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Good Day,

Today is Saturday our 13th day of hunkering down, but we are keeping busy. We were awoken up by a picture up above our bed that fell and hit Dan in the head around 5:30. Thank goodness he was sleeping on his front. This picture is very light and was drawn by our daughter. I told Dan it was a sign from his mother, for it is her birthday and maybe she was trying to tell him something.

Since it was a drawing of the TB Bucs football team winning the Super Bowl Dan said “She Was”. When speaking to my mom today, she stated maybe that was her birth time. So, today I honor Thelma Malin.

Are there any weird things like this happening to you? Love to hear, just send me a message.

Dan is reading a book that we have in our library of books, we had them in storage for 7 years. Its great to go through them and read again. The book is, Become A Better You. The other day Dan shared this prayer from it and I like to share with you:

I am anointed

I am a victor not a victim

I am getting healthier

And healthier day by day

I have the favors of God.

Yesterday, we celebrated our grandson’s birthday, and in my post yesterday I shared that we used zoom and connected with people from all over the country, grandparents, friends and relatives. My mother also was able to share with us, she had balloons and had on a party hat to get in the spirit of things. Perhaps if the virus did not happen, we would have not thought of this. I say a good thing can come out of a bad thing. This will be something that I will always treasure, being able to see both sets of grandparents come together and celebrate their grandson’s birthday from different locations.

Today Dan and I are going through a magazine from Vital Choice. Its amazing what you can do with salmon. You can go to this site to order yourself or just look around. I am very satisfied with the product and the items are wild.

Its great, that since we have been back to the states that we have been ordering on line. Its more important now for the social distancing. By purchasing my produce on line, our wild salmon products and other household goods, it’s less time spending in the grocery stores.

I’m learning more to realize, why do we have to prove to people that we are right. If you know your right that is all that matters. Showing others isn’t worth the conflicts that might happen. Just listen and go on from there. We are all right in our own minds.

My mother wrote this poem on 5-11-2011, which I put in my book.

Love Kills Cancer

Love is more valuable than gold

It is yours to have and to hold

Love has a way to make you feel

Even memories of love, no one can steal

Everyone has a right to love

It starts within and comes from above.

It is to love one another as it is

A halo of eternity.

By – Debby Surdi

What blessings are you most grateful for today?

During, this hunkering down time, I’ve been going through some of the precious memories that I kept in storage while we lived in Mexico for seven years.

One of the items was a pillow, it was kept for the saying on it: Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today.

In times of uncertainty, this is more valuable to me. We all are blessed to live today- we can make the best of a bad situation and make it good.

Another item that I kept was this sign: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. You know that we all have decisions in live that may be good or bad, but its how we decide that leads to the ending. The best advise is knowledge is power and if we all researched on what is the best outcome for you, the better we will become.

Until tomorrow, again be safe and do something that you have not done in a long time around your home.

Here are some great projects that you can do with your child outside.


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