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Hello and Happy April Fool’s Day,

Dan and I are keeping busy for it is our 16th day hunkering down and sounds like for another two months. It seems, like a dream and any minute I’ll be waking up – I know most of you all you feel the same way. Unfortunately, this change is the new norm for a while.

I continue to keep a positive outlook and hope that this virus gets under control for the whole world. I have kept in touch with our friends from all over the world and they are just as affected as we are. Dan’s and my heart go out to them and pray for their safety.

Today is April 1, and normally we all have pranks for our friends and loved ones, this year I saw an article which I feel is worth repeating. For our children, we need to try to keep them protected by continuing to be as normal as possible. This goes out to my grandson Jonah and every other child.

16 kid-friendly April Fools' Day pranks that are cute, not mean and for the young at heart.

BY: Amanda Mushro

TODAY March 31, 2020

With everyone quarantined at home, this might be the most opportune year to turn this April Fools’ Day into a family affair. From the minute your kids wake up, until they crawl back into bed at night, they’ll never know when the next joke is coming.

Obviously — in this uncertain time — we want to stay away from any pranks that leave our kids in tears, unless those tears are from laughing too hard. So, whether your kids are the ones pulling the pranks or they’re on the receiving end, these April Fools' Day jokes are silly and fun and will have everyone giggling.

1. Swap Sleepers

If your kids are heavy sleepers, carry them into their sibling’s bed and let them wake up in a different room to start April Fools on the right foot.

2. Frozen Breakfast

Put cereal and milk in a bowl and let it freeze overnight. When your hungry kids try to dig in, they’ll get quite the surprise.

3. Juice Joke

Anyone want juice? Your family will try taking a drink of this juice and find out it’s really Jell-O.

4. Underwear Surprise

Swap out their underwear drawer for bathing suits for an early morning prank.

5. “Eye” See You

Give your kids a laugh at lunchtime by attaching googly eyes to everything. (This year, you won't have the lunch box but you can still add the eyes!)

6. Toilet Paper Message

Unroll the toilet paper and leave a funny message for the unsuspecting user. My personal favorite: “You’re going to wash your hands, right?” (What a perfect message for these pandemic days.) Roll the toilet paper back up and wait to see who ends up getting the message.

7. Honk for April Fools

Let your practical jokers put a sign on your car that reads “My kids are playing an April Fools' joke on me. Honk and wave at me!” This joke is even funnier if they get to take a ride in the car with you.

8. Bugs in Your Ice

This oldie but goodie prank is easy to make at home with this tip. Add almost boiling water to the ice cube trays and toss in a few plastic bugs. The hotter the water, the clearer the ice will be when frozen.

9. Sweet Trick

Offer up brownies as an afternoon snack, but everyone will be shocked when they find brown letter Es (get it — brown Es?) instead!

10. Bath time Hoax

Use a Q-tip to put gel food coloring around the inside of the faucet in the bathtub or sink. When the water is turned on, you’ll have colored water! You might want to stay away from red. This is April Fools' and not Halloween, after all.

11. Pillow Prank

Just when they thought April Fool’s Day was over, here’s one last prank. Remove the pillows and fill their pillowcases with several partially inflated balloons. When they put their head down to sleep, they’ll realize you got the last April Fools laugh. Obviously if you have younger children, you’ll want to take the balloons out of their room before they drift off to sleep... with a smile on their faces.

12. Toothpaste switcheroo

Surprise your kids this April Fool's Day with a little toothpaste switcheroo. After breakfast, hand over their toothbrush—but instead of the usual white paste, opt for something white, creamy and…sweet! Cream cheese or vanilla frosting will do the trick; if they use a colored kids' tooth gel, try using cake decorating gel instead.

13. Whoopee!

Put a whoopee cushion under your baby's high-chair cushion, under the booster seat or car seat cover and see if you get a laugh from the baby, his fart-loving older brother or your hubs.

14. Milk shenanigans

Add a few drops of food coloring to the carton of milk; when your child goes to pour it into her glass, or bowl of cereal, she'll get a colorful surprise — bright pink (or blue, or green) milk!

15. Cupcakes for dinner

Your kids will think you're the coolest mom ever — for a moment at least. Bake up mini meatloaves in muffin cups (don't forget the colorful wrappers). Then "frost" then with creamy mashed potatoes. See how long it takes for your kids to realize that you really aren't that cool after all.

16. Bedtime classic

Borrow a summer camp classic and short sheet your kid's bed before bedtime — when he tries to get in, you'll have the last laugh.

Wisdom is a word that in the uncertain world we live in today is something worth talking about. I have this saying over a mirror in my bed room that reads like this;

Ask and it

Will be given

Seek and you will find.

Every time I look in the mirror, I look up and say this message. It’s the most powerful message we can give one another during this virus.

I had asked what have you been doing during this shutdown and I have been getting messages.

One of my Instagram friends replied, she is keeping busy and spending time with her horses.

After Dan wrote his high school friend from Italy, we have been hearing how horrible it is in that area of the world. He got a message back from him and I would love to share:

From Italy

March 27th 2020 at 6:51 pm

It is insane. We have been under lock down now for 17 days.

Travel restriction has gotten tougher and tougher. We are now limited to the amount we can travel from our home. We can go out for grocery items, pharmacy, walk the dog, (but cannot go more than 200 meters from the house), bank and medical issues.

In Rome we are doing OK, only about 2000 cases here out of over 3 million people. Up north it is a blood bath. Thousands sick and a very high death rate due to the age of the people and them already having serious health issues.

We are staying in and only going out when necessary. We are lucky as we have a nice large terrace that is very private and a nice garden which we use for walking exercise ...... OK it is only 100 feet long so we walk in a circle but we do it for an hour a day and it is exercise.

No problem getting any meds or food. Grocery store well stocked, no hoarding, and the one only 2 minutes away is never that busy so no lines. The pharmacy is a 2-minute walk and we have no problem getting the meds that Gale takes. If they are out the delivery to restock is only a couple of hours. they get deliveries three times a day even now for anything not in stock.

Just making sure we avoid people, wear a mask when out doing errands and no visitors from outside. We do see our neighbors, only 10 of us in total in the building. We often visit in the garden and exchange lists of items we all need and take turns doing the pickup. Helps cut down the number of trips out and about.

Now my advice for you.... after living here...... stay in as much as possible, avoid people and crowds. We see the pictures from the states and people are not taking this serious enough. Here we have seen the numbers start to drop off the longer the lock down goes on. Right now, it looks like the end of May before they start taking away some of the restrictions.

Italy is really going to be a mess for a few years with no tourists. They are the one thing that drives the economy. It is going to be a country similar to the one after the war working to get back to normal.

Thanks for thinking of me and take care.

If you have a story or message please send to my email

Last, Dan and I started the puzzle that our daughter sent us. This is going to take a long time for it is very intense.

Until tomorrow, be safe. Here is a song that I heard this morning on Kelly and Ryan. Thank you to all the front-line responders


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