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This Doctor’s 25 Years Of Research Showed: Cancer Patients Live 4X Longer By Refusing Chemotherapy!

Chemotherapy may be the priciest cancer treatment, but is its efficiency worth the money? Questioning the power of chemo has its reasons for more 40 years ago a shocking study could end chemo treatments if only it was given enough credit.

According to many researches done in 25 years period of time, Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkeley, California, came to a conclusion that the three conventional treatments – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, aren’t powerful to fight the disease and do not have any effect on prolonging the patient’s life, but actually have an opposite effect – they shorten the lifespan. Patients also experience agonizing death.

“Individuals who refused chemotherapy treatment, live an average of 12 and half years longer than the people who are getting chemotherapy,” wrote Dr. Jones in the journal of New York Academy of Sciences

He provided his research at the American Cancer Society’s Science Writers’ Seminar in 1969 and even to this day it has an impact on the cancer market. His findings show that chemotherapy affects healthy cells which results in weakened defenseless body with neither ability nor strength to fight the disease.

“It is not the cancer that eliminates the victim. It’s the breakdown of the defense reaction that eventually brings death,” told Jones to MIDNIGHT. When asked what he and his wife would do if they were diagnosed with cancer, their answers are the same. They would refuse conventional treatments by any cost and try to keep their bodies as healthy as possible.

Taking his findings into account, dietary treatment is showing to offer potential. Physicians A. Hoffer and Linus Pauling examined and reported on Jones’ several researches and learned that patients who included vitamins and minerals into their diet lived 4 times longer than those who didn’t follow that regiment. For those who want to prevent cancer it is advised a regiment consisting of an everyday dose of 12 g Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, B6 and other B-Vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium, zinc, and in some cases other minerals (note: natural vitamins and minerals are usually the best option; not all are produced equal). This includes healthy diets and caring for the mental health.

These are the conclusions from “A Report on Cancer”:

  1. Longer exposure to carcinogens causes greater chances of getting cancer. With so many carcinogens in today’s food, air and water, it’s no surprise why cancer rates been on the increase.

  2. The data on comparing rates in survival of clients who went through surgery and/or radiation versus those who were neglected is not reliable since it did not included clients who died prior to the completion of their treatment. The research study overviewed whether or not the client survived after the surgical treatment or operation was over, and those who died throughout these two types of treatment did not “fulfill the requirements” to be in the “dealt with” group, and were left out.

  3. Even though there are quite a lot of people who made through chemo and fought off cancer, the number of those who naturally treated themselves is bigger, yet not counted. And with the ideal nutritional method, emotional support, mindset, and other factors it is undoubtedly possible to survive and recover the body after chemo.

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Northern Sydney Cancer Centre conducted a research that was published in 2004 in the December 2004 issue of Scientific Oncology. The results from the research show that barely 2.1% of cancer patients were treated by chemo, and that’s only for as much as 5 years, not a “real survival rate.”

Given all this, do you still consider chemotherapy as effective and worth trying?

The total list Jones’s documents (edited a 41-year period) is readily available online in The Bancroft Library of Berkeley, California.

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