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To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.


Hello followers,

Happy Hump Day!! We have made it through half the week, hope you had a pleasant one.

The secret of health for both mind and body are not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. — Buddha

Dan and I adventured out yesterday to Smith Mountain Lake Park. After going to a doctors visit in Rocky Mount, we headed over to explore the park and have a picnic. As we explored the picnic area, playground, trails, camping area, cabin area; where the beach area was, Dan and I met this young man.

He approached us, saying that we look cute in the twin tie die shirt and asked if we mind him asking us a question. He asked how long have we been together?

You know what they say, things happen for reasons and people come in your life also for reasons. Well, it was strange that he would be asking us this question for I have been blogging on LOVE and relationships for about a month. Plus, Dan and my anniversary is next Monday and we have been together for 39 years.

So, we talked with him, as well as directed him to my blog and web page. What a coincidence that the very question that he asked us about is what Dan and I have set to post today.

This goes out to the young guy that we met yesterday, after answering your question, “What is unconditional love in a relationship?” you may begin to wonder how to know conditional and unconditional love in a relationship.

What is conditional love in a relationship? Well, it focuses more on the happiness a person or thing provides for the one who is offering conditional love. For example, you may say “I love my new phone because it has an excellent battery life and a crisp display!”. Your love for your phone here is dependent on it having an excellent battery life and a crisp display.

What happens when the battery begins to drain rapidly or the screen cracks and ink seeps into the display accompanied by jagged lines? You stop loving the phone. It begins to bring you frustration, disappointment and you start wishing you never bought it and begin to look for a new phone to provide you happiness.

This is conditional love



Look for beauty in ordinary things and your world will become amazing.

No matter how long it takes, true love is always worth the wait.

If you are with someone just to be with someone, you won’t be available when the right someone comes along.

Fear of being alone is a subconscious fear that you alone are not whole, not enough, not love in and of yourself.

That energy will come across as desperation and will lead to a relationship with someone either very needy or very controlling.

Neither of those is love.

Feeling whole and complete alone but being open to a loving relationship will be the right energy to begin and foster a beautiful connection. No matter if it happens early or later in life, nothing will be missed and no time wasted.

Certain qualities take time to develop; cannot be rushed, and can be appreciated only after they become complete.

If you are interested in reading Dan’s and My Journey Through Cancer without Surgery, Chemo or Radiation, just click on the books for more information:

MY JOURNEY OF COMPLETION (Body, Heart and Soul) – Enjoy Life While Managing Cancer


Dan and I grabbed an opportunity nine years ago, when we took on the adventure and moved to Mexico. Back then, we didn’t know what to expect, except that both of us were alive and ready for a change. We had been going to Tijuana for cancer treatments and knew somewhat what we were heading into. We ended up living in the center of the country however; better for travel purposes and it was nothing like what we had thought about. To this date, we are back in the states living in Virginia and what we took from Mexico was friendships, culture and understanding of their ways of life.

Through thousands of pictures that I took, Dan and I are showing how safe Mexico is. There is a saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; this is so true! A picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.


"Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words."

So, we will be posting a gallery of pictures on each post, hopefully you will see each one has a story.

This is where we continue on the book: LIVING SUCCESSFULLY WITH SCREWED-UP PEOPLE, by Elizabeth B. Brown. Dan and I continue to share ways to benefit and help keep one’s health cells healthy. A wise man told me ten years ago, when one is in balance with themselves; one stays healthy.

For more information click on book

Today Dan and I will be continuing to post CHAPTER THREE – WHO IS SCREWED UP?


Today I’ll post - interdependency is spinning into codependency when exhibit these traits –

Extreme emotional dependency, one person feels they can do nothing without the other person.

Excessive worry and preoccupation, centered around one person’s choices.

Constant reactive behavior, one person reacting to what the other does or does not do.

Consuming mental, physical and emotional energy directed at changing one person.

Blame assigned to someone, other than the person committing the acts or having the feelings.

Interacting devoid of laughter and lightness.

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging – interdependency is healthy; dependency is not.

