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At one time, everyone thought the world was flat, until someone sailed around the world and noticed it was not. This is just like medicine, most everyone has a mindset that there is only one way to take care of cancer and for that matter many other diseases such as Lupus and Lyme’s. We think that we have to cut away the cancers and have chemo and radiation, because we are told by our conventional doctors. Where did they learn this, by research? No, by only of what they are taught. Do doctors research on their own? Do they go the extra mile to see what other countries do and how they have been treating these illnesses?

Knowledge is power, we need to take cancer into our own hands and research for ourselves and make our own decisions on how we want to be treated. I know first-hand on methods that have better results due to there are no side effects. Why do the treatments that are conventional cause side effects and Functional Medicine does not? Everyone goes for the surgery, chemo and radiation. Looking back through my research those types of treatments are what can cause recurring cancer in the first place even though one may be told they are now cancer free. I am very emotional over seeing all this pain, when we do not have to go through with these hard-core treatments causing more damage to our bodies.

This is why I have dedicated my time to educating others on ways we can take care of disease without harming ourselves. Why is it that all prescription drugs have side effects? What do you think they are doing to our bodies? There are no quick fixes, we have to learn that in a large part there needs to be a lifestyle change. When someone gains weight, the weight does not go away overnight. This is like a disease just like cancer, you might have had it in your system for up to ten years. So, it is not just going to disappear overnight. Diseases can be managed where you can be free of them.

Do we have to wait for someone to tell us that there are other options to control our disease latter, when we see several dying right now? This again is like way back when everyone thought the world was flat. We need to stand up and shout out and make a difference now, for we can save maybe your mother, father, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, relatives and friends.

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