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Do not worry about how many years you have been living the same way. If you truly wish to change -

Do not worry about how many years you have been living the same way. If you truly wish to change, then you can.


Hello followers,

Good morning and happy weekend!

It is the weekend, do not hold back.

Follow your passion and go forward.

Today Dan and I are posting in the three biggest things that hold people back from growing.

Everyone wants to grow.

Everyone wants to improve.

Everyone wants to have a better life.

But desire alone only takes us so far along our path.

It is common in our growth to have common roadblocks come up that hold us back from obtaining the next layer of healing or level of expansion.

We are beginning to share some of the most consistent things that I have seen that are signs you are holding yourself back from personal growth.

While each person does not necessarily experience all three of these, it is inevitable that everyone will bump into at least one of these on their journey.

Tomorrow Dan and I will get started on the three biggest things that get in the way of people making durable, consistent changes in their lives.

Stay tune-

Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, every post this week; I will share something that I have written or done in the past that has to do with this very topic.


Written by me on Saturday, April 11, 2015


I was awakened from a restless sleep, torn from watching a documentary that was advised to be watched by a friend.

It was about the history of cancer, and I was amazed to see what was being done back in the nineteenth century.

I was even more surprised to see and hear that not much difference has been done since then.

During the late 1800’s women that had breast cancer had surgery to remove the breast, all layers; to prevent the cancer from coming back.

However, the fix was not enough.

In most cases the cancer came back in another organ and to fix that, they removed that organ which caused it to arrive in another.

This is not much different to what is happening today!

Chemo and radiation started in the early nineteen hundred, which provided results which were pretty much the same.

The chemo ~a poison drug was experimented on people with the successful rate that the drug would later form another type of cancer or other side effects.

Radiation was done with the same results.

However, they are doing the same type of procedures today!

As I grew up, I had experienced the same results with my family members.

At an early age I watched my father, and his siblings all go through chemo and radiation and saw the same results and death.

This was in the 1970’s when President Nixon passed a bill to raise funds for the cure of cancer.

In memory of my dad, let us make a difference!

When I graduated from high school, my passion was to help and change the way cancer was feeding on the public.

I went into the medical field and went along with the crowd until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my early fifty’s.


Everything came back to me, and my life changed with the knowledge and education what is out there for treatment.

I explored the world for options and found results without long term side effects.

It is amazing what you can find out there if you look hard enough.

With all the funding that has been going on for many years, they just keep producing poisons to fight this illness.

I am appalled that not enough research is going toward the type of treatments that Mexico and Germany have been doing for years.

There is a way to fight cancer without surgery, chemo, and radiation that do show satisfactory results.

We as people need to realize that the type of procedures is being used now have an exceptionally low rate of cure and look outside the box and educate ourselves.

It has been known that heat and oxygen kill cancer and there are other ways rather than the norm that burns, poisons, and causes other side effects.

I should know for I had these other methods and have had minor side effects ~ a fever.

In researching further, a fever is not a bad side effect.

This is a way that your body is telling you that there is something wrong and it wants to escape out.

So often, we are given a pill to break the fever when in many cases we should let it take its course.

Immune therapy (T Cells), hyperthermia and ozone treatments are much more affective without side effects.

The insurance companies will not pay for this for they say it is experimental; but isn’t chemo and radiation?

It has been a trial since the early nineteen hundred and still with the same results


Why not put the money for a cancer cure into what I did and have insurance companies pay for it?

Wait, maybe they do not want to find a cure or a better type of treatment, because more people will live.

Just look at the statistics and think about it; every 7 minutes a woman is diagnosed with gynecological cancer, 1 million a year in the U.S.

The American Cancer Society’s estimates for breast cancer in women in the United States for 2015 are about 231,840 new cases of invasive breast cancer, about 62,290 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) of the breast will be found (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer), about 40,290 deaths from breast cancer.

Cancer of the breast is the most common among women in the United States, other than skin cancer.

It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.

Annual report, The American Cancer Society; this annual report provides the estimated numbers of new cancer cases and deaths in 2015, as well as current cancer incidence, mortality, and survival statistics and information on cancer symptoms, risk factors, early detection, and treatment.

In 2015,


Please note: The projected numbers of new cancer cases and deaths in 2015 should not be compared with previous years to track cancer trends because they are model-based and vary from year to year for reasons other than changes in cancer occurrence.

Age-standardized incidence and death rates should be used to measure cancer trends.

Cancer Research Funding; key points –

• The National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services, is the Nation’s principal agency for cancer research and coordinates the National Cancer Program.

• As a federal agency, NCI receives its funds from Congress.

• Although NCI’s budget has been relatively flat in recent years, averaging approximately $4.9 billion per year, funding for specific cancer types and research categories may fluctuate for several reasons.

• Other federal agencies, state, and local governments, voluntary organizations, private institutions, and industry spend substantial amounts of money on cancer-related research.

