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The most important subject to keeping healthy is the word SEED. All living greens and fruits start with the seed. This is where we get all our nutrients value from and we throw the best part away. We eat the fruit or the vegetables, but spit the seed out. Most of us are guilty of this, even I am. Just think of how many organic seeds are wasted, which could of helped boost your immune system up and help fight issues that you might of faced or are facing. There are seeds that could of or can help detox your liver and body to keep you from any diseases.

I am dedicating this November newsletter to just that, THE SEED and how important it works with healing your body naturally. First in order to explain how it can help you, I will give a summary on what a SEED is. So, lets get started.

Organs Performs up to hundreds of functions each minute, but they fail people everyday

In this brief discourse, Dr. Bradford Weeks, M.D., explains the science behind the use of seeds as a superior source of nutritional supplementation. Dr. Weeks is a medically trained doctor who understands the wisdom of alternative medicine and supports the use of seed-based nutritional supplements. Finally, Dr. Weeks describes the seed-based nutritional products made by the Rain International company: Soul, Core, Form & Fused.

Health Benefits Of Seeds

Seeds and nuts are often lumped into the same category, and while they are incredibly diverse, they do possess many similar health benefits, including the ability to improve digestion, protect your heart, prevent chronic disease, reduce the risk diabetes, build strong bones, increase immunity, fight cancer and stimulate growth, among others.


While most people are aware that seeds are beneficial for your overall health, people still tend to pass them over quite often as a part of their regular diet. Not only are seeds ideal snacks – easy to transport, no clean up, and compact – but they are also some of the most concentrated forms of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and organic acids that we can get in our diet. Seeds, by definition, are a flowering plant’s unit of reproduction, which also means that they contain all of the nutrients that a new plant requires to grow.

Health Benefits Of Seeds

Improve Immunity

Zinc and selenium may be the most important immune system boosters that you’ve never thought about before. Both of these minerals play a crucial role in keeping your immune system healthy and strong, yet many people are deficient in these minerals. Selenium is considered a trace mineral, and is not found in a huge number of foods, but it is found in many varieties of seeds. Furthermore, the antioxidants found in many seeds act as immune system boosters, along with omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce inflammation and lower the strain on your body’s defenses. Pumpkin seeds are particularly high in zinc and selenium, as well as omega-3s and other carotenoids, making these an excellent choice if you want to bulk up your body’s first line of defense.

Optimize Digestion

Almost all seeds provide a significant level of dietary fiber, which can have a myriad of effects on our health. Dietary fiber is primarily associated with digestion, as it can help to stimulate peristaltic motion, and the movement of food through your gut. It can also help

to improve the nutrient uptake efficiency for the food you eat, meaning that you get even more nutrients. Dietary fiber is also very important for regulating diabetes and lowering cholesterol levels.

Protect Heart Health

The majority of seeds contain important fatty acids, namely omega-3s, which are the “good” form of cholesterol. By improving the cholesterol balance in your body, you can significantly reduce inflammation in your body and blood vessels, meaning that you will lower you chances of developing atherosclerosis. This buildup of plaque in the arteries and veins can greatly increase your chances of having a heart attack or stroke. The seeds with the most omega-3s include hemp seeds and flax seeds. Furthermore, the amino acids contained in the phytochemicals in sunflower seeds are known to prevent vascular disease and improve the health of your heart.

Strengthen Bones

All seeds contain certain levels of key minerals that our bodies need, including phosphorous, calcium, copper, selenium and zinc. While the levels may vary, you

can always be sure that you are getting a healthy dose of minerals when you toss back a handful of seeds. This will help prevent age-related diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, by ensuring that your mineral density stays at a normal level, even as you get older. Seeds can also protect the health of your teeth, something that many people overlook. Some of the best seeds for healthy bones are sesame seeds, chia seeds.

Prevent Chronic Disease

Most people don’t associate seeds with antioxidants, but in fact, these important dietary staples possess an impressive amount of phytochemicals, phenolic acids, lignans, omega-3s, vitamins and other organic acids that act as antioxidants within the body. By eliminating free radicals, these nutrients found in such diverse quantities in seeds can prevent oxidative stress and the onset of chronic disease.

Preventing the mutation of healthy cells will ensure that all of your bodies systems continue to run smoothly, and will greatly reduce your likelihood of cancer. Many seeds, such as sunflower seeds, have shown anti-tumor properties when eaten regularly.

Stimulate Growth and Development

Seeds contain a wealth of amino acids and plant proteins, both of which are essential for growth and development. Proteins and their building blocks, amino acids, can be rearranged and processed by the body to create animal proteins that


our bodies require for metabolic functions, muscle growth, bone development and cognitive improvement. Without a healthy stream of protein, we would be unable to function. Seeds are some of the most compact forms of protein that you can add to your diet, particularly from chia seeds, hemp seeds.

Lower Diabetes Risk

One of the unsung benefits of dietary fiber is the impact that it can have on diabetes. By regulating the levels of insulin and glucose in the body, by regulating

digestive speed, seeds can prevent the spikes and drops in blood sugar that are so characteristic of diabetes. Also, inflammation has been directly linked to increased risk of diabetes, but the omega-3s found in most seeds can control this inflammation and lower your likelihood.

Cognitive Ability

Omega-3 fatty acids have even been linked to the stimulation of brain function and cognition, making seeds impressive brain boosters as well. Omega-3s can reduce inflammation, which can also effect the capillaries and blood vessels in the brain, so when that inflammation

and oxidative stress is gone, blood flow can return to those areas. An oxygenated brain is a brain that can concentrate, retain knowledge and recall memory better than ever before!

Reduce Inflammation

As mentioned, many seeds are able to reduce inflammation throughout the body due to the effects of omega-3 fatty acids, but this is also done through vitamins and minerals, which are in high supply in these important dietary items. If you suffer from aches, pains, arthritis, gout, indigestion or any other inflammatory condition, some pumpkin seeds can provide fast and reliable relief.

Lower Anxiety

Some seeds have the ability to affect the neurotransmitters in our brain, and also balance the hormones in our body.


So, as you can see seeds are a vital part of building your immune system and detoxing your body. This process has been used since ancient times, but has not been used for many years. We lost this process; however , there is a company that has realized how important organic seeds are to our bodies. They taken a huge step forward in solving the world’s nutrition problems by creating a completely new category of health supplements. They are one hundred percent non-GMO and

derived directly from seeds. They call it seed-based nutrition. The process is really a revolutionary one. They use a cold-press process, which obtains the potent benefits of super-seeds, and then make them bioavailable for human consumption. The seeds they use have been studied extensively and have proven health benefits. Those benefits they provide are much more concentrated than even fruits or vegetables.





Since I have been researching for my after care of managing cancer from not coming back (finding the root), I have been involved in how we can keep healthy. I have been taking RAIN and have been very impressed with the results. With this new product Dan and I will be able to decrease our supplements and at the same time keep our immune system up with natural cold press seeds. I am going to end with some video's about the product.


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