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Wow, its been 49 days since we been in a grocery store, on a bus, riding with an Uber person, walking down town and sitting in our favorite coffee shop. I do miss just sitting down and relaxing in Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee.

I believe it is possible in the near future, that I will continue this quest and normality will come soon.

But today we enjoyed the flowers blooming along our walk. It seems that we are at a standstill, however; nature is continuing to live normally.

Yesterday was Sunday and we always listen to Joel, he uplifts Dan and I. Today his message is that love will lift me (Rise Up). This song was singing by children on zoom and it was heart felt. I remember listening to it when I was a child.

Love lifted me

Love lifted me

When nothing else would do

You know love lifted me

Everybody is looking for a way

To say something nobody's saying

But that's hard to do

They're searching their mind

Trying to find one of a kind ways

That they could find something new

So, I'll just sing

Love lifted me

Love lifted me

When nothing else would do

You know love lifted me

Love lifted me

Love lifted me

When nothing else would do

You know love lifted me

Love lifted me

Love lifted me

When nothing else would do

You know love lifted me

When nothing else would do

You know love lifted me

Thank you 😊 Joel for the inspired message today 💝

Another song that is inspirational that was sang yesterday:

One Thing Remains ❤️💖❤️ Your Love

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt, with the heart💗💙💚💛💜🧡

During these uncertainty days while we are hunkering down, my message to all is:

Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons, love yourself, trust your choices and everything is possible.


Everything would be possible because every possibility is true. According to the branch of physical science that deals with the relations between heat and other forms of energy neither is to be created nor be destroyed. To imagine, we need energy. That should be transferred so that we get those in reality, if not soon.


Everything is possible, but not everything is likely. Its whether or not we pursue an outcome to increase it possibility.


The minute you start to believe in yourself anything is possible, because a person who believes in himself will not be afraid to push himself to the next level and to risk the possibility of failure. They also know failure is only temporary, and sometimes it’s only a stop on the journey to success.

Anything Is Possible in Life When You Have These 5 Things

Number 1. Clarity about what you want in life.

Number 2. Precise planning… or the knowing HOW to get what you want.

Number 3. The ability to adapt and overcome.

Number 4. Purposeful persistence.

and Number 5. A “Make it happen” mentality.

The Heart 💓 Has It's Reasons

Happy Monday 😎 The heart 💗has it's reasons of which reason knows nothing. Have a wonderful start to another week.

This week I will be sharing inspirational stories, that I have been inspired by and some of my past blogging of how I believed and I overcame the obstacles (EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE)

I wrote this piece on Monday, May 19, 2014


It’s May again and spring is in the air. It’s time to plant an organic garden, may it be large or small. I find it to be very healing in more ways than one. In a small area in front of my place I have planted tomatoes, acorn squash and peppers. The seeds I have come from the vegetables that I get from the Tuesday organic market. In the house I started growing celery from another celery stalk and pea’s as well as peppers. These are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Here in Mexico the weather is changing and it will soon be the rainy season. It is very strange because it only rains at night, go figure.

This is a change for in Florida it rained day and night.

I have to tell you this little story of never giving up. I have this plant that was planted in front of my place that seemed ruined by the large ants here in Mexico. Well the owner of the complex was going to uproot it and throw it away. You know me, I told him all it needs is water and give it a chance. Look its sprouting leaves and looks like it’s going to be full again. It’s almost liked my life these past several years with cancer. So never give up hope, anything is possible.

Another inspiration piece I wrote on Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beating Cancer on Your Own Terms

Everyone lives in fear of a cancer diagnosis. Aside from the pain and stress of the disease itself, the diagnosis brings with it the horror of being subjected to terrifying surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy…all of which can have side effects as bad as or worse than the disease. When Sheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer and Dan was diagnosed with prostate cancer, both were not willing to have their health ruined by US-standard cancer treatments. Instead, Sheryl and her husband went to the internet, and armed with their belief that the usual prescribed course of action wasn’t right for them, they discovered highly effective functional medicine treatments being used in Europe and in Mexico. This is the story of how Dan and Sheryl beat cancer without surgery, chemo, or radiation.

Through their daily journal, showing the progress with information ranging from the types of functional medicine treatments available to the necessity of lifestyle changes to stay healthy. Both Dan and Sheryl’s amazing memoirs are a radiant beacon of possibility for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Their message always remains that how you treat your illness should be your choice. Everyone is unique, and it’s your right to trust the wisdom of your body and mind to choose the path that is best for you. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE







Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible. Usain Bolt

If you lead with passion anything is possible! Paula Abdul

Anything is possible as long as you want it, you work for it. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, the only person that can really put pressure on you is yourself. Michael Phelps

Believe in yourself, anything is possible no matter who you are, or where you come from. Find your path and stay on it, if you want something bad enough, nothing can stop you. Eddie Spears

This video is really special because it's dedicated to our Mothers!


I'm going to show you how to make incredibly beautiful and creative DIY Mother's Day cards! All you need is some colorful paper, tissue and scissors.

Remember it's just one of the ways you can show your love and appreciation on this special day!

Until tomorrow, remember when nothing is certain everything is possible.

Tomorrow blog will be The Seed in Rooting. Seeds are metaphors for tender new ideas or possibilities. When we bury the ‘seed’ our faith needs to step in to remind us it takes time for new things to grow. As we continue to tend the idea/seed, we use our imagination to envision it growing and bearing fruit. We must be willing to let the seed have the time and room it needs to grow.


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