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Since it was World Cancer Day yesterday and today is Super Bowl Day, I wanted to share this story with you. It goes back four years ago, when my husband found out he had prostate cancer. Since then he has managed with cancer no more. Touchdown, with the treatments and the change of life both of us has the quality of life that leaves our lives with no long-term side effects.


Before I start with my situation, Its October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I cannot express enough to do your homework and research all. It’s not your doctor’s choice, but yours. Do you want cut, burn or chemo or do something less invasive? Either way it will cost you, with insurance or without. Insurance usually does not cover all of the process. I am glad my wife and I made the choice we did.

First of all, I would like to say that I am recovering from a hernia operation and was unable to blog until now. Since it is now football season I am going to compare my life and the situation to a football game and at this time I have made it to the first down. The second down is the day that I had my biopsy. It was not that long until they called me back and the doctor prepared me for the procedure in his office. He gave me a local and started the nightmare. If anyone ever had a prostate biopsy, you now that it is not something that you look forward to.

Well, I did not think it would ever end but the doctor took 12 tissue samples, and replied all finished. The nurse came in and stood me up~ the room was moving and I was feeling like I was going to pass out. She helped me back down and got a cold cloth to put on my forehead and gave me a cup of water. The doctor stuck his head back in the room to say that sometimes this happens and I could stay until I felt comfortable in leaving; but, the office closes in about twenty minutes. Sherry came in the room and asked the nurse for some coke for a sugar rush, which will help me not feel so spacey. It did the trick; I was ready to go home.

We made another appointment a week later for the results. I felt like I went a couple of yards and then Third Down! This time we waited about twenty minutes before I was called back. The doctor came in the room with his computer and said; you are here for the results of your biopsy ~ YES! Well, he came right out and said I have prostate cancer. You know all my patients have this shock look on their face when I tell them this, but I always tell them the procedures and percentages of what can be done. This was not new to us for about two years ago, we went through this with Sherry. He proceeded to go on with all the procedures and stated that two out of the twelve samples were cancerous. He gave us information and stated that he would like to see me back within two weeks. I looked at all the info and its cut, burn and chemo. Not what I want. I called Sherry’s doctor in Mexico, Dr Perez and he spent time on the phone explaining the different procedures that were there and the one they offer which is best for me. It’s much like the one Sherry had with her stem cells. The process before going to Mexico will require some current blood work, for them to review before treatment to begin.

Meanwhile, I had my left hernia repaired last Thursday. The good old American way, I had to go to another doctor, for my family doctor and the urologist could not treat me for this condition. I had to go to a general surgeon. The big day is finally over and healing process is starting. The doctor could not do lapascopy; he had to cut me open. The stitch mark is about three inches long. It’s been a slow recovery. The tackle was a hard hit, but I will get back up to fight for a touchdown.

My plans are, once my hernia repair heals I will be going to Mexico for the final play the touchdown. At that time, I will continue with my fight with the journey to completion.

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