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Hello Saturday,

Throughout my blog and website Dan’s and my favorite phrase is; KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

However, before you get this knowledge you have to learn and research. Sometimes the process of learning can get overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, and not enough time to devote to really diving in. When I get in a situation where I feel like giving up, or like I’ll never be able to learn what I want to learn in the time I have, it can help to turn to some outside inspiration.

We enjoy being around family, friends or coworkers and like. Dan and I sometimes read an uplifting book on positive sayings. This clears our heads and we then begin to research and learn more about the subject that is in hand.


Learning anything requires commitment and the ability to push through the uncomfortable feeling of not being very good until reaching competency. Learning is one of the most powerful things in life. It allows us to find the meaning behind everything and helps improve lives in a massive way.

Overall, knowledge is the platform that makes it possible to defeat all barriers. Benjamin Franklin said it best; “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

More than a decade of knowledge gives us a blueprint to build a pretty good life. You’ve probably learned so many valuable things along the way to get where you’re at today. However, I ask you are you still learning?

When you’re done with school and learning is no longer required, don’t let your curious spark die out. You’re never too old to learn and you already have an excellent foundation to build upon, so keep going. With this incredible groundwork, you can learn to master almost anything. Its all about thinking outside the box!

“The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school.” ―T. D. Jakes

Seth Godin said it best; “Our job is obvious: We need to get out of the way, shine a light, and empower a new generation to teach itself and to go further and faster than any generation ever has.” This is so true in all fields of life, especially the medical future. There is so much internationally out there in this world to treat illnesses without side effects.

I have been blogging for the past month on INFORMATION FROM THE CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY CONVENTION OF 2017 – INTERNATIONAL TREATMENTS. There are so many methods that its overwhelming, however; with learning and research its possible to live a quality life without all the side effects that conventional medicine gives us.

Today I will be blogging on AARSOTA BIOIMMUNOTHERAPY. Today we know that the immune system plays a large role in the body fighting cancer. The immune system has the ability to find and eliminate abnormal cells. Sometimes cancer cells can avoid detection by the immune system and proliferate.

Cancer cells may, reduce the expression of tumor antigens on their surface; making it harder for the immune system to detect them, express proteins on their surface that induce immune cell inactivation, induce cells in the surrounding environment (microenvironment) to release substances that suppress immune responses and promote tumor cell proliferation and survival.

New advancements in cancer research have uncovered cancer treatments called immunotherapies. These treatments can increase the immune response to cancer by either stimulating certain components of the immune system or by preventing signals products by cancer cells that have the ability to suppress immune responses.

AARSOTA Bio-Immunology is theorized to boost the immune system's cancer-fighting abilities. It is said to work by giving immunological information to antibodies by promoting an antigen-antibody response. It is an intramuscular vaccine that is administered at several intervals. The vaccine is created from proteins that are extracted by way of urine. These proteins are produced by the cancer cells.

A vaccine made up of proteins that are produced by the cancer cells (AARSOTA) is administered intramuscularly at specific intervals to promote an antigen-antibody response and provide immunological information to the antibodies.

The immunological response is said to enhance a specific cancer-fighting ability by the bodies defense system. Coupled with specialized transdermal peptides we have greatly enhanced the ability of the immune system, in immuno-compromised cancer patients, to boost its suppressive nature.

“Knowing the natural intelligence of your immune system is crucial in recovery from cancer”, says Dr. Antonio Jimenez.

Tumor antigens are proteins produced in tumor cells that are characteristic of the tumors. The presence of these antigens in blood or urine allows them to be used as tumor markers, identifying the type and tracking the progress of cancer in a host body. For example, CA 15-3 and CA 27.29 are indicative of breast cancer, CA 125 of ovarian cancer, and CA 19-9 of gastrointestinal or pancreatic cancers.


Good day⛅ Saturday, love the life and live it in the way you love it♥️ have a fantastic weekend. #inspiration#motivation#livelifetothefullest

In AARSOTA Bioimmunotherapy, these antigens are used to trigger an immune response to their original source: the cancer cells. Since the antigens are extracted from the patient, the antigen-antibody response is expected to be highly specific to the patient’s tumor.

By extracting the antigenic proteins produced by cancer cells from the patient’s urine, a therapeutic vaccine tailored to the specific tumor in a patient’s body can be created, resulting in a wider, more effective immune response against the cancer. The antigen concentrate is delivered back into the patient via an intramuscular injection at discrete intervals to build up the antigen-antibody response.

Since AARSOTA is made from the body fluids of the patient, the success of the therapy is dependent on the quantity of antigens released in the body fluid. The biggest advantage of this method is that the antigens are naturally specific to the patient’s cancer type. Its biggest drawback is that it is not yet possible to predict if the antigenic concentrate is sufficient to elicit a relevant immune response in each individual patient.

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” ―Alan Moore

DIY Chemical Free Bubble Bath

This is a fun DIY product that is perfect for all ages!

The problem is that most commercial bubble baths are full of artificial chemicals and fragrances that are often irritating to the skin and respiratory system. The beautiful of this recipe is that it is gentle on your skin, fully customizable, and healthy!


1 cup unscented castile soap

½ cup vegetable glycerin

2 TBS water

15 drops of your favorite essential oil

To use, add ¼-½ cup of bubble bath mixture to warm, running bath water.

Note: These bubbles are not going to provide big fluffy bubbles that let a long time since it doesn't contain the synthetic ingredients that make them. However, this chemical-free bath will provide enough bubbles for a relaxing and therapeutic bath you will still enjoy.

Until tomorrow, something to think about; if a person will spend one hour a day on the same subject for five years, that person will be an expert on that subject. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!

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