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You can’t fake passion.

Hello followers,

Thank goodness it is Friday!

The other day, I answered a Facebook friends post.

I merely, expressed that lifestyle is the key to keeping healthy.

I received a couple of responses; one was stop blaming people for their cancer.

Another one was stop blaming for their diets.

If they had read my posts, they can see that I am not blaming anyone for their illness.

Dan and I are merely explaining that it could be a lifestyle change that can make all the difference.

And if you have read my blog, you can see it is in all different area’s that I relate it to.

Passion is not just exuberance, it is endurance.

If your creative inspirations, or even infatuations, aren't supported by diligence, they don't blossom.

Author Malcolm Gladwell calculates that mastery requires at least 10,000 hours of dedicated practice.

That is 90 minutes a day for 20 years.

Passion breeds passion, and disinterest breeds’ disinterest.

If you lack passion in your own life, your other relationships will be denied that energy, your partnerships, friendships, family, community, and company.

And this goes not just for the individual, but also for the collective.

Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez tells the story of a man trying to solve the world's problems, when his young son comes into the room and asks if he can help.

Touched by the boy's concern, but impatient to get on with his work, he takes a map of the world, rips it into little pieces, and gives it to the boy, telling him he can help by piecing the world back together.

The boy does not have a clue what the world looks like but takes the pile of paper off to his room.

Two days later he rushes into his father's study.

Father, he says, “I've put the world back together.”

And indeed, the shreds have been meticulously taped together.

His father asks how he did it.

The boy turns the map over.

On the back was a picture of a person, he said.

“I put the person back together and then turned it over and the world was back together.”

My passion is somewhat like the little boys.

Dan and I are spreading our experience and sharing our knowledge.

Dan and I posted some ways which were practicing mindfulness, eating clean, moving your body, getting out into nature, laughing, detoxing from technology, practicing acts of kindness, and listening to relaxing music, connecting with a friend, sleeping in, reading a good book, self-reflection exercises, decluttering, drinking more water, essential oils, taking a break from the kids.

Indulge a little bit nourishes your soul.

Moderate indulging in sweets can relieve stress.

In fact, involving our senses, including our sense of taste, is one of the quickest ways to relax and let go of stress.

When you want to indulge in a healthy way, make it an experience and BE PRESENT for it.

Be aware of your body, before, during and after taking in this indulging food to know when to stop.

Yes, enjoying something delicious, even if it’s unhealthy for us, can put us in a great place for gratitude and appreciation.

As Dan and I have been sharing and continuing the book from last week, Ten-Minute Relaxation, For Mind and Body by Jennie Harding, until the end.

Whenever you are feeling under pressure, ten minutes is all you need to relax totally, using tools that are always with you; your senses.

This book is packed full of wonderfully simple ideas and exercises for using sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch and that vital sixth sense of intuition to rebalance your energies and bring you back into harmony with the natural world around you.

Identify your favorite sensory relaxation solutions and combat that stress!

Per Dan and my experience this is another component in keeping ourselves healthy, meditation.

By using your five senses, you can learn to relax in just ten minutes.




You may wish to record this exercise on a tape.

To experience this deep floral relaxation, use rose, orange blossom, or jasmine on your skin.

Put a tiny amount of blend behind your ears and on your wrists before you begin.

Sit back and relax, in a warm comfortable place, and begin to feel the aroma of your chosen flower drift over you.

Breathe deeply and let your sense of smell begin to explore the richly complex fragrance, all the subtle notes and aspects in it.

You may find your mind creates color sensations for you, or you may see images unfold, or experience feelings in your body as you inhale the aroma.

As you breathe in the scent around you, let go of stress and allow yourself to relax into a deeply contented state.


As Dan and I start a new year; we will be posting daily 365 morning meditations for joyful days all year long.

The book is SUNRISE GRATITUDE by Emily Silva.

February 17th

A GREAT LESSON FROM A RIVER is to be fluid and let things come and go.

Holding on causes a lot of suffering, including bitterness, resentment, sorrow, and anger, to name a few.

When you choose to let go of your reaction to hurt, you will feel freer to pay attention to the beautiful things in life.

Sometimes it can feel comforting to commiserate, but catch yourself, because you can always focus on something more positive.

Nothing is worth diverting attention away from the good things that life has to offer.

PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, and Qigong.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.

Until Saturday, it is your place in the world; it is your life.

Go on and do all you can with it and make it the life you want to live.

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