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From time to time even I have to be reminded about how important it is after any type of treatment that the after care is just as vital as the treatments themselves. Just this week I was reminded of this by the doctor that treated me and the director of the facility that keeps me grounded.

When treating a disease, Functional Medicine is an individual type of treatment, which depends upon the patient, genetics, environment and other factors. When my husband Dan and I were treated for cancer, I was told that cancer just did not happen overnight. This is much like gaining weight, does the weight come off without dieting or exercising – no. So why do we expect that cancer will leave right away after surgery, chemo or radiation and any other alternative way. We must realize that there was a reason, may it be genetics or our environment in which we live in.

Take it from me, it is just important to change your lifestyle as it is the treatments. I must stress – it is work. Taking supplements to keep my immune system stronger, eating organic foods (lowering my intake of chemicals and GMO’s), keeping all products that have chemicals away from my body, exercise and meditation.

I have been doing this for the past six and one half years; however, I know it works for this is how I have been managing my cancer. There have been no signs of cancer for the past six years and I have a quality of life.

So, when you decide on a course of treatment; either conventional or alternative you must also decide on a life style change. Financially you are spending at the end of treatment the same for poison or Functional Medicine. It’s your life, so you should make the choice and no one else.

After care is just as important as treatments!!!!

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