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Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

Hello followers,

Thank goodness it is Friday!

Easter weekend begins.

Dan and I have been reminiscing of the time we lived in Mexico.

Around this time, we had experienced the reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus.

This occurred during the first century AD, most probably between the years 30 and 33.

According to the accounts in the New Testament, Jesus, whom Christians believe to be the Son of God as well as the Messiah, was arrested, tried, and sentenced by Pontius Pilate to be scourged, and finally crucified.

Collectively referred to as the Passion, Jesus' suffering and redemptive death by crucifixion are the central aspects of Christian theology concerning the doctrines of salvation and atonement.

Good Friday the Passion of Jesus in Ajijic.

In many towns and villages, the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ is remembered through a passion play, or a recreation of the Via Crucis, (the Way of the Cross) on Viernes Santo -- Holy Friday.

This may be an all-day event involving a cast of hundreds of amateur performers playing key roles in the Biblical story that reaches its climax with a simulated crucifixion.

In other places there may be some type of solemn procession in which most of the populace participates as penitents. In addition, the Virgin Mary´s pain and suffering at the loss of her son may be recalled with the display of an Altar de Dolores--an Altar of Sorrows.

Dan and I went to this Friday Apr 4, 2015, and were surprised to feel like a part of the reenactment.

It is amazing dedication that was put into the play.

It brought tears to my eyes seeing the suffering that occurred during the first century AD.

I learned this as a child, but as a Catholic it never dawned on me the sacrifice until you are involved in the actions of what happened back during that time.

We were so involved that we walked along with the person that represented Jesus and saw the sorrow in his eyes, the pain that he endured.

Through my pictures and the movie clips, I hope you can capture what I saw and appreciate the Christian theology concerning the doctrines of salvation.

Continuing today, we are going to discuss words and the tremendous impact words have on your health.

Every positive word we read, write, or speak could have a very direct influence on our physical body.

Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto performed experiments on frozen water in the late 1990’s and tested the crystallization of the frozen water using positive and negative verbiage.

To one group of water, he spoke negative words and phrases, and to the other he spoke positive words and phrases.

After a period, the negative group produced ugly, cloudy crystal formations, while the positive group produced clear, beautiful crystals.

The point of the study was to demonstrate the power of words and their impact on how living things are transformed.

So, let us start with the word – ENCOURGEMENT.

Even the happiest person you know may have days when they feel discouraged, overwhelmed, or depressed.

Adulting is hard, and sometimes we just cannot help but feel like we are drowning in responsibilities, stress, and worry.

Heck, even teenagers and young children have moments when they could use some extra encouragement!

When that happens, something as simple as a few words of encouragement can be enough to put a smile back on our faces and remind us that things will eventually be better.

The important thing to remember when you or a friend are experiencing one of those periods in which you feel like life is a daily struggle is that it is okay to not be okay.

But with some simple words of encouragement, however, you can provide a bit of hope for someone who is feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Or perhaps looking at yourself in the mirror and repeating some encouraging quotes will inspire you to move forward when you need some words of support during a particularly difficult time.

Encouraging words are meant to inspire, uplift, and support someone who is struggling.

You never know who will need a little positive power in their life.

Is your glass half-empty or half-full?

How you answer this age-old question about positive thinking may reflect your outlook on life, your attitude toward yourself, and whether you're optimistic or pessimistic, and it may even affect your health.

Indeed, some studies show that personality traits such as optimism and pessimism can affect many areas of your health and well-being.

The positive thinking that usually comes with optimism is a key part of effective stress management.

And effective stress management is associated with many health benefits.

If you tend to be pessimistic, do not despair.

You can learn positive thinking skills of encouragement.

As Dan and I start a new year; we will be posting daily 365 morning meditations for joyful days all year long.

The book is SUNRISE GRATITUDE by Emily Silva.


TO TRULY GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE, we must try to love ourselves.

It is amazing how our critical mind quiets when we flood it with approval and love.

Try to catch the negative thoughts as they come and replace them with love and approval.

It is practice and just trying makes a difference.

When we come from a place of self-compassion and acceptance, it is easier to put ourselves out there to others.

Affirm yourself when negative self-talk arises.

You deserve kind words and acceptance.

PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong.

Dan and I have started back bouncing and walking to Walk at Home YouTube.

It is always important to change your routine around you but continue keeping a healthy lifestyle.

For us, that may be walking through a park, walking in a mall, or going to the gym and just staying home, bouncing, and walking to Walk at Home with YouTube.

This also includes daily meditation and twice a week Tai Chi.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.

Until Saturday, encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself.

Never doubt who you are.


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