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A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.


Hello followers,

The weekend is here, are you there!

Today Dan and I are driving to Charlottesville, Virginia; for Dan is going to have some ozone treatments on his shoulder. He doesn’t listen to me, right! I told him not to pick up heavy weights when he does his arm exercises, but did he listen to me?

So off again for some more exploring. And you know me lots of pictures to follow.

The other day I checked my memories on Facebook, and this saying popped up. Since Dan and I have been posting on LOVE, this goes along with my posting.

The more you love yourself, the bigger your energy field.

The bigger your energy field, the less likely you are to take on everyone’s energy because yours is strong and powerful.

When your energy field is strong, powerful, joyful and filled with love, when other people are around you, their energy field gets uplifted.

You’re able to uplift other people without saying anything. So, the focus has to be on you loving yourself and being the light and uplifting your energy, not on trying to please other people to uplift them.

It’s selfless to love yourself.

Now, continuing from yesterdays post on unconditional love; after having an insightful answer to the life-changing question, “what is unconditional love in a relationship?”

You may begin to wonder if you are offering or receiving healthy unconditional love in your relationship or not.

In order to understand this, you must be able to identify signs of unconditional love in a relationship. But is unconditional love possible?

Indeed, it is.

Here are the strong signs of unconditional love in a relationship.

1. Without expectations of gratitude or the return of a favor, your partner puts your needs before their own.

2. Your significant other not only encourages but also inspires you to become a better version of yourself. That is, your significant other does not encourage you to exhibit or participate in toxic and unhealthy activities but become a more mature yet fun-loving person.

3. You have mutual respect, particularly on the days and in the moments where you disagree with each other or disappoint each other.

4. Both of you do not play toxic games. That is, neither of you holds back from offering love and affection to each other in order to get something you want, be it changed behavior or a material object.

5. You can take off your mask and let down your hair with your partner. That is, you can be your true self and do away with all your inhibitions when you are around your significant other and vice versa.

6. When you admit where you went wrong or how you have somehow failed to your partner, you are nor rewarded with judgment, taunting, and mockery. But rather offered understanding, compassion, and patience.

7. You open each other’s hearts towards offering forgiveness easily.

8. The selflessness of your partner inspires and encourages you to reciprocate with selflessness as well.

9. You both value open and honest communication with each other and prioritize the healthy sailing of your relationship to be sacrosanct.

10. You both make sacrifices without having to compromise on your beliefs and values to make the other person happy.

11. You don’t feel like you constantly have to prove yourself or your love to your partner.

12. You are proud of each other and speak nothing but kind words about each other when the other person is absent.

13. You do not hide your pain and discomfort from your partner, rather they share them with you and offer a steady shoulder to rely on and vice versa.

14. Even when you are under the weather or having a bad day, you are pleasured by the thought of expressing your love to your significant other.

15. You bring out the best and healthiest side of each other.

16. You do not depend on your partner for providing your self-esteem and self-worth nor engage in degrading thought patterns because of how they make you feel. And vice versa.

17. They are not only proud of your success but also celebrate your wins. Even in the face of their losses or when your achievements surpass their own, they put aside their feelings and are honestly happy for you.

18. They have your back and you can always count on them to support you and uplift you through thick and thin. And vice versa.



Love heals isn’t just a wishful thought.

Love literally heals a broken heart, dashed hopes, and shattered faith.

It gives rise to new dreams out of old ones that were unfulfilled

It sees the importance of the individual, of the moment, and of the bigger picture at the same time.

It brings peace to tragedy and calm to chaos.

It does not erase the hurt, but it always makes it better than it could ever be without it.

If you are interested in reading Dan’s and My Journey Through Cancer without Surgery, Chemo or Radiation, just click on the books for more information:

MY JOURNEY OF COMPLETION (Body, Heart and Soul) – Enjoy Life While Managing Cancer



Dan and I grabbed an opportunity nine years ago, when we took on the adventure and moved to Mexico. Back then, we didn’t know what to expect, except that both of us were alive and ready for a change. We had been going to Tijuana for cancer treatments and knew somewhat what we were heading into. We ended up living in the center of the country however; better for travel purposes and it was nothing like what we had thought about. To this date, we are back in the states living in Virginia and what we took from Mexico was friendships, culture and understanding of their ways of life.


