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It’s the weekend and I’ve been keeping busy.

Dan and I started a new event in our everyday life, it’s called the swing hand exercise; Pingshuai Gong is entry level Qi-Gong that founded by Taiwan Meimen master Lee Feng-San Shifu.

Since hunkering down for 60 days, we have been incrementing walking around three miles daily, every Thursday doing yoga class from Mexico on Zoom, and now daily swing hand exercise. You ask what!!

To do the arm swing exercise you'll start by standing on a level and firm surface with your feet shoulder-width apart. Starting at your hips, rotate your torso to the left. Your arms should be hanging loosely at your sides and will move only because your body is moving and not because you consciously make an effort to move them. This causes the swinging action that the name of the exercise describes.

When you've turned as far left as you comfortably can, reverse direction, turning to the right and allowing your arms to swing limply as they follow your body. As you continue turning from side to side your arms will begin to lightly slap at your body.

With this practice, it gives you focus and keeps you humble.

This saying plays a big part on why I started this website and blog. Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson. I had been blessed to choose a method of cancer treatment that did not cause side effects. It was all about keeping my immune system strong. I had excellent doctors and teachers that taught me how to change my lifestyle and to live again.

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” ― Steve Maraboli

Dan and I have experienced and have been educated on several international treatments. Through the medical doctors and researchers, they are all working together to find and give the most unique program and beneficial therapies to affect the disease process for autoimmune diseases and cancer. Everyone is treated individual, for their needs are different.

We continue to investigate the most advance therapies available and continue to educate the public.



Signature Testing

First Dan and I began with the overall blood work panel, preliminary testing for the perfusion hyperthermia as well as the sensitivity testing and specialty microscopy. Following the initial testing we began the first day or so with our medical team meeting as well as the hyperthermia evaluation consultation.

Specialized Complementary & Natural Sensitivity Testing

The natural agent sensitivity testing evaluates any changes with the system to the reaction of natural therapies. This is of high importance for the team to be aware of current sensitivities so that the best therapies can be chosen and administered.

Hyperthermia Perfusion

As we were given the cutting-edge method of perfusion hyperthermia to increase our immune system response, augment agents and target detox pathways. Not only does heat/fever trigger antibodies to be sent out to rid the system of invaders, but it also stimulates the immune system to be more productive and stealth as it were. The higher the fever, the more intense the response. As long as the higher temperature does not exceed a specific length of time. It is perfectly safe and extremely effective therapy for cleaning the blood as well as detoxification.

Hyperthermia perfusion: The concept for hyperthermia perfusion is to warm up the patient’s blood slowly up to 42-43 degree Celsius, which is Fahrenheit 107.6 degrees Celsius (42) or 109.4 C (43). This is like having a mild fever. This procedure is continued for anywhere from one hour to two hours. This depends on the patient’s homodynamic stability and blood gas results. The flow is a very low flow, around 30 to 80 ml/min. A high flow is not necessary, just as long as it is continuous. A linear flow is better. This is done by providing a constant low flow at a warm temperature. The patient is awake and this enables the perfusionist and the doctor, who are both present during the entire procedure, to monitor the patient closely. The console that provides the temperature and flow is regulated by parameters dialed in. The patient has a monitor which reveals EKG, respiratory rate, arterial saturation, and blood pressure. ACTs are run the length of the case to ensure proper anticoagulation, so no clots form in the software. The patient will experience no discomfort. The patient can sit up, read, talk, work on the computer or an iPad, and watch television, drink beverages, or converse with family in the patient’s room. Most patients will feel warm and perspire. Their color is great and they feel good. The ACT is allowed to become normal before the patient leaves the room The hyperthermia procedure allows the cancer cell membrane to become warm and enhances the treatments that are to be given.

The temperature increases also burns the cancer cells, because they cannot survive in this temperature of 42-43 degrees Celsius. The results seen are very good. There is no chemo medication in this hyperthermia procedure. It is warming the patient’s blood with a small amount of Heparin (5000 units) in the priming volume. Therefore, the patient experiences only the warmth running through their entire body.

Specialized therapies and biologics

Formulation of supportive IV's based upon testing (on-going) and clinical (on going) evaluations. They paid close attention to and target the immune system dysfunctions and affect full body support.

Premium protocol to improve liver function, prevent liver damage, improve strength and physical endurance and influence chronic fatigue associated with cancer and or chronic infections that will be employed. Metabolic protocols of oligo-elements, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents are equally essential features of your program.

A powerful bio-energy magnetic therapy program directed to increase and protect the energy production center of the body will be yet another key aspect of this program. Energy delivered to and utilized by the immune system to activate against cancer and infection is a targeted result. This therapy also potentiates any other therapy administered during the program as well.

