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Good Morning Sunday,

Well, its been a week now that Dan and I have been hunkering down. We’ve been able to take walks around our neighborhood and stay a distance from others.

I was listening to a program the other day and they were talking about how important our words are that come out of our mouths. This Is How Powerful Your Words Are - Be Careful What You Speak into Your Life - Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul.

I truly believe that faith plays a big part on what comes out of your mouth. Its like planting a seed in your heart and speaking to it that it will happen. We have to motivate our words to speak that things will be good, its just a little setback. We will overcome this virus.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, faith brought me to choosing other methods to control my health and made myself a better person for this. I was able to share with my family and friends what I consumed first-hand. The key is persistence in believing that our problems will pass and we will be better for them.

I wrote this piece three years ago-

SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017


For the past 6 ½ years I have been putting my heart on the table and speaking out on many things relating to cancer, autoimmune disease and being healthy. It all started when I was faced with the fact like my father and other family members that I had cancer. Like a river cutting through the rocks, I persisted not to relive what they went through, but to find another way out. Through the love of my husband and daughter I found strength. The will within my heart gave me the opportunity to show others that we can look within ourselves and have hope for a much-deserved quality of life.

I am very humble to be able to choose options that gave me time to heal. Our bodies are blue prints to an understanding of individual knowledge of managing life. It’s our dreams, faith, will, beliefs, love and hopes that gives us time to create that persistence.

I placed my faith in professionals and other treatments in another country, for I believed that this would change my future and the dreams that I had would be seen within my own eyes. I was not yet ready to give up the hopes of watching my daughter grow up to be a woman and see my grandchildren. I wanted to be persistent to change the course of this disease and end the pain for the future of my family. Through the knowledge and functional medicine treatments; I last year was able to be part of my daughter’s wedding and share the excitement and joy that she was experiencing.

It’s a challenge daily of keeping up with being healthy, it’s the will power of cutting through the rocks to the other side and creating dreams for the future. Hand in hand with my husband we are now experiencing our future together in another country, Mexico. We take life simple and share the knowledge that we have gained. For the dreams, faith, will, beliefs, love, and hopes are what we strife and look for in making each of our life’s more meaningful.

For each year, I am grateful for taking the option of not giving into following the protocol of the conventional way and learning from a wise doctor that taught me not only to manage my cancer, but gave me back so much greater; the gift of life.

As I read others issues and the pain they are going through, I ask myself what can I do? The answer is not an easy one for I fear for them and hope through the internet they will find another way so their dreams will be fulfilled. May they have the persistence to manage and control the pain for a better future.

There is hope, we need to find it within our hearts and believe in ourselves in order to find the faith to learn the knowledge of ways to treat our illnesses without side effects. We as individuals are drops in a river, but together we can be an ocean, it just takes persistence.

Remember that the river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but its persistence. Just follow the strength of your dreams, faith, will, beliefs, love, and have hope.

Through hope, I found faith and was given this gift of life.

In our hearts our words come out with power and actions.



It’s those little things that matter! I always know that if you believed in something so strong, it just might come true. Like a fairy-tale my year started with this quest of faith and through it all the leap that I took ended with a dream that came true.

Some might say it was a miracle and others might say it was luck. I say it was the leap of faith that there was another way to beat cancer other than just surgery, chemo and radiation. I took the other turn in the road and tried another approach and learned that God gave us our bodies as a tool to succeed. We need to listen to our inner soul and explore what we have been given.

Through the love of my family and husband and the education and knowledge of my doctors, I was able to succeed. I am clean at this time of cancer by hard work and discipline. By following guidelines of what God gave us, I learned to keep my immune system balanced and I educated myself with the help of my doctors that what we put into our bodies have a big part of what happens to us ~ It’s that very direction that makes or breaks you.

This holiday season my gift to all is to never give up and take that leap of faith and know that it can be done if you believe.

What blessings has God given you?

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world – miracles happen.


Have a pleasant Sunday and go out and get some Vitamin D.


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