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Just another day hunkering down and learning new things. Its now 52 days of staying home and not adventuring out to the stores or social activities.

I have planned a zoom Mother’s Day celebration with my sister’s on Sunday. This will be the first that we have gotten together in a long time. I’m staying positive that it goes well.

There is way to turn negative thinking to positive thinking, it means seeing the positives and not focusing on the negatives.

A while ago, nine ½ years when I found out I had cancer, I was in shock. The only thing that came to my mind is my father, uncles, aunts, and cousins that died from this disease. My mind set wasn’t positive until my husband found this program on the internet. I researched and spoke to the doctor, for the first time I felt a positive energy over my body. This program would be something that I could follow as a lifestyle. Since than Dan and I learned so much about managing and controlling our health.

I have to thank both of my doctors from Mexico, Dr. Perez and Dr. Garcia for they truly gave me my life back. I have been inspired by them and continue spreading the word on their passion of functional medicine. Some of the treatments were - Specialty Detoxification Nebulization; Therapy: Immune Targeted Therapies, and Cell Factor Therapy

Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

Dendritic cell (DC) therapy, also called dendritic cell vaccine. Dendritic cell (DC) therapy, also called dendritic cell vaccine. This is a newly emerging and potent form of immunotherapy used to treat cancer conditions. In the case of cancer, dendritic cell therapy is an immunotherapy that harnesses the body's own immune system to fight cancer. The dendritic cell itself is an immune cell whose role is the recognition, processing, and presentation of foreign antigens to the T-cells in the effector arm of the immune system. Although dendritic cells are potent cells, they are not usually present in adequate quantity to allow for a potent immune response. Dendritic cell therapy involves the harvesting of blood cells (such as monocytes or macrophages) from a patient and processing them in the laboratory to produce dendritic cells, which are then given back to a patient in order to allow massive dendritic participation in optimally activating the immune system.

Natural Killer Cells are a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte critical to the innate immune system. The role NK cells MHC play is analogous to that of cytotoxic T cells. NK cells are unique; however, as they have the ability to recognize stressed cells in the absence of antibodies and MHC, allowing for much faster immune reaction.

Dr. Perez, explained it to me as if taking my good T cells out and multiplying them and then putting them back in. The good T cells will act as an army which will kill the bad cells (cancer).

Never say anything about yourself that you do not want to come true.

If you have a positive outlook in life, you will attract positive and passionate people.

How to have a healthy mindset

Accept yourself for who you are

Many people struggle with low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth. I can totally understand this as we are faced with examples of what ‘beauty’ is meant to look like on almost every social media platform and media outlet.

Make healthy food choices

This may seem like a cliché but it is SO important. If you eat a diet of highly processed foods that have little nutritional benefit, you are doing your body an injustice.

Surround yourself with positive people

Surrounding yourself with friends, family and people who are positive in general will give you a greater sense of well-being. Take the time out of your busy schedule to socialize with your friends, go out and try new things and have fun!

Appreciate the little things

Our lives these days can be so hectic, we are constantly plugged into our phones which are feeding us news from every corner of the globe.

Find a hobby

It is so important to develop multiple skills and hobbies over your lifespan, as these can give you a purpose in life and bring you joy.

Give back to others

Caring and giving back to others is a part of maintaining healthy relationships.

Talk about your feelings

Many of us keep a lot of our feelings in, whether that be sadness, anger or disappointment.

Review your life regularly

Time is so precious, and it seems to be going by faster and faster each year. We may have goals in mind that we would like to achieve, but how often do you sit down and track their progress?

Focus on what you can control

Many of us spend a lot of time worrying about things we can’t control, ultimately all this does is stress us out and make us feel anxious.

Use failure to encourage success

If you are one of those people that get disheartened when you fail at something, learn to use it as an opportunity to create success!

Positive thinking is the key which unlocks the doors of the world.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.

Poems that I wrote in honor of to passionate doctors who inspires me everyday.

Blossom Into A Beauty 🌸🏵️🌼

Good morning Thursday 😊 when we make the choice to fill our heart 💓 space with unconditional love our world's blossom🌼🏵️🌸 into a beauty for greater than we have known ❤️



Your knowledge

You have given much hope

To show us what passion

The future will hold.

The light will continue

To shine for now we

Can be given many choices

To make us whole.

You have opened up your

Heart with many opportunities

To heal one's broken body

By the love of your hand.

Through you I have learned

That I can have

This opportunity to

Improve my inner being.

I go with knowing that you

Have given your all

To help me mend my every being

With your loving hand.

My thanks goes out to you

With the honor

Of the special gift that you are doing.

With one person we are a drop

But with many we can be an ocean


The peak

The mystery

Of climbing to

The top brings glory

To my soul with the spirits

That echoes through the music

Of compassion.

Mother’s Day Gifts During Quarantine

A lot of us won’t be able to spend Mother’s Day with our moms this year while in quarantine, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate her. These 11 mailable Mother’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to make her feel special.

Until Tomorrow - Always strive to aim for the highest peak of the goals in life you have set, this way if you manage to reach even half way toward a goal, landing in the middle is not such a bad place to end up.

Tomorrow’s blog is rebooting and pausing creating better speed. “Meditation directly impacts our nervous system by reducing the body's production of stress-related chemicals such as cortisol. It's a great way to recharge our personal battery.”


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