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Wednesday: Halfway to the weekend! Enjoy your day


Hello Wednesday,

Well, it’s the middle of the week again; however, its special for it’s the 2nd day of September 2020. It is that day in the middle of the working week that we need to struggle to love. You’re past the dreaded Monday, you’ve cruised past Tuesday without any hiccups, and now Wednesday beckons you to celebrate the exciting midweek vibes.

It’s a day to be excited about because once you get through the “hump” of Wednesday, you’ll be on the easier journey for the rest of the week.

I don’t know about you, guys, but Dan and my opinion are that Wednesday is a great day. Just think about it. You can divide your week into sections. The first one will be from Monday to Wednesday and the second one from Wednesday to Friday. Do you agree that Wednesday wins one way or another? It signifies the end of the first, unpleasant, part of the week and starts the second more positive one. It’s finally Wednesday! Think about it in a positive way – after all, the weekend will come soon.

“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.” – Connor Franta

Continuing with the topic of INFORMATION FROM THE CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY CONVENTION OF 2017; How vitamins can cut cancer risk in half.

You can slash your risk of getting cancer by 50% by taking three vitamins and one mineral every day per the world cancer experts. There is no question that certain vitamin A, C, E and the mineral selenium can help prevent cancer states Dr. Raymond J. Shamberger, PhD, of the Cleveland Clinic, which is a top research facility.

Per other experts, “You can knock your risk of cancer down by 50% if you eat well and take those supplements.”

Vitamin C destroys nitrite, a cancer-causing agent in food per Dr. John Weisburger, PhD, a former official of National Cancer Institute and now vice president for research at the American Health Foundation in Valhalla, N.Y. He also stated that vitamin C only stays in your stomach for a little while, so split your daily dose into three or four doses and make sure you take it with meals. The other vitamins and selenium should be taken every day with your main meal.

All sorts of data from animal test suggest that vitamins inhabit cancer growth per Dr. Clarence Ehrlish, chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Also Dr. Shamberger who has been personally involved in current research on vitamins A, C, E and selenium says that vitamin E and selenium are powerful weapons against cancer. In animals research, vitamin E and selenium both have in large amount prevented tumors. In the other hand, vitamin E prevents mostly skin cancer.

These test clearly have shown delays of onset tumors in cancer prone animals according to Dr. Daniel Medina, PhD, who is a professor of cell biology at Baylor College of Medicine.

Another physician, Dr, Alfred Knudson; president of Philadelphia’s Fox Chase Cancer Center added by saying in the northern United States, where there is low selenium content in the soil – there’s also an increase incidence of breast cancer and colon cancer. We should make sure that adequate amounts of selenium are included in the diet.

Before taking these four supplements, cancer experts agree you can help on your risk of getting cancer by following three steps; reduce the fat content of diet and raise the fiber content, make your own lifestyle healthier, take charge of your emotions.

All foods shown be healthy foods; prevention diet – nutrition rules to follow:


1. Eat natural foods and eat them raw when possible.

2. Eat only foods that will spoil and eat them before they do.

3. See that 30% of your calories are proteins, 20% fats and 50% unrefined carbohydrates.

4. Use naturally raised grass fed meat, poultry, beef, lamb. Wild fish seafood.

5. Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables if at all possible (can you grow your own?)

6. Obtain good fresh produce in season and freeze for later use. Eat kernels of fruit. Sprout seeds and use daily.

7. Eat fertile eggs, as they provide more nutrients. Eggs from range hens that have access to green grass are the best.

8. Eat whole grains. Make your own bakery products. Buy a flour mill (gluten free) and make your own flour.

9. For shortening in baked goods use raw dairy organic butter or coconut butter.

10. Use extra virgin oil or olive oil for salads.

11. Eat only fresh, non- rancid foods. Rancidity can be detected by its characteristic odor.

12. Drink coconut milk, almond milk, goat milk and same for ice cream, yogurt, cheeses. (can you make your own?)

13. Drink spring water or filter water and natural unsweetened juices in place of other beverages. If you can use a juicer.

14. Drink herb teas and coffee. Drink no more than 2 cups of organically grown coffee a day.

15. Drink only natural organic red wine made from unsprayed grapes fermented and the skins without the presence of sulfites and fining agents. Drink no more than 1 glass a day.

