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Thoughts do more. Words do much. Actions do much more.

Hello Followers,

For those who have been following my journey through cancer, knows that it has been ten years as of Christmas Eve morning of 2010. Its as clear as taking a picture and looking back at it.

I remember the surgeon stating that I will have surgery and then so many chemo treatments along with radiation. In his words, “It is what it is and there is nothing other than this for treatment”. At that point I wasn’t going to take his words as GOD. I know there has to be something more then cut, poison and burn.

This week it has been ten years and no cut, poison and burn; I thought outside the box and didn’t listen to the so-called professionals. What I’m saying is It should be your choice and not another person’s words that causes you to make a decision, but what is in your heart with researching other possibilities. This is much like the election and the corona virus, remember there are two sides to every side, explore both before you take action.

I know today, my decision changed my way of thinking and hope that one doesn’t just listen to the media, friends, relatives and research and make their action from their heart.

Remember one thing as you decide may it be treatments, politics or any other major decision; actions speak louder than words.


Little things done over and over again is up to making a difference in a big way. #makingadifference#inspiration#motivational

As you follow my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Parlor, Tumblr, YouTube, Me We; I’m always sharing my journey of managing cancer with inspiration, motivation and knowledge. Final thought; when you put a percentage on life, just remember the ones on the other side of the percentage. What do you tell those families that lost a love one? I was on the other end when my father and mother in-law died. They were just as important!! REMEMBER KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. So, when you decide on vaccinations, masks, shutdowns; please do your research and remember there are two sides to every story. Make your decision and do not put down other ones that do not agree with you. I truly believe I’m here today because I chose other methods for my cancer and IT IS WHAT IT IS.

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