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Listen to Your Gut

HELLO Follower’s,

Dan and I have noticed, since we are on social media; how much hate that is out in the world.

So much is changing so quickly in our culture. One of the things that is changing quickly is how deeply we seem to hate each other. Election years and global pandemics only seem to make that trend worse.

A few years back, my social feeds felt a lot more fun than they are now. Some days the feed is so bad I just give up…it seems like an endless drone of suspicion that fuels anger that spawns outrage that powers division. Dan and I are stepping away from the social media for a while; however, will continue this blog.

It’s almost as though if you’re not outraged, you can’t have an opinion. I’ve stopped following some people I used to follow because, well, it’s just wearying. Sometimes it feels like the outrage just waits to jump on whatever issue seems easiest to follow. It’s a parasite looking for the next animal to suck dry.

So, what’s going on? How did we end up this way?

Is there anything that you and I can do about it?

Well, start here. Even though some days it might feel like everybody’s angry, it’s not everyone.

Like other authors and thinkers, I’m trying to carve out a space for the good people to hang out on the internet. A space where reasonable people can honestly share opinions and not jump all over each other.

While that’s what I’m committed to, it’s not always that simple. It's almost as though if you're not outraged, you can't have an opinion. What is your take? Love to hear from you!

Now continuing on nutrition; Listen to Your Gut!

True gut instincts can provide an essential source of wisdom, clarity, and discernment. Does your gut tighten when you confront danger, or soften in the presence of an epiphany?

Whatever your relationship is with your gut, and however clearly it does or doesn’t speak to you, I’d like to invite you to consider a possibility.

What if you didn’t think of your gut as being yours alone? What if you conceived of it as being home, also, to trillions of microbes that can tell you what’s good for you or let you know when you’re hungry (because they are)?

When you’re in a symbiotic relationship with the community of critters inside you, you can feel pride in feeding the good ones. You can feel gratitude for how they help you digest food, secrete brain-boosting neurotransmitters, and protect you from harm. And you can feel it’s your responsibility to protect and work in harmony with them for your own ultimate well-being along with theirs.


This Florida born girl, loves playing in the snow #snow


Dan is enjoying the snow, our 4th snowman together. #snowman #snow #enjoyinglive

Until next time, the question is why so much hate? The future can be dark, or it can be different. Personally, Dan and I, are putting our heart behind different and better thoughts and provide our lives with positivity .


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