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We all have that inner voice that is wise, even if we do not always follow it. It is that voice -

We all have that inner voice that is wise, even if we do not always follow it. It is that voice I am trying to listen to.

Hello Followers,

Happy Hump Day!

Are we looking forward to the weekend?

Well, you are halfway there.

This is a great day to be listening for intuitive cues in finding your purpose.

Trust your intuition.

But first, what is the definition of intuition?

The definition of intuition is, knowledge from an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts; an ability to understand or know something without needing to think about it or use reason to discover it, or a feeling that shows this ability.

According to professionals, intuition is highly efficient if you do not think about it too much.

In this sense, intuition is less about reflecting and more about listening to an innate feeling.

None of this to say it is not important to be curious and ask yourself questions about why you feel a certain way, but we find it is important to nourish a relationship with your intuition, especially when it comes to making decisions.

Intuition is a powerful force that can help us make the right decision, especially in situations where we do not have all the relevant information or where we need to decide instantly.

The beauty of it is that our intuition keeps growing and developing as we go through life.

By learning how to harness and use our intuition, we can become better at making decisions, with successful outcomes most of the time.

To make matters even better, intuition can be applied both in our personal as well as professional lives.

So, Dan and I welcome you to go to our YouTube site to enjoy and bring uplifting vibes to your day.

These uplifting videos hold a significant place in our lives.

They offer a glimpse into the wisdom of our experiences.

Did you ever have a gut reaction or an unexplained feeling that guided you to a decision?

This phenomenon is called Intuition.

We have all felt it, whether we are aware or not, but it is constantly working in the background of our minds.

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Continuing as in the previous posts; 365 morning meditations for joyful days all year long.

The book is SUNRISE GRATITUDE by Emily Silva.

November 8th

TREAT YOUR HEART WELL today and every day.

Seek and strive for what your heart and soul truly want.

Listen for intuitive cues to your purpose.

Whatever you choose to do, do it with all your heart.

The vibrations you emit when you are fully engaged are higher and attract like energy toward you.

Even if it is a mundane task, if it moves you closer to your ambitions, put your heart into it.

Your heart will surge with pride and love.

PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong.

Dan and I have started back bouncing and walking to Walk at Home YouTube.

It is always important to change your routine around you but continue keeping a healthy lifestyle.

This 10-minute guided meditation will guide you into a heightened sense of self-awareness and intuitive clarity.

By connecting with the wellspring of source energy within, you can unlock a profound understanding of your inner wisdom and harness your innate intuition.

Through gentle guidance and deep introspection, this meditation invites you to tap into the universal flow, facilitating a harmonious alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

Discover the limitless potential within you and awaken your third eye's insights, fostering personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Give yourself the gift of this brief but powerful meditation and experience the profound shift that awaits you on this sacred journey.

For us, that may be walking through a park, walking in a mall, or going to the gym and just staying home, bouncing, and walking to Walk at Home with YouTube.

This also includes daily meditation and twice a week Tai Chi.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.

Until Thursday, listen to your inner voice for it is a deep and powerful source of wisdom, beauty, and truth, ever flowing through you. Learn to trust it, trust your intuition, and in good times, answers to all you seek to know will come, and the path will open before you.


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