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Good Day Sunday,

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, hope all of you will be able to go out and enjoy the weather. Just a reminder to keep at a social distance with others. Dan and I are staying close to our place, making it our 68th day hunkering down.

Our planet's alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action! Leonardo DiCaprio

During this hunkering down period, Dan and I walk around our neighborhood and realize how important our environment is to us. We often take things for granted and forget the importance of what the environment includes.

Just think of what we are doing to the:

Biotic processes: These involves living organisms and they affect the environment through excretion, breathing, absorption of sunlight, consumption of plants and animals, planting as well as decomposition. Different living organisms affect the environment in different ways, and a good example of these differences is roots hold the soil together while burrowing animals loosen it.

Hydrologic processes: Water also affects the environment in many ways. Water sustains life and plants and animals depend on its availability to develop and gain food. It also affects soil and can be detrimental through erosion. Water exists in various forms and can be present in liquid form, ice and vapors.

Geomorphic processes: These are factors that affect land and include processes such as deposition, weathering, transportation and erosion. To put this in order of occurrence, we will start with weathering that occurs when rock formations break either due to chemical, biotic or mechanical means. They then erode, thanks to wind and water that leads to transportation of the rocks and soil before being deposited to another location.

Atmospheric processes: The final factor affecting the composition of the environment is atmospheric processes. This includes climate, the wind and changing weather patterns. The weather we experience is as a result of atmospheric processes and these affect the environment by regulating availability of water for living organisms.

The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. Do we want to destroy the mutual interest that we all share? Its more concerning now during these uncertain times.


I wrote an article on October 8, 2015 regarding How important our environment is to a healthy clean life. I once had a wise man say; you cannot help what is out in the world, but you can take care of what is in your home. I took that to heart and this is why I am so passionate about educating others how important our water, food, products we use and our well being is.

The best way to stop any chronic disease is awareness and the first step to stop it is prevention. Our environment plays a big part when it comes to illness, so we need to look at it and educate our minds for change.

Five years ago, I bought Heckle our turtle, and when we returned to the states, I thought should I take him with us or will he be better staying in Mexico. I took him to a vet to see if he would be alright to travel the distance. Dan and I also considered how we were going to transport him to the states. The best situation was to drive across the border. He was part of the family so we couldn’t leave him behind, after all.

OCTOBER 8, 2015

For example, seven months ago, I bought Heckle my turtle from this pet store in Chapala, Mexico. The attendant told me that Heckle will only last up to five months and gave me this little bowl for his living quarters. Certainly, these turtles last longer; so, I did some research and they will live up to seventy-five years. It’s the environment ~ where they live and how they live that makes a big difference.

In small area’s they do not get enough exercise and it creates stress which causes short term life. It’s all about quality of life! I am going to prove that my turtle will last much longer with the bigger tank and love. I put a little dish in the tank with lettuce, this was intended for him to eat; however, every night when Dan and I turn off his overhead light for the tank he crawls inside and pulls the lettuce over him. This is much like we do when we sleep.

Our life is much like Heckle’s, our environment such as the foods we eat, the water we drink, products we use, the area we live in ~ chemicals in the air, lack of exercise and issues that causes stress.

We cannot change the outside surroundings of our homes and lives, but we can change what we do within them.

A Real Friend 🌝

Good morning Sunday 🌞 A real friend is 💯 one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out 🌞❣️🌞

Since Heckle has been in the states; now 8 months, I have provided a playground for him to walk around and exercise. I added things for him to crawl around and go up and down. I bought a small swimming pool for him to walk around and explore during the day and at night in the tank with a heater. Have his tank near the sliding glass door for the sun comes in and he loves to look out.

This is what we need in a way, the sun shining on our everyday life’s and to live a clean healthy life.

Environment is no one's property to destroy; it's everyone's responsibility to protect. Mohith Agadi

Until tomorrow, there is this old Native American Proverb “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” This is so true!!

Tomorrow’s blog is on the reasons why you should care about the environment.

REMINDER meditation and prayer tonight at 6:30 eastern for thanking the universe and asking for safety from the corona virus.

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