot always have what you want.

You know that of course, but the ability to negotiate the space between what you want and what others want is a specific skill, acquired only with practice.

There are some things that you simply cannot compromise on, and that is okay.

Know that holding that to what you want can cost you.

When you make the determination, you will have to calculate.

Is what you are holding on to worth what you might lose by not compromising?

Do not give it all away, but it is important to ask yourself each time.

 PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

As the world awakens, may you align your thoughts, your actions, and your intentions with the purest essence of your being.

 Let love be your compass, guiding you towards compassion, kindness, and joy.

Embrace the truth that you are a vessel of divine light, here to illuminate the path for yourself and others.

Take a moment to reflect on your dreams, your aspirations, and the miracles that await you.

 Visualize yourself stepping into the grand tapestry of your purpose, embracing every step with grace and courage.

Trust in the wisdom of your higher self, for it holds the keys to unlock the infinite possibilities that lie before you.

It is always important to change your routine around you but continue keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Dan and I welcome you to go to the tag words and explore our posts.

Until Thursday, the only true measure of success is how well we can make compromises.

Before Dan and I end the post, please join us in wishing our grandson,

Jonah a happy sixth birthday.

Grandpa and I love you.


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