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The most effective attitude to adopt is one of supreme acceptance.

INFORMATION FROM THE CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY CONVENTION OF 2017 - Amethyst is a uniquely powerful crystal.

Hello Friday,

This topic is always dragged under the bus and that’s the word, attitude. Do we really know the definition of this word and how it relates to the healing of cancer patients? It’s a person's perspective toward a specified target and a way of saying and doing things.

Stress goes hands on with the attitude that we act on. We can start with the foods that help calm our body from stress. This again starts with the way we think and act on the choices we have and to control our decisions.

In any kind of illness such as cancer, it is a stressful time to handle. Our attitude plays a good part of the healing process. Remember you are not in it alone. There are so many people in the same boat as you are. Just seek help and research what is out there for you to turn your life around.

Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful. With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening.

How can we manifest it in a positive way to heal yourself?

First ~Constructive thinking. Do some research on different types of treatments that are out there. Educate yourself on what is there for you. Knowledge is power.

Second ~Creative thinking. Meditate and believe that you can control the cancer and dissolve it on your own.

Third ~Expecting success. Know that you can be healed by managing your condition by treatments.

Fourth ~Optimism. Know that this illness can be controlled and managed with a healthier attitude and with a smile on your face.

Fifth ~Motivation by oneself can help to accomplish your healing. Keep your head up and keep on the track of finding the treatment that will manage the illness.

Sixth ~Be inspired. Keep on looking and speaking to positive people that have been though the same type of illness and are in control of themselves.


Good morning Friday ☺️ Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about _________.🐪Fill in the blank. Have a pleasant day ✨#inspiration#motivation#movingon

Seventh ~Choose happiness. Above all don’t worry be happy. Have an attitude that this is a time to seek opportunities to find solutions.

Eighth ~Not giving up. Most important do not give up. Tomorrow is another day.

Ninth ~Believing in yourself and in your abilities. Know that you can make a difference and heal yourself. IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

Tenth ~Displaying self-esteem and confidence. Know that you will get better and this is just temporary. BE STRONG!

A positive attitude leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world, but also your whole environment and the people around you. If it is strong enough, it becomes contagious. TRY IT~IT WORKS.

Check out this book: Killing Cancer - Not People by Robert G Wright. Awesome information that tells you exactly what tens of thousands of people have done to heal their cancer naturally and exposes the real truth about conventional cancer treatment. This book is about cause and effect, the breakdown of the human organism and its resurrection by natural means. No false statistics or unproven facts just the truth.



This is a start of mini videos of my experience with cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation.

Each video tells a story that many children and adults experience daily, which I would like to change by sharing preventions and options while dealing and managing cancer. Everything is possible with the Power of Knowledge.

Continuing on INFORMATION FROM THE CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY CONVENTION OF 2017, I’m going to blog about Amethyst and how uniquely powerful the crystal is to healing.

Amethyst: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

Amethyst is a uniquely powerful crystal that can transform lives. Discover how you can use its special powers…

Amethyst is one of the most famous and prominent crystals because of its beautiful coloration as well as its spiritual and literal meaning.

The spiritual meaning of Amethyst is groundedness, tranquility, and calm. The literal meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated” – its name translates from the Greek word améthystos.

To this ancient, wise culture, the Amethyst crystal was of the utmost importance, and the myth associated with it still lives on inside it to this day.

You can immediately feel peace of mind by simply looking at this brilliant crystal. In fact, its radiant purple and white colors have represented the sobriety of emotions and spirit throughout history.

By placing Amethyst on your forehead, navel or heart, you can immediately sense the angers, frustrations, and furies leaving your body.

Psychics, mediums, and other divination practitioners also still hold Amethyst’s worth in high regard. They often decorate sacred altars and spaces with its incomparably beautiful violet designs.

Amethyst will surely remain one of the most spiritually rich crystals of all time.

In the ranks of crystals with metaphysical properties, few are as famous or as distinctive as Amethyst.

One of the very few stones with its unique purple coloration, Amethyst is a variety of Quartz. It contains iron and other trace minerals within its structure. Its hardness is a 7 on the Mohs scale and comparable to Quartz.

Amethyst can be found all over the world. With some of the most precious deposits being in Greece, Italy, the Middle East, Brazil, Uruguay, and North Africa.

Today, laboratories can easily produce Amethyst, just like most other quartz crystals.

Being such a prominent crystal, Amethyst possesses a multitude of beneficial metaphysical properties.

The metaphysical properties of Amethyst are calmness, balance, and peace. People also use it to eliminate impatience.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes.

The appreciation for Amethyst stretches so far back into history because it has been so present all over the world. It’s clear why so many cultures have come to hold this stone in the highest respect.

Much of this is to do with the color of Amethyst obviously. Nobility and regal bearing have been associated with purple for the longest time. And because of this, Amethyst has a certain luxurious quality.

It might not be as expensive as many other of the world’s most precious gemstones. But Amethyst gems still make for captivating jewelry and decorations.

There is no problem with using laboratory-grown Amethyst. The only reason against this would be if you wanted to use a piece of Amethyst that comes from a special place. One that may have personal meaning to you.

As long as you are actually buying real Amethyst, and not just purple-colored glass, the metaphysical properties are the same. And laboratory Amethyst sidesteps the problems with worker safety that many mined gemstones face.

Amethyst has virtually unmatched legendary powers and it holds a unique place in the ranks of crystal lore.

