Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

Hello everyone today, It’s hard to believe that I’ve been hunkering down for 45 days. Dan and I are still staying positive and keep enjoying one’s company. Organizing and keeping track of our foods, for we order our vegetables and fruit every other week and our fish once a month. This is all new to me, for I was used to just packing up and walking to the store when I ran low. These days I have to figure out a system that our food will last for two weeks. So far, it’s not so bad, for I have a supply of beans and rice. I have a second option when I run out of vegetables and fruit; I turn to beans and rice. I have a supply of beans and Dan loves that for it reminds him of the food he would orde


Hello All, Wow, Dan and I have been staying at home now for 44 days. After this is over, my first hiking outing will be to a park or the Blue Ridge Parkway area to enjoy the nature that we were blessed with. The other day, my daughter text me asking if I can send some old pictures of her and us with Mickey Mouse. She was saying our grandson has an obsession with Mickey. So, you may know what I did yesterday besides our walking, blogging and listening to the Food Revolution Summit. I was going through all of our photo albums. This brought back memories of the things and places that as a family of three were blessed with. It reminds me of the unconditional love we shared and continue to share.

Unconditional Love Is the Greatest Gift of All

Hello, Another Tuesday staying at home and going on our 43rd day. We have been taking advantage of taking part in this free summit on The Food Revolution. You never not learn enough, every time we listen to a seminar or a summit there is always something new to be learned. I highly recommend while you have some free time in this uncertain situation to watch something to better your health. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I found these cards that look like player cards with sayings and quotes about love. I used my creativity and during our spiritual time shuffle them and Dan picks one, then reads it. I thought of sharing each one with you and put it in one of my inspiration mini video’s

Every Great Dream Begins with a Dreamer

Hello to all, How are you doing out there? Love to hear what you are up to! Dan and I are now approaching our 42nd day of staying around the house. Today I woke up asking myself if the dreams that I have been experiencing will come true? I did some research into dreams and found out some things. The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you! First, I always asked myself if I was the only one that is a dreamer! The answer is that everyone does dream, but not everyone remembers his or her dreams. Some people can have intense memories of a dream while others remember only a few details, and others may recall nothing at all. While circumstances of how much we remember our

Prayer the World Greatest Wireless Connection

Hello, Its Sunday and our 41st day of staying at home. Yesterday we received several packages, our Misfits (vegetables and fruits), our order from Kroger came, and some pots and soil. Never the less, I was busy all day; cleaning the fruits and vegetables just like I did when I was in Mexico. The only difference is that Dan and I hooked up our Kangen Water unit and we use that water for all my cooking and cleaning of our food. We talk about saving time as if we can pack it into a box for a rainy day. But no matter what we do, the minutes and hours tick by, unchanged by our efforts to change their pace. So, instead, we try to change ourselves. We schedule every moment, and caffeinated ourselve

The Sun is the Orchestra Leader for the Dance of Life

Hello, Its Saturday again and our 40th day hibernating, Its time for some sunshine. Dan and I take vitamin D supplements, although its much better for the original sunshine. However, we woke up to a gloomy day. Going to take advantage of the window of time that the sun is out. Most people are deficient of vitamin D, when having our blood work done, we always ask for this test to be done. Its one component to a healthy life. “More than three fourths of all Americans are vitamin D-deficient.” Light is the basic component from which all life originates, evolves, and is energized. Light and health are inseparable. Ken Ceder, former co-director Hippocrates Health Institute, Boston, Massachusetts.


Hello, It’s the Friday and the week end approaching us again. As Dan and I reach our 39th day of staying safe at home, we have been still keeping on our schedule on keeping healthy. We still walk our two to three miles a day and eat healthy foods. The other day, I got on the scale and sang a tune of happiness for I am down to 110.8 pounds from 124.0. This is because we have been mainly eating only fruits and vegetables and walking. Dan has a little more to go, he eats seconds. I was heartfelt with some video’s and news that people are going out onto their balconies from all over the world singing and playing an instrument. Also, the virtual music specials on TV. This not only changes the moo


Hello all, Yesterday was Earth Day and Dan and I celebrated by doing our regular three-mile walk. Just stop and feel the fresh air across your face and the tree leaves waving in the wind, while the birds singing a tune. I know I have taken my surroundings around me for granted. As I feel all these feelings, I add color to the masterpiece of nature. Go out and hug a tree. Its been 38th days of hunkering down for me and Dan. I think we are getting use to ordering on line, using zoom, face time, what app, using Kroger app and having everything delivered to us. Dan likes to go to the front door and picking up the boxes and guess what it is. Color is a very important part of my passion. The whole


Hello to my viewers, I woke up with a mission to remind myself to change fear to a challenge. Before we talk about fear of the unknown, its Earth Day today. Happy Earth Day to all. Earth Day ❤️ Live in each season as it passes, breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the Earth. It is Dan and my 37th day of staying home. For me and Dan our fear stepped into an adventure when I was diagnosed with cancer. Its when we took the challenge and traveled to Mexico for treatment without speaking Spanish. The fear of the unknown was an adventure that I am very humble for and blessed with meeting some wonderful people. Then moving to Mexico without any


Good morning Tuesday, This is Dan and my 36th day of staying at home. I’m forming a schedule daily and it seems like the days are forming together, before you know it; it’s the end of the week. This is what you would call my perspective of the corona virus. I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can always change the sail to reach my destination. A SMILE, A LAUGH, OR A CHANGED HEART To be honest, my goal is really just to have a positive impact on everyone I meet, whether it’s a smile, a laugh, or a changed heart. Today we are going to speak of our perspective of physical distancing. First, we need to know what the word perspective means. It’s a particular way of viewing things that

Your soul feels lonely not when you lack company, but when you lack the cause.

