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Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.


Hello Sunday,

Today I will start blogging about the word foundation. This is defined as the ground on which other parts rest or are overlaid, like the base on which a house is built or the roots of a tree.

Failure does not exist. Once you hit the construction zone road blocks, then you must follow the detour signs to get back to your original path. This is much like Dan and I did to manage our cancer, we changed our lifestyle.

Even as the world continues to evolve, the things that drew us to construction in the first place remain the same.

As you start your day, awaken your mind with positive thoughts and a healthy dose of inspiration from positive acts on the power, beauty, and impacts of the world.

In building a foundation we create, reflect who we are as a society, and stand tall against everything that is thrown at us. It protects us against the elements, holds us up which gives us beauty and strength. As you build, you see evidence of your work. You’re out there, creating something, each and every single day.

If you build that foundation, both the moral and the ethical foundation, as well as the business foundation, and the experience foundation, then the building won't crumble. - Henry Kravis

Similarly, without a strong spiritual foundation, you cannot withstand the storms of life that you may be facing — whether they are financial, emotional, or relational.

A foundation of life is based on trust. Whether a friendship, family relationship, or business or personal partnership, any bond is built on trust. Without trust, you have nothing. With it, you can do great things. Think about it. This is a start of building your goals in the right direction toward your path.

"Trust is like blood pressure. It's silent, vital to good health, and if abused it can be deadly." --Frank Sonnenberg

So, today take hold of your life and continue to build a strong spiritual, ethical and trustful foundation.

“Building is about getting around the obstacles that are presented to you.” – Jeremy Renner


Electromagnetic fields play a very important role in our daily health. At the cellular level, our bodies use electromagnetic signals to transmit information to and from the brain. Within our cells, biochemical processes are controlled by electromagnetic reactions that are occurring all of the time.

At the cellular level, minor chemical imbalances or dysfunctions can contribute to a variety of diseases and conditions. In recent times, doctors and researchers around the world have begun using devices that can potentially mitigate cellular dysfunction using a controlled electromagnetic field. This technology is called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and is being touted as a new alternative way to alleviate a wide variety of ailments and conditions.

All interactions between our organs and our brains are controlled via electromagnetic transmissions. In fact, just like the earth itself, our bodies produce a detectable electromagnetic field. This field can either be disrupted (through exposure to negative electromagnetic fields) or enhanced, potentially affecting our overall health.

Since many interactions and processes within the body are electromagnetically governed, the PULSED ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY is used to positively impact cell function by exploiting the body's natural dependence on electromagnetic energy.

The theory behind pulsed electro-magnetic field technology is that doctors can carefully control the amplitude, frequency, waveform, and pulse intensity of an electromagnetic field and direct the energy output to a specific part of the body or to the body as a whole.

This method is safe and noninvasive, stimulating healthy cells to generate energy. Thus, resulting in a faster healing repair. It increases cellular energy production, improves circulation and reduces cellular stress from natural oxidation also; it assists with pain relief.


Good day Sunday ♥️Never get too busy with your dreams that you miss your joy and cherish the beautiful moments of life.🌹#inspiration#motivation#livelifetothefullest

Magnetic field application studies have also shown to improve; circulation, cellular metabolism and energy.

Proposed mechanisms of pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy include activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to increase intracellular calcium and nitric oxide release. Nitric oxide promotes blood vessel production and growth, which is helpful in healing injured tissues.

“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

Homemade Stain Remover for Clothes

Benefits of natural stain remover:

• Does not contain harmful chemicals

• Keeps the clothes soft & fluffy

• Does not leave chemical residue

• Neutralizes the fatty acids to remove tough stains

• No brushing or rubbing required

• Restores colors

• Mild in nature

• Keeps the cloths germ free

• Deodorizes clothes

Baking soda helps effectively clean clothes & also remove the musty odor from them.

1. Add 1 & ½ cup of water in a bowl

2. Add in it ¼ cup of liquid vegetable glycerin

3. Add 2tbsp baking soda

4. Finally add 15-20 drops of lemon essential oil

5. Mix it well

6. Transfer the mixture in a spray bottle

7. Apply it on the stained area of the cloth

8. Let it sit for 30 min

9. Then rinse it out with water

Vinegar can be your best friend for laundry. It removes the stains easily from the clothes & also keeps the fabric soft.

1. Add ½ cup of water in a bowl

2. Then mix 5-6 tbsp of vinegar to it

3. Rub it on the stains on the clothes

4. Rinse off the clothes with cold water


• Try to soak stains immediately after it gets on your clothes as it

becomes very difficult to scrape them out once the stain dries.

• Make sure you rinse your clothes with cold water as warm water

can result in discoloration of the clothes.

Until tomorrow, building is about getting around the obstacles that are presented to you. Think about it! This is a start of planning your goals in the right direction toward your dreams. Have a great day.


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