This is the time to get ready for food and remedies that heal; alchemy of herbs. In the coming week, Dan and I will be blogging the benefits of ROSEMARY. It’s amazing what and how rosemary can help keep your body healthy?

Rosemary may stimulate free blood flow to the skin and help in management of conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and even fungal infections thanks to its antiseptic properties.

Rosemary has also been used to support healthy hair growth and prevent hair conditions like alopecia (the partial or complete loss of hair from the hair growing regions) and can be used to support the management of dandruff on the scalp, especially when it is combined and used in anti-dandruff lotions.

Stay tune, more benefits to come.


THIS IS AN ENCLOSURE – will be at the end of all the blogs, for I stress; this daily routine will heal and keep your body cells happy.

As I end this blog, Dan and I for several years have shared our experiences with enjoying life while managing cancer. By keeping healthy, our routine daily has been walking (exercise), meditation (for stress), Qigong (exercise and for stress).

Enjoying our day trip to Smith Mountain Lake🏞️, exploring the lake, trails, camp sites🏕️, cabins, and ⛱️ beach area. As we were exploring our feet 🐾 were doing some walking.

I know some will say they do not have enough time with work, kids and household chores!!!

Dan and I have put together videos from WALK AT HOME together on our website, that you can follow in home; when you have short periods of time and unable to go out. They are from 15 mins up to 30 mins depending on the miles. This is one of the first steps to making your cells happy!!

Also, meditation videos, help to lower stress and is also one of the first steps to making your cells

Again, they are no more than 10 to 20 mins and they are guided meditations.

SEND HEART ENERGY TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE - Guided Meditation with Gabriel Gonsalves

Everything in the Universe is made up of particles and waves of electro-magnetic energy in constant movement and action. This energy moves through, in and out of people, animals, plants, and objects in ways our scientists are now just beginning to understand.

In our human bodies, our heart is the largest generator of this type of energy which, when focused consciously and intentionally, can be used to bring about greater love, harmony, and wellbeing to both ourselves and others.

But how do you do this?

How do you send love to someone you love?

How can you direct this love-heart energy, either to yourself and others?

How can you actually send love to others after you lovingly say to them ‘I send you all of my love’.

The quickest and surest way to do this is to simply think of a person you’d like to send love to,

while you put on the BIGGEST smile you possibly can. Really. It’s that simple!

If all you do is smile, this alone can have a profound effect on your overall wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those people you come in contact with every day. Positive psychologist Tal Ben Shahar’s video about the effects of smiling describes this in greater detail. You can watch it here.

But, if you’re like me and like to break things down a bit, here’s a step-by-step process you can do when you’d like to send yourself or another person some much-needed love.

How to Send Love to Someone you Love

1) Focus your attention on your heart.

2) Breath into your heart deeply, evenly, and rhythmically.

3) Think of something or someone who evokes feelings of love and appreciation.

4) Put on a BIG smile, and allow the feelings of love and appreciation to fill your body.

5) Radiate the energy-feeling of love and appreciation to the person you love.

6) Be sure to keep smiling, and that you’re feeling the feeling you’re sending. (If you’re not feeling it, you aren’t sending it!)

7) Feel appreciation for yourself as you send this energy out to others.

Remember, you can’t give others something you don’t already have, so the key to this process is that you actually feel the feelings of love and appreciation first. If you don’t, you won’t experience the results.

The more you practice feeling and sending love, the easier it becomes. And after a while, you will start experiencing the many benefits and healing effects of having a whole world smiling’ with you.

“Surrender is a gift that you can give yourself. It’s an act of faith. It’s saying that even though I can’t see where this river is flowing, I trust it will take me in the right direction.” ~ Debbie Ford

We are still working on Qigong video’s to be posted on the website for easy access, until now you can go to the blog and on the right-hand side are hash # tag words, just click on the word #walk #Qigong #meditation. The post will pop up and then you can begin. Have fun with it!


To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world. #world#you#person#inspirational#motivational

Until Thursday, love should be a tree whose roots are deep in the earth, but whose branches extend into heaven.


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