Through thousands of pictures that I took, Dan and I are showing how safe Mexico is. There is a saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; this is so true! A picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.

"Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words."


So, we will be posting a gallery of pictures on each post, hopefully you will see each one has a story.

This is where we continue on the book: LIVING SUCCESSFULLY WITH SCREWED-UP PEOPLE, by Elizabeth B. Brown. Dan and I continue to share ways to benefit and help keep one’s health cells healthy. A wise man told me ten years ago, when one is in balance with themselves; one stays healthy.

For more information click on book

Today Dan and I will start on CHAPTER FOUR – GET OFF THE FENCE

The big question facing every ailing relationship is whether the relationship is worth the effort to keep it going.

No on can answer that for someone else.

As an outsider, I can suggest that there are three courses to consider when determining whether to stay in or sever a relationship.

The first course, staying or leaving; come packaged with pluses and minuses that must be seriously evaluated before a clear-cut determination can be made that is either right or wrong.

The third course, straddling the fence; however, is always wrong because it messes with the heads of all those touched by the relationship! As in golf, no one wins in a relationship when the effort on anyone’s part is halfway wishy-washy, lukewarm, or unenthusiastic.

Neither choosing to stay nor choosing to leave seems to affect the happiness of most people. For the majority, the relationship continues to be an ongoing, negative experience, regardless of whether they stay or leave; because their decision doesn’t get them off the fence emotionally.

People seem to be unhappy in the relationship and unhappy out of it, because they cling to the same old stuff in or out.

Tomorrow Dan and I will continue on CHAPTER FOUR – GET OFF THE FENCE.

This is the time to get ready for food and remedies that heal; alchemy of herbs. In the coming week, Dan and I will be blogging the benefits of ROSEMARY. It’s amazing what and how rosemary can help keep your body healthy?

Rosemary contains important constituents which give it the ability to buffer the effects of free radicals on the brain.

Rosemary may also offer protection from premature brain ageing, prevent brain damage as a result of it and can improve recovery in patients who suffer from neuro-cognitive disorders.

Other important components in Rosemary may even protect the brain from tissue inflammation and damage and reduce clotting of blood in the brain, reducing likelihood of stroke.

Stay tune, more benefits to come.


THIS IS AN ENCLOSURE – will be at the end of all the blogs, for I stress; this daily routine will heal and keep your body cells happy.

As I end this blog, Dan and I for several years have shared our experiences with enjoying life while managing cancer. By keeping healthy, our routine daily has been walking (exercise), meditation (for stress), Qigong (exercise and for stress).

Our daily walk yesterday was going around our local mall🛒 walked a couple🛍️ of times around.

I know some will say they do not have enough time with work, kids and household chores!!!

Dan and I have put together videos from WALK AT HOME together on our website, that you can follow in home; when you have short periods of time and unable to go out. They are from 15 mins up to 30 mins depending on the miles. This is one of the first steps to making your cells happy!!

Also, meditation videos, help to lower stress and is also one of the first steps to making your cells happy; click on

Again, they are no more than 10 to 20 mins and they are guided meditations.

“Surrender is a gift that you can give yourself. It’s an act of faith. It’s saying that even though I can’t see where this river is flowing, I trust it will take me in the right direction.” ~ Debbie Ford

We are still working on Qigong video’s to be posted on the website for easy access, until now you can go to the blog and on the right-hand side are hash # tag words, just click on the word #walk #Qigong #meditation. The post will pop up and then you can begin. Have fun with it!

10 Minute Meditation for Loving Kindness

This 10-minute guided meditation for loving kindness will have you replenished by the love of the Universe.

When we tap into unconditional love and fill ourselves up first, we can then extend it out to every living being.

This loving kindness meditation will help you feel the power of love, kindness, truth and compassion.

Give it a try and let us know how you feel. Enjoy!


A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

Until Sunday, love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Love is old, love is new, love is all, love is you.

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