The team looked at the underlining immune dysfunctions and infection processes that ride along with our cancer. This aspect is of utmost importance to the success of the program.

Regex and Amino Acid Intravenous Therapy

Cocarboxilasa Protocol

IV Delivery of Specific Detox and/or Immune Support

Lymphatic sessions

Lymphatic therapy will be an aspect of the therapy program. This treatment improves biological function and prepares for administration and utilization of all therapies. Lymphatic therapy assists the immune system and opens detoxification pathways as well.

Nutritional Assessment and Dietary Guidelines

Specific diet evaluation, juicing and nutritional support during treatment and aftercare. Dan and Sherry were evaluated on their current dietary plan and worked for adjustments; assessment and implementation of supplements.

Essential Oil Therapy/Magnetic/Herbal Therapies/Ozone


Bio Dentistry Evaluation

Enzymatic Therapy

Ozone therapy & Oxygen Therapy

Hypothermic Ozonification: Unlike healthy human cells that love oxygen, cancer cells are anaerobic, and cannot live in high oxygen concentrations. Overexposure to oxygen in tumor cells, also known as hypothermic ozonification, results in over-acidification of the heated cells and a consequent nutrient deficiency; the tumor cellular metabolism is destroyed, resulting in apoptosis (cell death) of the tumor cells.

Specialty Detoxification Nebulization

Therapy Immuno Targeted Therapies

Cell Factor Therapies

Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

Dendritic cell (DC) therapy, also called dendritic cell vaccine. Dendritic cell (DC) therapy, also called dendritic cell vaccine. This is a newly emerging and potent form of immunotherapy used to treat cancer conditions. In the case of cancer, dendritic cell therapy is an immunotherapy that harnesses the body's own immune system to fight cancer. The dendritic cell itself is an immune cell whose role is the recognition, processing, and presentation of foreign antigens to the T-cells in the effector arm of the immune system. Although dendritic cells are potent cells, they are not usually present in adequate quantity to allow for a potent immune response. Dendritic cell therapy involves the harvesting of blood cells (such as monocytes or macrophages) from a patient and processing them in the laboratory to produce dendritic cells, which are then given back to a patient in order to allow massive dendritic participation in optimally activating the immune system.

Natural Killer Cells are a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte critical to the innate immune system. The role NK cellsMHC play is analogous to that of cytotoxic T cells. NK cells are unique; however, as they have the ability to recognize stressed cells in the absence of antibodies and MHC, allowing for much faster immune reaction.

High Dose IV Curcumin Therapy

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy & Neural Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapies

BENEFITS - Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Infection, Stroke, Cardiac Disease and Regeneration, Macular Degeneration, Optic Nerve Damage, Spondylitis, Optic Neuritis, Liver Cirrhosis, Sport Injuries, Knee Injuries, Hip Problems and many other medical conditions.


LOW-LEVEL-LASER THERAPY. The therapy concept of LOW-LEVEL-LASER THERAPY has been developed in Germany and is based on the usage of soft lasers. Unlike surgical lasers that destroy tissue and cells, soft lasers supply our body with energy to trigger numerous regenerative processes.

Medical laser therapy applies blue, green, yellow, red and infrared lasers. Each color develops different effects which are evoked by the stimulation of specific cellular components, such as growth factors or cells of our immune system. These effects have been proven by a large number of clinical studies.

LOCAL LASER THERAPY (non- invasive) and Laser Needle Acupuncture. This laser therapy applies up to twelve so-called laser needles simultaneously. They are not inserted into the skin, but only attached externally. These needle-like laser ends have the ability to achieve a high-energy density that can penetrate directly into the body to stimulate pain areas and develop healing mechanisms. This works for spine syndromes, arthrosis, slipped disc, rheumatic diseases, tendinitis, trigeminal neuralgia, depressions, MS, gastro-intestinal diseases, allergies, asthma, hypertension, and diabetes.

TRANSCRANIAL LASER THERAPY stimulates various neurological processes which makes it an innovative and promising new treatment option for post-treatment of strokes, the treatment of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cerebral sclerosis, migraines, vertigo, tinnitus and other degenerative cerebral disorders.

INTERSTITIAL LASER THERAPY in order to bring even more laser light into low-lying tissue layers, a new technique, the percutaneous interstitial laser therapy, was developed. By using a sterile catheter, it reaches penetration depths of up to 12cm. This therapy works on Chronic spinal disorders, Herniated discs, Scar pain after disc surgery, Spinal stenosis, Nerve lesions, Tendonitis and strains.

