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Good morning all,

Last night I was dreaming, this topic must have been heavy on my mind. I was dreaming of when I was a little kid. Over coffee, I was telling Dan and bringing it up to him.

I guess, this was part of my journey that I kept filed away in my mind as well as in my heart. Well, before I start, it’s been now 46 days being closed out from the rest of you.

On our walk yesterday, in the middle of a patch of grass was a rabbit. Among all this uncertainty in our world theses days, this little rabbit was grazing peacefully with no worries.

It is hard not to compare yourself to others. Most of us naturally do that from time to time. Growing up with three sisters, we always competed whether it was a game of cards, school grades and or game boards. We would have to come up as the winner, not second or third place. I admire my sisters, for they would win all the time, perhaps they were cheating!

Running Your Own Race in Life Running, of course, is just a metaphor for life. In life, just as in running, it’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s race.

I guess you can say I have been running my own race since the beginning of time. Last night I was dreaming of my younger days and my mind must have been on this subject for it was my race as a kid. This piece is me remembering myself as a child. I was told that I didn’t want to come into this world, I was forced out. I then remember that when I was in the first grade, I forgot to write my name on the seat work; first. My punishment was wearing a baby bib during the entire class. If that was not enough, the Principle came in and broad castes this in front of the class. I still have the paper of that incident. Then later in grammar school, I made a U in religion class and had to bring my religion book home for that school period. So, you can see that I was running my own race. Even through my diagnosis with breast cancer, several friends and family members were concern with the choice I made. I chose to use functional medicine!! This is what has leaned me to my journey today, creating a blog with inspiration.

When we are tempted to compare ourselves to others, it is important to remember that we each are running our own race – alone. The race I’ve run has been incredibly different from those around me. At times I’ve felt that I was really doing well. At other times, my life has looked like a train wreck when everyone else seemed to have it all together.

Comparisons do not work because we weren’t meant to each live exactly the same life. The key is to have faith that God will guide you to the path that is right for you. In my own life, I’ve learned to accept that God’s ways are not my ways. So, while I might wish that my path was an easy, obstacle-free road, I’ve realized that my journey was not meant to be straight or perfect.

The Most Beautiful Things In This World🗺️

Welcome May💖The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt, with the heart.

Now that I am older, I run at a calmer, more introspective speed. The race I run today is less focused on what I want to get out of life and is more focused on the legacy I wish to leave behind. From time to time, I still run from my youthful demons of impatience and criticism and attempt to run toward maturity, compassion and selflessness.

How can you make your own mark in your own way? While there is an unlimited way to succeed, here are five ways to keep your eye on the prize.

Take social media bragging; with a grain of salt

Decide what success means to you

Become an Opportunist

Realize that you don’t have to live up to anyone else’s expectations

Be OK with the journey

“Life moves quickly. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet.” It’s wise advice. The longer you dwell on what others are doing, the faster life passes you, and the faster others will surpass you on your journey to success. Be proactive. Be persistent. Run your own race.

This is for my grandson, Jonah and all the toddlers that are home during these uncertain times.

Here's three simple but really sweet Mother Day card ideas that are suitable to make with a toddler! They could also be adapted to suit younger or older children too :)

Until tomorrow, have a peaceful weekend and get some fresh air. Remember, no matter how old you get, the race remains one of life's most rewarding experiences. Saturday blog will be on Planting Your Life.

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust


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