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I discovered that searching can be as interesting as finding.


Happy Saturday - HAPPY HALLOWEEN,

Dan and I have been very personal regarding our choice of choosing functional medicine another alternative to conventional medicine. We have shared for hopes that one can think outside the box and research other methods, like us.

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. We must let ourselves think outside the box. There might be a better opportunity, a better solution. We must go for it.

Being creative is a muscle that is heightened with freedom, choice, assurance and even failure!


Happy Halloween 🎃 It is not about providing years to your life 👻 It's all about providing life to your years. 💀 have a fantastic day. #inspiration#motivation#livelifetothefullest

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age. – Sophia Loren

What does it mean to think outside the box? And what is the box? Consider the box to be our own subjectivity and prejudices, as well as our habitual patterns of thinking, what is otherwise known as “common sense”. When is common sense useful, and when is it a hindrance to progress?

Are you ready to “think different”? Are you ready to research other methods to manage cancer and other autoimmune diseases?

Then you have come to the right blog, for Dan and I have had experienced everything that I blog about. This is for you to read and go out of your realm and for you to think outside that box.

The most important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them. – Sir William Bragg

For the most part, the first step is you have to believe in what you are doing? The others steps will follow, like changing your lifestyle. This may be changing your environment, eating organic foods, taking supplements, going for booster treatments and it’s a body – heart – soul.

The most important step is listening to your functional medicine doctor and you will be able to manage the cancer.

The second step is researching and finding the best place to seek treatment. The goal should be for one to find safe and high-quality alternative treatments for autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases. One should be looking for a combination of the best science and superior care to help you take control of your health and reclaim your life. Lastly a facility with expert doctors that will guide one on a journey to renewed health and newfound vitality using unique science-based treatments.


You ask is healthcare in Mexico safe? You ask is Mexico safe? You ask is outpatient facilities better than inpatient facilities? You ask do I have to speak Spanish? You ask about prices? All these questions, per experience are answered below.

If you are like most, one of your primary concerns when considering treatments outside the U.S, will be healthcare and safety. Fortunately, you will find, in general, healthcare in Mexico is very good and in many places it is excellent. Many doctors and dentists in Mexico received at least part of their training in the U.S. (And many U.S. doctors have trained in Mexico, notably in Guadalajara and Mexico City.) Many of them continue to go to the U.S. or Europe for ongoing training.

Every medium to large city in Mexico has at least one first-rate hospital. And a big plus is that the cost of healthcare in Mexico is generally half or less than what you might expect to pay in the U.S. The same goes for prescription drugs. Prescription drugs manufactured in Mexico cost, on average, about 30% to 60% less than the same drugs in the U.S.

The primary difference and one that is usually quite obvious, is that the care system is not profit driven. Decisions for your care and well-being are not filtered through or guided by any profit motive. Doctors take plenty of time with you and a large number still perform house visits.

Many doctors speak English as they have often experienced some significant training in the States.

The quality of care is generally excellent. Modern equipment is plentiful in bigger cities and such things as cardiac and brain surgery are commonplace with good results. Mexico now has a thriving medical tourism business as the cost for surgical procedures is usually around one third the cost of the same procedure in the States. Private facilities usually provide a nursing experience more similar to what you would find in the States.

Typically, the news always reports about all of the violence that always takes place in Mexico; however, this country is actually a lot safer than most major U.S. cities, even though most Americans tend to feel safer visiting many major cities in their own country.

Facts involving safety in Mexico have truly become political in nature, as politicians tend to have no problem fueling the fire when it comes to this. As a result, people always pay a lot of attention to the subject. Only after a lot of damage was inflicted on Mexico’s image, the governor of the state of Arizona admitted that a story involving severed heads being found in a desert was absolutely baseless. Furthermore, stories about homicide rates in the country are facts that come from the FBI and are not any kind of political fabrication.


Dan and I are going back to our childhood today, listening 🎧 to spooky music👻and carving pumpkins.#carvingpumpkins#childhood#spookymusic#halloween

The city of New Orleans is one that is truly beloved and showcased throughout the news occasionally. The FBI is even reporting that the overall murder rate in the city is going down; however, it remains four times higher than that of Mexico and five times higher than that of Mexico City. Mexico, however, remains truly remarkable and different regarding how it’s actually portrayed in the news.

Even though Mexico is often portrayed as a dangerous place, statistics prove otherwise. Data from the United Nations shows that Mexico isn’t even among the top 36 nations that have the highest murder rates. In fact, the assault rate of the United States is approximately five times higher than Mexico’s. Furthermore, Mexico is also ranked 21st behind other vacation destinations in terms of unreported homicides.

As far as hospitals verses clinics, per experience the only difference is the cost and confinement of stay. Truly, its all in the type of treatments, cost and all the thrills (location-beach).

The whole idea is what are you looking for via cost. In any facility, its as good as the doctors that treat one. Its up to you to research the program they offer, along with the types of treatments.

Surprising enough, there are different ways of light treatment, hyperthermia, ozone treatments and many more. I will leave this up to the individual to research which one would be better for you.

I hope I have answered the questions that have kept you from hesitating from going abroad for cancer treatments. On the website I have two pages that show personal treatments, along with Dan and my experience living in Mexico.

I also welcome you to like and subscribe.

Tomorrow, I will be continuing on with INFORMATION FROM THE CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY CONVENTION OF 2017 – INTERNATIONAL TREATMENTS. The topic will begin with types of treatments without chemo, radiation and surgery.

“The possible is just the impossible that we’ve come to accept.” Stewart Stafford

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4. Water

Until tomorrow, if you’re having difficulty coming up with new ideas, then slow down. For me, slowing down has been a tremendous source of creativity. It has allowed me to open up – to know that there’s life under the earth and that I have to let it come through me in a new way. Enjoy the weekend by doing something new.


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