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Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible.


Blessed Sunday,

In LIFE, there are very few situations we go through that are truly impossible. We might experience something that seems highly unlikely to happen. We may even face circumstances that appear to be against “most” odds.

We need to understand that what we’re going through is probably not impossible.

But even if it were, it doesn’t matter. The Word says, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God”

We’ve heard the saying “all things are possible.” It’s been repeated over and over again through scriptures, and by all the masters that ever walked on this planet.

If there’s a will there’s a way is another saying that has essentially the same meaning. Do we truly believe this statement that all things are possible? If we truly believed this statement, what would happen if we got sick or we faced a challenge that we felt was beyond our control? Would we say game is over and I don’t think I’ll ever get through this?

What happens when we face a diagnosis or challenge and say, “it’s impossible and I don’t think I’ll ever get through this?” We don’t take appropriate action to be well and succeed, and to start planning ahead in our future. We start expecting the worse, and even if we have all the resources we’ll ever need, we don’t believe we do; therefore, we can’t receive. This is what happened to me almost ten years ago, but I took it to heart and changed the odds. I believed in the possible, by using my faith into changing by whole protocol on treatments.

When we start preparing in our mind, we also prepare our reality, so make sure you prepare for success and wellness, which will attract everything you need for your journey to well-being.

What happens when we don’t contemplate this saying and we don’t believe it?

When we face an adversity that seems beyond the scope of our understanding, we feel inferior, and the adversity hits us like a ton of bricks. When Dan and I both faced our cancer, we were overwhelmed and at first, we didn’t know how to handle it, and then out of vulnerability, we then convinced ourselves that we’re capable and that it’s possible.

Essentially, we create our own story, and the pen is in our hand. We should consider the statement that’s been repeated over and over again by the world’s greatest teachers. All things are possible, and this doesn’t exclude anything; not even overcoming cancer.

If the so-called masters of this planet all have one common modality, it’s to believe in the impossible, and if they all declare one saying, there must be truth in its validity. Whatever one person has accomplished, so can you as we are all made up of the same energy that creates worlds.


Good morning Sunday 🌞 I started a new mini video from new beginnings to all things are possible. Nothing is impossible when you apply the thoughts necessary that supports your positive mindset. Have a fantastic day.❤️ #inspiration#allthingsarepossible#motivation

What some people consider is impossible, we believe we can do it, because if God said it’s possible, then we don’t need approval from others to say I CAN!

So, my next mini video series on YouTube is going to be all things are possible.


When you throw everything up in the air anything becomes possible. Salman Rushdie


If you have been following the past month, I have been blogging on vitamins and minerals that prevents or manages autoimmune situations and cancer. As you can see there are so many holistic, alternative, functional medicine and natural ways to change one’s lifestyle to a better healthier one. Reminder; as I blog about vitamins and other substances concerning cancer and prevention; my quest is to gear you to seek a professional in functional medicine.

The reason is, they are experts in reading lab work to see what you are lacking and also will help you get to the root of your condition.

Today I’m going to introduce a product, organic nutritional supplement red pine needle oil. This product helps and provides a healthy heart and cleaning of all metabolic pathways in the whole body.

The proprietary distillation process is the secret key in the extracting the plant leaving all of it’s over 300 known bio available nutrients intact and ready to be adsorbed into the body. Great care has been put into producing this high-quality pine needle oil. It is an adaptogen product, which identify the most important areas in the body to work first.

Red Korean Pine needle oil support:

1. Balanced cholesterol levels.

2. Alpha lipoic acid for recycling anti-oxidants in liver.

3. Clean clear arteries (keep blood platelets from sticking).

4. Diabetes, good circulation (dissolve plaque).

5. Improved hearing and vision, sharpens memory.

6. Healthy blood pressure and sugar levels.

7. Cleanse plaque and calcifications, pineal gland, brain.

8. Healthy erectile function in men (improves sperm mobility).

9. Restores adrenal functionally and neuron transmitters.

10. Healthy prostate gland function - heartbeat.

11. Pine needle is good source of living chlorophyll.

12. Regular heart rate and heartbeat – healthy heart.

13. Arthritis, gout, migraine, headaches.

14. Leaky gut – leaky capillaries.

15. Aids in dissolving kidney and gall stones.

16. Improves and boost immune system.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. Gail Devers

1 Mile Walk Party | Walk at Home | New Year 2019

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

Until tomorrow, anything is possible and that's something we should not lose sight of. The inspiration and the permission to dream is huge. Have a great Sunday.

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