16. Shop in a health food store and wisely in a supermarket. Be a label detective.


1. Don’t eat highly processed foods such as sugar, white bread, cookies, crackers, TV dinners.

2. Don’t eat foods containing chemical preservatives and dyes, artificial colors.

3. Don’t eat foodless snakes, plan for proper balance.

4. Don’t eat commercial meat that has stilbestrol, antibiotics or other chemicals or from animals that have been inhumanely raised.

5. Don’t eat sprayed, fumigated, dyed, waxed or irradiated fruits and vegetables.

6. Don’t eat canned fruits and vegetables. Most fruits are over sweetened and many vegetables are overcooked.

7. Don’t eat eggs produced by hens that have been inhumanely raised in small cages, force fattened and treated with chemicals and antibiotics.

8. Don’t eat commercial white bread or other bakery products. Don’t eat white rice.

9. Don’t use heat treated oils with preservatives or hydrogenated shortenings such as margarine.

10. Don’t use deep fat frying as fatty acids break down at high temperatures. Avoid fried foods.

11. Avoid rancid seeds, nuts, grains and foods cooked in rancid fats as they contain carcinogens.

12. Don’t drink processed milk as pasteurized, homogenized, dried or canned or eat pasteurized milk products which contain artificial flavoring and sweeteners.

13. Don’t drink soft drinks with or without sugar. Avoid stimulating drinks which exhaust the adrenals and pancreas.

14. Don’t drink commercial tea or coffee.

15. Don’t drink distilled liquor or wine as this process separates the alcohol from the minerals, vitamins, antibiotics and other important therapeutic agents.

16. Don’t buy junk foods in supermarkets.

Since I was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago, this is what I have been following to manage my cancer. I do not ever say that I’m cured or I’m in remission; Its all how you manage your lifestyle. In following these it has helped me to over come cancer as my own personal follow up.

Another lifestyle changes that Dan and I have chosen to change is:

Cook only in stainless steel, corning or enamel-ware or glass. Do not use aluminum.

Use drinking water liberally, preferably well or spring water. Dan and I purchased around 10 years ago the Kangan Water unit. Best investment health wise that we made.


It's the 2nd day of September 🦋and suddenly you know, it's time to start something new. Trust the magic of beginnings 🌻 have a fantastic day ❤️

Use a variety of herbs and spices in cooking; thyme, rosemary, sage, nutmeg, cinnamon – for food interest and for stimulating the appetite and the gastric juices.

The use of apple cider vinegar aids in maintaining good gastric acidity.

As part of Dan and my lifestyle change, we don’t forget to take our supplements, minimizing our stress, practice having positive thoughts, try to have plenty of sleep, exercising by walking up to three miles a day. When unable to walk outside – there are YouTube video’s Walk at Home.

Walk at Home: Walk 15 | 1 Mile Walking Exercise

INTRODUCING our BRAND-NEW Video Series: Walk 15! This series of Miles celebrates our Certified Walk 15 Leaders all over the world! Women and Men LEAD our popular Walking Workout in Church Halls, Schools, at Work...everywhere people gather! Have FUN Walking this Walk everybody! -Leslie

Wednesdays will always bring smiles for the second half of the week.”

Until tomorrow, you got to decide to be happy. Where you want to live. What you want to drive. You have to make a decision. Let’s start today, have a wonderful day.


It did not take me and I do not fear it.

I learned from cancer, through the experience.

I grow humble, strong, blessed and wise.

Continuing to understand it.

Making cancer the past and managing the future.

Enjoying the quality of life and sharing the love of health.

We need to control our environment!

I have managed cancer.

Written by Sherry Malin


I haven't forgotten that I am just one person,

That I am but one voice attempting to stand out from the crowd.

I know that I can't sit here and expect my words to create change without reason.

I can see if I don't educate and try to make a change, then I can't expect and follow my world.

I can feel that time is slipping by me, that it will be gone if I just stand still.

I have heard that there are a million other voices that sound like mine, that want also to be heard.

I've been told that it's not enough to wish for dreams that I have to work them into reality.

Your voice, your opinion-- mean something.


You are one drop, but together we can make an ocean.

Let's think outside the box, and let your voice, your opinion--be heard.


To make the change.

This is who Sheryl Surdi Malin is.

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