Amethyst Quartz: this variant is a mix of Milky Quartz and Amethyst, having both of these crystals’ colors (purple and white).

Ametrine: a mix of Amethyst and Citrine, as its name suggests, it displays both of these crystal’s colors (purple and yellow).

Cactus Quartz: found in South Africa, this variant has its name from its cactus-like appearance. It’s a bigger crystal that is overgrown by smaller crystals.

Canadian Amethyst: found in Ontario Canada, this variety of Amethyst has a Hematite coating under its surface.

Lavender Amethyst: the purple color of this Amethyst variant is a bit less strong, giving it a pale or ‘lavender’ appearance.

Veracruz Amethyst: this variety of Amethyst has its name from the location it is mined from – Veracruz in Mexico – and comes in the form of big and prismatic crystals.

There are many stones that can enhance psychic powers (such as Tigers Eye) and many more that are used to improve emotional intelligence. But the number of stones that you can use to have specific positive effects on the intellect is much rarer.

Amethyst is one of the relatively few crystals that can be used with the specific purpose of improving intellectual and cerebral thought.

The complexities of the modern world let even the brightest and best of us fall victim to ‘brain fog.’ But Amethyst can help you keep a calm and clear head.

It’s as though the crystal’s energies can peel away the veils that cloud good judgment and straightforward thought.

You might work in a place where it’s hard to concentrate, but still, accuracy and detail are key. If that’s you, then you might benefit from turning to Amethyst.

It is worth remembering that Amethyst gained its name from the Ancient Greek word meaning “not intoxicated”.

Using Amethyst can help you think both soberly and critically about the situations you face. And this will lead you to far greater success in handling them.

Many claim that it can help against drunkenness. And that its bright color came from the god of wine, Dionysos. Pouring out his wine over a clear crystal in mourning.

That is why Amethyst has long been said to promote sobriety. Both in the literal sense of preventing drunkenness and in the metaphorical sense of being able to think more clearly. And to not be clouded with emotion of any specific sort.

That emotion might be blind optimism or blind pessimism. But either way, it is blind – and Amethyst can help you open your eyes.

This is a wonderful crystal to use if you frequently find yourself in situations unsure of how to take action. Using Amethyst helps you to think clearly and not let your emotions cloud your judgment.

It is important to remember that emotions are a valid and necessary part of the human life experience. And they should not be discounted!

At the same time, however, emotions can be dangerous. Because everyone’s emotional response to the same situation will be different. And it can be difficult to communicate emotions between people.

Amethyst crystals will help you build the skill to critically analyze emotions. It lets you appreciate their weight and worth, and then choose whether to act on them. Or whether to acknowledge their validity and then set them aside to act on intellectual decisions instead.

Amethysts are the great problem-solvers of the crystal world.

The specifically intellectual kind of clarity and healing that Amethyst offers is a big reason for its popularity.

That ease of access coupled with the rare attributes of mental clarity and concentration certainly caused this wonderful stone’s popularity.

Even people less inclined towards the esoteric and spiritual cannot help but find their lives enriched by this stone.

A sharper sense of conversation and just knowing the right thing to say is one of the wonderful gifts it offers us.

Taking a step back from emotions in both ourselves and other people can prove especially tricky.

While incredibly valuable, emotions can skew our or other’s thoughts in ways that lead to spur the moments actions. This can lead to unfortunate or even hurtful outcomes. So how does Amethyst help with emotional healing?

Amethyst’s emotional healing powers can help you cut through difficult situations and let you understand what it really is you’re dealing with. They make it possible to get through difficult choices and decision-making processes as painlessly as possible.

Having clarity of mind when tensions are high or you feel an argument is brewing is invaluable.

If you are a natural empath or otherwise highly sensitive to your emotional environment, you should keep an Amethyst stone with you. It helps to root you in reality and solid facts.

This won’t lower your compassion or make you robotic. But it can ensure that you don’t get high strung or bowled over by negative or intense energies from others.

This can overcome good and bad emotional excesses also. For instance, a moment of passion can be pretty intoxicating. But Amethyst can give us the clarity of mind to not commit to a romantic encounter we might later regret.

Furthermore, an Amethyst stone is good to have by to help you find the words to say in difficult situations. No more feeling like you’re tripping over your own tongue. You will find it surprising how easily you can articulate ideas of peace and mediation.

Because of this, Amethyst is an invaluable crystal when you have to solve a difficult and emotionally tense problem with others. Especially one where emotions are running high.

Or one where lots of people are talking, but no one is listening.

Amethyst will help you listen to other people’s concerns. And then letting you formulate and clearly articulate solutions in a highly practical, helpful way.

It will help you address every concern brought up, in a way that is effective for the interests of everyone.

Amethyst is said to be an excellent crystal to enhance physical vitality, especially after chemotherapy, radiation, or pharmaceutical treatments. It’s an energizing healer on a physical level. Because it can strengthen the adrenal glands, the reproductive organs, and the heart.

It can aid in the treatment of disorders that affect the lungs, pancreas, and spleen. It can also stimulate fertility and help in the treatment of conditions related to the reproductive system.

Amethyst can work in strengthening the immune system. It can also help you achieve a speedy recovery from a severe illness.

It can be effective when it comes to cell regeneration. Natural amethyst is well known as a stress reliever and can also detoxify the body.

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Until tomorrow, the meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them. Go out today and bring positive attitude.


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