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Today is a brand-new day; a day to heal, a day to love, a day to forgive, a day to encourage, a day

Today is a brand-new day; a day to heal, a day to love, a day to forgive, a day to encourage, a day to start afresh.


Hello Friday,

More and more I read and keep you the viewers informed with keeping healthy,

I come across inspirational phrases and words. Last week this came across my readings; live life at the fullest. So, why not take this and make a mini video of motivation; which I did. You are welcome to go to my YouTube page -

We got one life and if you waste it thinking what to do with it, it will be a complete disaster. Life is like an ice-cream, taste it before it melts. Our time is very limited on this earth; we aren’t going to be alive forever. This is the only moment we have, go with full throttle and crush your goals. Do what makes you happy and powerful.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein

Many times, we say what we want, but we don’t put in the effort and time to actually get it. Many times, we say we want to live without regret but we hold onto the fears and worries that keep us all caged up.


Hurray it's Friday, LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND CHASE YOUR DREAMS.🚦 Have a fun weekend.#livelifetothefullest#inspiration#motivation

Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean living reckless. It doesn’t mean ‘go crazy’. It means that you never really know what you’re capable of until you go for it! Going for it means taking intelligent risk, setting unreasonably high goals and daring to learn from everything!

The human spirit is stronger than you may think! Let yours live fully!

The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow. –Bob Marley

For both Dan and I, we don’t want to get to the end of our lives and find that we have just lived the length of it. We want to have lived the width of it as well. Join me and do the same! Let’s not let life be the ice-cream, that isn’t tasted before it melts.

Let’s get all the flavor!


During our experience with going abroad for cancer treatments, there were questions that we continued to asked and one is statistics and are they being used for the good.

Should we take statistics to heart? When a doctor tells you that the statistics are in your favor should you agree and select that treatment? These are questions you should ask yourself before making any medical decision. Medical statistics are created from people grouped together.

What about the odds of 70% in your favor and the 30% that is not in your favor? How do you justify those groups of people that do not make it? What do you tell those family members?

Statistics are not done individually where they take into consideration of what your blueprint is. Life is not one fits all, not everyone wears the same size, so why do we group people together and not take in account of their conditions such as if they have heart issues or others, and treat the whole body. Functional Medicine takes this into account and does not group you within a statistic and treats you as an individual.

We generate a lot of numbers in medical research. In the end, what they all come down to is some estimate of the odds: chance, not certainty. In the face of the incredible complexity of human physiology and disease, we have no other tool to help guide our decisions. These numbers conceal as much as they reveal. For medical consumers and practitioners alike, they can blind us to essential realities, foremost among them the limits of medical knowledge.

We see this in our own use of statistics, how seductively they lead us to say things like "The studies say you have a 70 percent chance of survival." But the studies don't actually tell us this. Statistics tell us nothing about the individual. They can predict the behavior of large groups, and that's all.

There's a 40 percent chance of rain today over our forecast area, but does that tell me if I'm going to get wet? Being 40 percent rained on isn't an experience any of us has to worry about.

Neither is being told there is a 30 percent chance of dying.

What it comes down to in the end is that the numbers aren't really the point. Life is, after all, a series of gambles. How lucky do you feel? Remember that there are no guarantees. So why not educate yourself on other options other than what your doctors’ statistics state.

Knowledge is power not statistics.

As I received treatment back ten years ago, I was taught that we all have different blue prints and to put you in a statistic with others is unfair. Instead, its about taking a case history of the condition. After all you have to take into consideration that one may have other conditions (heart, diabetes, etc.) other than cancer and another may just have cancer. And again, one may be tall and the other small, or the environment that one lives in (location) can change the type of treatments that is given. In the functional medicine world one size does not fit all. We are all unique and should be treated that way.

“Live life to the fullest. You have to color outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece. Laugh some every day. Keep growing, keep dreaming, keep following your heart. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

4 Homemade Organic Pesticide Every Gardener Must Know

Homemade Organic Pesticide: Aphids, spider mites, and other pests can cause serious damage to flowers, fruits, and vegetables. These creatures attack your garden in swarms, literally draining the life from your crops and often inviting disease in the process. Many chemical pesticides can prove unsafe for the environment or may make fruits and vegetables unsafe for consumption, however. Thankfully, there are many homemade, organic options for you to turn to in your war against pests.

Remedy 1 using chilies & Garlic

• Combine 1/2 cup (113 grams) of hot peppers with 1/2 cup (113 grams) of garlic cloves or onions.

You may also use both onions and garlic. All the vegetables should be chopped prior to use.

• Blend the vegetables together in a blender to form a thick, chunky paste.

• Add the vegetable paste to half a liter of warm water mixing the ingredients together Thoroughly.

• Pour the solution into a plastic or glass container and allow it to sit for 24 hours. If possible, keep it in a sunny location. If not, at least keep the mixture in a warm spot.

• Next, Pour the solution through a strainer, removing the vegetables and collecting the vegetable-infused water into another container. This water is your pesticide.

• Pour your pesticide into a squirt bottle and spray on the affected plants.

Remedy 2 using orange peels

• Peel an orange and Place the peels into a glass container and pour 2 cups (500 milliliters) of boiling water over the peels, Allowing the solution to sit in a warm spot for 24 hours.

• Next, Pour the solution into a strainer, removing the peels and saving the citrus-infused water

• Add a few drops of castile soap. Peppermint-scented castile soap may prove especially effective.

Mix the solution thoroughly to combine.

• Pour the pesticide into a large squirt bottle and Spray the entire plant to ward off most soft-bodied pests.

Remedy 3 Using neem

• Combine 15 milliliters of neem oil with 1/2 teaspoon mild soap. Many believe neem oil, which comes from a bitter tree leaf, to be one of the most effective natural pesticides in existence.

• Mix the neem and soap into 2 liters of warm water Stirring slowly but thoroughly.

• Pour the pesticide into a spray bottle and spray on spots where you can clearly see pests or signs of pests.

Remedy 4 using tobacco

• Mix 1 cup of tobacco into 2 liters of water.

• Sit the mixture out in the sun or in warm location, allowing it to rest for 24 hours.

• Check the color of the mixture. Ideally, the pesticide will look similar to the hue of a light tea.

If it is too dark, dilute it with water. If it is too light to see, allow it to sit an additional few hour.

• Add 3 tablespoons of mild liquid dish soap to the solution and Mix thoroughly.

• Pour the mixture into a large squirt bottle. Shake the solution inside the bottle once more to combine it further and spray on affected plants.

Until tomorrow, follow your heart’s truth with no need for personal gain other than the feeling produced when doing what you truly love. Weekend coming up, Enjoy!


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