Source: National Cancer Institute: website. As I understand it science has mapped the genome for cancer.

The problem is that the cancer cells mutate making many drugs treatment programs ineffective.

Research is expensive and as drugs become ineffective continuing research must be performed to combat the evolution of the disease driving up costs for treatment.

In a great many cases patient’s lives are extended by drugs used to fight their disease until their cancer mutates creating another type of cancer cell requiring another type of drug.

So, you see why I am tossing and turning and cannot get to sleep.

The cancer is gone, but the knowledge that I have learned is eating inside me and I am heartbroken to hear and see the percentage of people dying of this illness when it does not have to be that way.

The best part of the research money should go into prevention of cancer.

I have learned so much regarding this subject and have changed my lifestyle, which will prevent the cancer that I had to come back.

You see we are treating this disease with symptoms and not the core of how we got it.

There is a reason, we need to treat each person individually and treat the source and not the symptom.

OCTOBER 15th, Dan, and I thought on continuing this segment with the series with some fun; What is it about October that is so significant during this month?

National Mushroom Day – October 15, 2022

Portobello, shiitake, button, truffle; we are talking mushrooms here, because October 15 is National Mushroom Day.

If you do not already know, mushrooms are fleshy fruiting bodies of fungi, and there is a variety of species, which is why we have so many types of mushrooms to choose from.

They are a staple in a vegetarian’s diet due to their nutritious value and hearty consistency; plus, they make a delicious side dish for a juicy piece of steak.

That means everyone can have fun celebrating National Mushroom Day.

Time is precious and is priceless, so Dan and I will continue each day to pull from a box of 365 inspirational quotes; one quote and share with you.

Today is:


Today Dan and I will be continuing the book, Ten-Minute Relaxation, For Mind and Body by Jennie Harding.

Whenever you are feeling under pressure, ten minutes is all you need to relax totally, using tools that are always with you; your senses.

This book is packed full of wonderfully simple ideas and exercises for using sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch and that vital sixth sense of intuition to rebalance your energies and bring you back into harmony with the natural world around you.

Identify your favorite sensory relaxation solutions and combat that stress!

Per Dan and my experience this is another component in keeping ourselves healthy, meditation.

By using your five senses, you can learn to relax in just ten minutes.




Essential oils are found in flowers, leaves, woods, fruits, berries, and roots.

Most of them are extracted by a process called distillation.

Plant material is heated with steam, which lifts aromatic particles out of the plant fibers.

The fragrant steam is cooled back in water, leaving the essential oil floating on top to be skimmed off.

Fruits like oranges and lemons have essential oil in their peel, this is simply squeezed out.


As I ponder over all that I have learned, I have come to find that we all have our own blueprint.

Our bodies are precious and there are many components in taking care of them.

Throughout the blog, Dan and I have related the separate ways through body, heart, and soul.

It is all about power of knowledge and learning to take care of yourself, keeping your cells happy.

Our immune system is one of the key factors in keeping healthy.

It is important to know how it works!

Cancer: Civilization's - No. 2 Killer

Continuing from yesterday, What Causes Cancer?

For a start, it has been proven that germs and viruses do not cause cancer.

Present cancer research is working on the supposition that cancer is caused by toxins of various kinds which one way, or another find their way into the body and in some locations cause damage to the nucleus of a cell, turning it into a cancer cell.

The presumption is that a gene within the DNA structure of the cell becomes altered so that the cell begins to multiply.

Such a change to the cell's DNA is called a mutation.

Also suspected of being able to cause cancer in this way are various forms of radiation, and any substance or influence that either causes cancer or tends to cause cancer is called a carcinogen.

This hypothesis is a simple one, and if it were true, it should be easy to prove, but although it is well known that certain substances can be carcinogenic, they are not always so, and the mechanism by which they are supposed to work has never been demonstrated.

The hypothesis therefore remains only guesswork, and in the minds of most doctors’ cancer remains a mystery.

However, there is a theory on the causation of cancer which has been a proven one which accords to all known facts and biological laws and has been demonstrated in the laboratory.

This theory, called the De-differentiation Theory of Cancer, developed from knowledge accumulated about how aerobic cells generate energy by the respiration of oxygen, and is best explained in the books of four of the 20th Century's greatest medical scientists: Dr Otto Warburg, Dr Max Gerson of Germany, Dr William F. Koch of the USA, and Dr Cornelius Moerman of Holland.

To be continued tomorrow-

The PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, and Qigong.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.


Do not worry about how many years you have been living the same way. If you truly wish to change, then you can. #donotworry#abouthow#manyyears#beenliving#sameway#trulywish#wishtochange#youcan

Until Sunday, People think a soulmate is your perfect fit, and that is what everyone wants.

But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

A true soulmate is probably the most important person you will ever meet because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.

A soulmate’s purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you must transform your life.


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