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The star on top of the Christmas tree, as you look up in the sky, we see the bright twinkling star shinning down which in nature is on top of every tree. The past six years, Dan and I have been exploring a whole new life.  Moving to Mexico, taught us in so many ways.  We were able to keep healthy at the same time exploring another country.  This was our escape from cancer.  Healing our body, heart and soul in this magical world full of wonderful people we met.  The star on my Christmas tree followed me to a whole new way of life.  I learned the culture, the beauty of the land, but most of all the stars that you see up above are the same stars they see.  They glow on top of the trees there also.


Love shines where ever you go, Dan and I learned this by experiencing this with sharing lives that we would have never thought ever knowing.  We took that leap physically and mentally and enjoyed every second.  This Christmas, I wanted to thank all the people that we met in Mexico and honor the time we spent there by making this movie. Those friendships will last a lifetime.    


The stars shinning up on every tree in nature is the same everywhere. The movie will show that Mexico is no different then the US in every way which includes the beauty, people and the land.  There are areas in every country that we should not be in for the stars in the sky may shine down on those areas, however; their hearts have not been given a chance to sparkle. 


Dan and I turned the page this year, we became grandparents last year and both ourselves and our daughter wanted to be closer to each other.  For two years we have been checking out areas in between my family in Florida, that is closer to her.  We chose Virginia, a whole new adventure in the seasons, but Dan and I are ready for this whole new chapter in our lives.


Remember, when you look up in the sky tonight and see the stars sparkling among the trees, that I am looking at the same ones and sending love back to you.  So, the star on top of the Christmas tree is full of positive energy for the next year.  Dan and I wish family, friends, and everyone from all over the world that we met, peace, health, love and happiness.


Much love


Dan and Sherry

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