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As October closes out and fall leaves began to change and drop, I hope all is well and are planning for the holidays.

This month was full of celebrations, each day Dan and I celebrate life. Every month of October we both celebrate his birthday, my fathers and of course mine. I celebrate mine for its Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for nine years I’ve been spreading ways to treat cancer without surgery, chemo nor radiation. Its my way in giving back for the doctors that educated me and taught me how to manage cancer.

I’m no more afraid of the disease and learned about a whole new lifestyle that works.

We are individual people and should be treated as that. Why do they group us together and put statistics on lives? You are important and need to be treated like that. So, ask questions and research, only you can change the way they treat you.

I have written a book with mine and Dan’s (husband) experiences with treatments that wasn’t conventional. It’s a journal of how we lived with cancer and how we managed this disease. Life is all about vision, looking through a sphere of color. I wanted you to get not only the experience of treatments, but the aftercare and through color and imagination learn the knowledge that I have.

Click on book to check out.

In past posts, I received messages that some had estrogen related breast cancer and on that same note I also, had 100% estrogen related cancer.

There are natural supplements that can help control this. I take Breast Formula through Life Extension and Indol 3 Carbinol with DIM. Click on the pictures of the different supplements to check out:

Breast Formula

Indol 3 Carbinol

Vitamin D3 is also important, I have learned from the best of the best. I learned that cancer cannot live in high doses of vitamin D.

Click on the picture of Vitamin D3 to check out-

I also get my estrogen, vitamin D, and cancer markers tested throughout the year.

The month of November, I will not be doing a newsletter for I have been creating a new page for the website with videos. I invite you to check them out - click on the picture of YouTube video's

Also, I have paired up with some companies that, Dan and I have been dealing with and are excited to share with you. These companies have high grade organic and natural products and deliver to your door.

Final note, please do not hesitate in dropping a line out on the comment portion of the website. Dan and I always like to hear from you. If you have any questions for us, you can use this page to leave a message. Click on questions and comments picture.

Also, you are always able to contact us by phone

727 399-7850.

Please leave a message, for we get a lot of robo calls and we would hate to miss your call.

I’m leaving you with a Thanksgiving message wishing you all a healthy and enjoyable month of November.

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