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My name is Sherry and I created this website - The Journey of Good Health, first by blogging.  At the end of 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer – stage 2.  I thought my life would be over, but with hope and inspiration I knew there was another way then the conventional way.  With much soul searching on the internet Dan and I found an option in Mexico.  It was much more then just treatments, but how your life style can change the outcome of your disease.

Dan and I went to Mexico even after some family and friends feared me going, so I decided to create a blog to start a journal on my everyday treatments and nothing was left out.  I poured my personal life on paper and computer for everyone to see the hope and faith I had in finding other ways to treat cancer.  I wanted this for not just me at the time, but my family to see that you do not have to die like my father, his brothers and sister, my Aunts and Uncles, my cousins, and my mother-in-law.


The blog turned into a website, for I have learned a great deal of knowledge through my experience with cancer as a survivor, a person just like you.  I’m not a doctor, but I am a person that writes and shares hope, inspiration, and believes that all things are possible. I continue to research and educate myself to share with you; my followers.

As I blog, I sit and conjure my thoughts, a question comes to mind.  If you could have your cake and eat it too – would you?   There are two sides to every coin, as there are two to every story.  But I can say Dan and my journey shared in the blog and website shows an experience many of us share.

Hope and education are what we are trying to provide.  In the end, what is life without them?  This website is for finding inspiration when it is lost; health and wellness, functional medicine.

In late 2012 Dan was diagnosed with prostate cancer, we proceeded to go back to Mexico for him to start treatment.  Dan and I are neither a doctor, nor have the experience of one, but we are survivors.

This website is not about what is right or wrong, its about educating ourselves to make choices, along with the awesome power of knowledge.  Everyone should be given a choice, and it should be up to each of us to educate ourselves.  With the internet today, its easy to research and discover alternative therapies and methodologies for treating and winning the battle against almost any disease.  So first, we must believe that these solutions are possible.  Dan and I are sharing knowledge, experience and hope so that you may become aware of another path to wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Follow on the blog, Dan and my journey of completion – body, heart and soul.  You can enjoy life while managing cancer.

You are a drop of water, however; together we can become an ocean.   Knowledge is power.

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Remember the show,” THIS IS YOUR LIFE”.


This Is Your Life was an American reality documentary series broadcast on NBC radio from 1948 to 1952, and on NBC television from 1952 to 1961. It was originally hosted by its creator and producer Ralph Edwards. In the program, the host would surprise guests and then take them through a retrospective of their lives in front of an audience, including appearances by colleagues, friends, and family. Edwards revived the show in 1971–1972, and Joseph Campanella hosted a version in 1983. Edwards returned for some specials in the late 1980's, before his death in 2005.


This website and blog started ten years ago when I decided to go to Mexico for cancer treatment.  It was a way to document my daily procedures to my family and friends without stress.  There are always going to be non-believers or I told you so, family members as well as friends.  This was a way of expressing myself without conflict.  Well it worked and the website began to help others that came across it.  It has grown into our everyday life and what we have been doing to keep healthy. 


When I look back and do my newsletters, I can imagine that its not just about me, THIS IS ALSO YOUR LIFE TOO.


Remember, if you see others having health problems just share this website with them.  It’s the best gift to give someone that may be having problems getting started in trying to have a clean living on health.




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