INTRA-ARTICULAR LASER THERAPY is used primarily in the treatment of damaged joints by application of the newly developed catheter technology. It allows direct irradiation of dysfunctional tissues. This therapy works on Knee joint arthrosis, Hip arthrosis, Chronic shoulder syndromes, Ankle arthrosis.

LASER THERAPY IN COMBINATION WITH PLATELET RICH PLASMA, this therapy simulates cell reproduction, angiogenesis and the formation of connective tissue. The injection combined with laser therapy, taking advantage of the regenerative effects of the laser irradiation and thus obtaining even better treatment results. Due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects, treatment can improve various conditions as Orthopedics (arthrosis, bone regeneration), Sports Medicine (tendinopathy, fractures, wound healing) and Aesthetic Medicine (skin rejuvenation, scar treatment, hair loss).

INTRAVENOUS LASER THERAPY enables the application of laser light directly into the bloodstream by using a special catheter technology. The laser light stimulates circulating blood cells and stem cells. This therapy works for Internal diseases (diabetes mellitus, chronic liver and kidney diseases), Metabolic disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and rheumatism, Allergies, Macular degeneration, Tinnitus, Multiple sclerosis, Depression and burn-out, Lyme disease, and General performance increase (in sports).

PHOTODYNAMIC TUMOR THERAPY is a therapeutic approach in the treatment of various tumor diseases. The method is based on the stimulation of light-sensitive substances. It is either applied to the skin in the form of a cream, given into the blood-stream by infusion/or is injected locally into the tumor.

EXTERNAL PDT FOR THE TREATMENT OF SKIN CANCER works for treatment of basal cell carcinoma or keratosis. A special cream with light-sensitive substance is applied locally to the affected skin area. The subsequent laser irradiation destroys tumor cells selectively.

SYSTEMIC AND INTERSTITIAL PDT THERAPY. The light-sensitive substance is administrated by infusion and activated through systemic intravenous. The laser can now irradiate and destroy the disease tissue locally. This therapy works for Pancreatic cancer, Mediastinal metastases, Breast tumor, Tumor in the floor of the mouth, Tumor in the esophagus, rectum or intestinal and Prostate or bladder tumor.

ANTI-MICROBIAL PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY aims to kill bacterial, viral parasitic pathogens. The procedure is very similar to the one used in Photo-dynamic Tumor Therapy. The great advantage of the therapy is that it even kills mulitresistant pathogens. This therapy works for Viral diseases (hepatitis, HIV, herpes, etc.), Bacterial infections, Multiresistant staphylococci, Parasitic diseases, Lyme disease.

For more info regarding treatments you can contact us at

Here are more quotes on watering your seeds that I favor so:

“We were planting seeds of change, the fruit of which we might never see. We had to be patient.” ― Michelle Obama, Becoming

“It always amazes me to look at the little, wrinkled brown seeds and think of the rainbows in 'em," said Captain Jim. "When I ponder on them seeds, I don't find it nowise hard to believe that we've got souls that'll live in other worlds. You couldn't hardly believe there was life in them tiny things, some no bigger than grains of dust, let alone color and scent, if you hadn't seen the miracle, could you?” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams

Live Your Life To The Fullest ❣️

Life is full of beauty notice it. Notice the bumble bee 🐝, the small child 👧,, and the smiling faces🌝. Smell the rain🌧️ and feel the wind.🌬️, Live your life to be fullest ❣️ potential, and fight for your dreams. Until tomorrow.

“Seeds have the power to preserve species, to enhance cultural as well as genetic diversity, to counter economic monopoly and to check the advance of conformity on all its many fronts.” ―Michael Pollan, Second Nature: A Gardener's Education

“Life always bursts the boundaries of formulas. Defeat may prove to have been the only path to resurrection, despite its ugliness. I take it for granted that to create a tree I condemn a seed to rot. If the first act of resistance comes too late it is doomed to defeat. But it is, nevertheless, the awakening of resistance. Life may grow from it as from a seed.” ―Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras

Until tomorrow, remember we need to take action to develop compassion, to create inner peace within ourselves and to share that inner peace with our family and friends. Peace and warm-heartedness can then spread through the community just as ripples radiate out across the water when you drop a pebble into a pond. By Dalai Lama

Tomorrow’s blog is on pounding the rock

Sunday 5-17-2020 at 6:30 p.m. eastern I’m starting a time of prayer meditation to create positive energy to give back to our universe for all the gifts that we were blessed with. This will continue for three months, during the re-opening of the countries. Meditate from your home on your own during this time. One of the universe's abilities is to create an environment that is suitable for a knowing living entity to sustain existence. Let’s meditate through light to give power to manage the corona virus, which will create a normal state of mind. Please share, for more the better.


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