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Both Dan and I are personally committed to educate and spread our knowledge on functional medicine.

We both were treated for cancer as an inpatient as well as an outpatient in Mexico. Our preference is as an outpatient for the care is more personal than an inpatient facility. Recently Dan and I have been ADVOCATES of a facility that both of us recommend highly.

The care is outstanding; I would rate it a ten for the personalized and professional care which meets up to all the standards of functional medicine.

The director takes an individual approach to one’s needs and specializes a program to your medical issues. The uniqueness far out shines any other program. They provide multi-therapies and treatments to maximize the greatest benefit creating balance within the body.

If yourself or someone dear to you is interested in healing oneself without side effects, please contact us at US number 727 399-7850 or Mexico number 333 409-9211. E-mail is

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