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Organs Performs up to hundreds of functions each minute, but they fail people everyday

 In this brief discourse, Dr. Bradford Weeks, M.D., explains the science behind the use of seeds as a superior source of nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Weeks is a medically trained doctor who understands the wisdom of alternative medicine and supports the use of seed-based nutritional supplements.

Finally, Dr. Weeks describes the seed-based nutritional products made by the Rain International company: Soul, Core, Form & Fused.

Seeds for Change is a non-profit foundation, which we have created. Birthed from our desire to make the world a better place, it supplies potable water via wells for villages around the world. We also provide them with the seeds and tools to grow their own food. We believe in sustainability for the earth, and self-sufficiency for all people. It is our way of sponsoring those who are pursuing a better life for themselves and others. 

Rain International, along with Seeds for Change, have paired up with Trees for the Future in order to continue to push goodness onward and upward. Trees for the Future is a non-profit organization that changes the world by planting one tree at a time. They are a foundation that is focused on helping the earth and its people. They have already planted trees in 19 countries and thousands of communities. Our goal is to help them extend their roots even further and deeper.

In an earnest effort to “Become More”, we commit to plant one seed for every new Rain Partner that enters the company. In 2014 alone, we planted more than 38,800 seeds. While this number is great, we know we have the potential to do more. Lives have been changed and ecosystems have been saved from this great work. We plan on planting many more trees in the future to ensure that these changes never end.

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