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What good is living a life you have been given if all you do is stand in one place.

Hello Followers,

Happy Friday, the weekend is coming.

Keep moving forward!

Do you know how future thinking helps you?

There are a host of mental health benefits from allowing your imagination to participate in future thinking.

From harnessing more motivation to achieving long term goals.

In the post ahead, Dan and I will talk more about this.

Loving life is all about the "expectation" of "what you WANT to experience next."

If there is no expectation, then there would be "no forward motion," as expectation is a key ingredient required for Living and Loving Life.

Your expectation for something, IS your vibrational "calling" and your "asking," without an expectation you would be just maintaining the sameness you already have, which means you would end up saying things like, "I work hard to keep this lifestyle." or "I have to behave in a certain way in order to keep this lifestyle."

Keeping a lifestyle is in most cases a resignation to what one believes they need in their lives to "be happy," hence limiting oneself to a specific lifestyle only.

People who are caught in this wheel of sameness will be able to identify with this, (that every time something comes into the "sameness you call lifestyle," that does not fit in with that sameness, your world, your lifestyle "feels threatened," making you want to protect the lifestyle even more, ensuring nothing comes in to change it.)

The most important thing for anyone to remember while Living Life is to look for ways to "Love it by evolving in it."

Everything that is living is by nature of what it is "evolving."

If you stop evolving, you experience sameness, and for some people Living Life sameness presents the "illusion" of safety, at least until something that is not part of that sameness presents itself thereby breaking the cycle of sameness.

This is an evolving universe, with life that is evolving in every now moment on every level possible.

When one chooses to limit oneself in sameness without expanding, then one separates oneself from everything else as everything else wants to evolve to more, and more, and more each day.

When one remembers to expand with life and self, one will begin LOVING IT.


Written by Paul Smith

As Dan and I have been sharing and continuing the book from last week, Ten-Minute Relaxation, For Mind and Body by Jennie Harding, until the end.

Whenever you are feeling under pressure, ten minutes is all you need to relax totally, using tools that are always with you; your senses.

This book is packed full of wonderfully simple ideas and exercises for using sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch and that vital sixth sense of intuition to rebalance your energies and bring you back into harmony with the natural world around you.

Identify your favorite sensory relaxation solutions and combat that stress!

Per Dan and my experience this is another component in keeping ourselves healthy, meditation.

By using your five senses, you can learn to relax in just ten minutes.



Continued from yesterday, bowls can be bought from specialist instrument suppliers, and dealers in eastern artefacts.

They will vary in price according to their age and size, from just two inches in diameter to over fifteen.

The way to choose a bowl is to try them out.

Each bowl is sold with a wooden beater, which is used to gong the bowl to bring it to life.

The sound of a singing bowl is astonishing, it seems like one note, then as you listen you will hear many other notes.

These notes are called harmonics, which seem to echo around the main note.

Allowing these sounds to bathe your ears is deeply relaxing to the mind.

Tibetan Healing Sounds - Singing Bowls - Natural sounds Gold for Meditation and Relaxation

Singing Bowls meditation music for relaxation, study, sleep, insomnia, and meditation.

Good for waiting rooms, offices, restaurants and therapeutic centers.

This video can help you for stress relief and insomnia.

Tibetan Bowls are also good for study and to stay concentrated.


As Dan and I start a new year; we will be posting daily 365 morning meditations for joyful days all year long.

The book is SUNRISE GRATITUDE by Emily Silva.

February 24th

REPEAT THESE AFFIRMATIONS to begin your day: I am a student of life.

I will continue to learn lessons every day.

I am excited to see what this day will teach me.

I will approach this day like a student in class and lean into the lessons.

The more I open my mind to learning something new, the quicker I will find understanding and peace when difficulties arise.

I am becoming more resilient and wiser.

When I imagine what a lifetime can teach me, I am fascinated.

PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, and Qigong.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.

Until Saturday, Dan and I are looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for our past.


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