Hello to my followers, Good morning Monday, this is Dan and my 35th day of hiding out. How have you all been handling your physical distancing? Dan and I only go out to walk our three miles, which takes about an hour and a half. Other then that, we keep busy in our apartment. Thank goodness it is big enough for us and have room to roam in. I thought today we will talk about social distancing or a better term physical distance. For we need to keep in touch with the ones you care about. So, stay social from a physical distance until this virus goes away. “In isolation you just lose the company but don't lose the purpose.” “Your soul feels lonely not when you lack company, but when you lack the


Hola, Its Sunday, Dan and my 34th day of staying at home. It’s a day to reflect on compassion, kindness, love and peace. I woke up to Dan saying that he got more information on an e-mail from He has a lot of fourth cousins all over the place. Of course, you have to pay to get more information. So, until we get caught up on the move, that will have to wait. Never the less, he is excited to know that he has family members spread out all over the place. The other day I went through some of our books that we have kept in storage. One that was precious to me, was a children’s Bible that was my sisters and mine when I was little. This is the Bible that I learned about compassion, kin


Its Saturday all, The sun is trying to shine right now, regardless I’m not going to let a little gloom ruin my day. Its Dan and my 33rd day of enjoying our new surroundings, our apartment. What were you doing last night? Well, we had a date night with our grandson, it was story telling with his grandparents. Thank goodness for Zoom and Epic, while using both, the night was a success. Interacting from afar is a gift in its self and being able to connect through the computer seconds it. As a child growing up Catholic one of the first things learned from the religion class is - 1 Corinthians 13 Love Is the Greatest Gift Love is patient and kind. Love is not ·jealous, it does not brag, and it is


Hello Out There All, Dan and I have been hunkering down for 4.571 weeks, this is the first that we have not been going somewhere on a bus or Uber. Last night was fun, brought back memories of Mexico, as we were there on Zoom. On Tuesdays and Thursdays when we lived in Mexico, it was a routine for us to walk down to the Malecon {walk way along the Chapala Lake in Ajijic} to a friend’s house and do Yoga twice with Teyari the instructor. Dan and I felt like we were still in our friend’s garden with the birds chirping and the flowers blooming. I would like to thank Maureen and Teyari for a very peaceful evening and friendship. Yoga is something that made both of us feel good. Derived from the


Hello and Happy Thursday, Well, Dan and I made it through 31 days of hunkering down together. The other day Dan told me that he couldn’t think of any other person he would rather have to hunker down with. I must say we do get along together, like two peas in a pod. There is a saying that comes to mind. A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done. We believe our sense of humor is what is getting us by. In life we do things? Some we wish we had never done. Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads, but they all make us who we are and, in the end, they shape ever detail about us, so just live. Make mistakes, have wonder


Good morning, Today is Dan and my 30th day of hunkering down and when I woke up, I found spring gone. Its 39 degrees outside in Virginia, winter is back. I have a coat rack near the front door that have coats of all layers. For everyday it’s a different type of weather. The other day, it was breezy, but just a sweater kind of day. What will tomorrow bring? The saying; If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart. I learned this at an early age. I remember my father always telling my sisters and me that; if you are going to do something, do at 100%. This always stuck with me and during the years at my jobs, it was done at 100%. Even, one of my supervisors told me that and I think ou


Hello Everyone, Its Tuesday and hunkering down for the 29th day of our isolation from the corona virus. The last couple of months I was doing a series of gratitude and thankfulness. You can go to my you tube channel and see the whole series - During this time, I focused the blog on laughter, smiling, gratitude and being thankful. I related this to how this benefits our health. This month, I will be focusing the virus and how it is affecting the whole world in many ways. I was debating to even write about the virus, but this is a health blog. I would not be true to myself and my passion to choose not to speak about this outbreak. But ho


Hello All, Its Monday again and Dan and my 28th day of hunkering down. Our Easter was very eventful, we woke up to watching Joel Osteen. Every time I listen to his message it gives me hope and I feel thankful. HOPE IS ALIVE I was able to go on zoom and see and talk to my mom. She was modeling her masks that she made and was able to face time with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. He was showing me the wooden eggs that they had painted and the Legos that the Easter bunny brought him. The rest of the day calling family members to wish them a Happy Easter. We were not like most people; I didn’t make a traditional Easter dinner this year. I decided since I have lots of vegetables delivered t

Love Is The Greatest Power

Hello Happy Easter, Today Dan and I are celebrating as we are hunkering down on our 27th day. Sending many blessings to you during this time of hope, joy, and renewal. Love Is The Greatest Power Happy Easter The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on Earth. It conquers all things. UNTIL TOMORROW, HAVE A PEACEFUL HOLIDAY.

The Idea Is There Locked Inside, “It’s Your Masterpiece Called Life”

Hello My Followers, Its Saturday and Dan and my 26th day of hunkering down. The beginning of the week the weather was nice to walk in, but all of a sudden yesterday for some reason it turned cold, from 70 to 45. Never the less, we cut our daily walk down to a half of a mile. So, today we will have to make up some of the miles. Today I want to thank all of my Facebook friends, Instagram friends, Tumblr friends and, Twitter friends and Google for inspiring me to write. Through you every day I create a topic, which I feed on with your messages and words. I create thoughts which are typed in sentences, then make paragraphs, then Dan edits them. I then with the help of Google and You Tube find mu

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