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THE JOURNEY TO GOOD HEALTH, WELLNESS, NUTRITION NATURE'S POWERHOUSE: The entire plant is contained within a seed before it sprouts. Not coincidentally, seeds, contain the most from of nutrients and are the foundation of all of our products at Rain International. ​Rain preserves the powerful benefits of seed through a cold press process that uses the whole seed to make its nutrition more palatable and efficacious. This process is minimal, gentle, and doesn't subject the seeds to chemicals or high heat which can weaken its nutritive effects. The result is a maximum concentration of nutrition, including antioxidants, Phyto steroids, essential fatty acids, phospholipids, and dissolved minerals. ​For example, with SOUL supplement, you get Black Raspberry Seeds and Black Cumin Seeds, which support the immune system. You also get concentrated forms of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. This ingredient combination synergizes to fight the harmful effects of free-radicals and helps repair cell membranes. ​SEEDS are the unsung heroes in the healthful foods we should be eating every day, and they are premier ingredients in this remarkable product. ​Rain International is a leader in harnessing the concentrated power of botanical seeds to create delicious, powerful packets of phytonutrients. We encourage everyone, everywhere to become more. We hope you pursue your dreams, and become more passionate about life. We believe in fulfilling goals, creating opportunity, and being active. Healthy lifestyles lead to increased productivity and improved happiness. At Rain International, we want each individual to inspire others and leave a mark on the world. Take control of your journey, set your own course and become who you have always dreamed of becoming.

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