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Hello Followers,

Yesterday Dan and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo, remembering all our friends we met while living in Mexico. Funny, there are only certain areas of the country that celebrates this holiday in Mexico.

While we were living there, Dan and I met this man that came over to the US and became an American citizen over 40 years; which then moved back to Mexico after retiring from the bakery industry. He stated that this was an American holiday more then it is for the Mexicans.

If you had asked Dan or myself eight years ago how long we were going to stay in Mexico, we would say only two years, just to financially regroup. After receiving the treatments for cancer and since we did not go for the conventional methods our insurance would not pay for the service. It did not even pay for the hospital stays; because we had them in Mexico. So, we decided to move there and we were there for six years! Loved the culture and the passionate people.

Our entire life is filled with powerful lessons, joys, hardships, love, and sadness. Along your journey, you’ll probably get a few bumps in the road, which is completely normal. After all, it’s what you make of these hardships and difficult situations that ultimately makes you into who you are. However, sometimes you might need that extra push, and to feel like you’re not alone in this world.


Ajijic (pron.: /ɑːhɪˈhɪk/; IPA: [axi'xik] ( listen)) is a town about 3 miles from, and a part of, the municipality of Chapala, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. Situated on the north shore of Lake Chapala, surrounded by mountains, Ajijic enjoys a moderate climate year round. The population is around 15,000. Ajijic is located (at 20°18"N, 103°15"W) 5046 feet above sea level in the vast central Mexican plateau that is home to the Sierra Madre mountain range. The Chapala Lake basin has a year round average temperature of about 72 degrees. Due to Ajijic's tropical latitude, the sun is warm year round; due to its relatively high elevation, it is seldom unpleasantly hot or humid. The rainy season begins in June and lasts until October with an average rainfall of approximately 34 inches. Even during the rainy season, precipitation generally occurs during the evening or at night. December and January are the coolest months and May is the hottest, just before the onset of the rainy season. Overall, there is very little temperature variation year round: daytime highs in January are around 75 degrees; daytime highs in July are around 80 to 90 degrees. Up until the arrival of the Spanish, the region was occupied by nomadic Indian tribes, probably the Cocas tribe that settled the northern shore. There seem to be many explanations, and meanings for the names Chapala and Ajijic, all of which are Indian place names, probably derived from Nahuatl, the native language of the area. The Chapala region, especially Ajijic, has become a destination for Americans and Canadians Living in Ajijic Mexico, the first thing that comes to my mind is my daughter Danielle. The beauty and the art remind me of her and the talent that she was gifted with. She is truly my sunshine and Ajijic is full of sunshine and is very peaceful with lots of art. The culture and nature is amazing and full of life. I wanted to point this all out in a movie with my daughter's favorite song of all time, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. The capture of the up beat song adds to the beauty of Ajijic.


REMEMBER THERE ARE NO MISTAKES JUST LESSONS, TRUST YOURSELF- LOVE YOURSELF AND ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. #mistakes#lessons#trust#yourself#love#possible#inspiration#motivational

This is how moving to Mexico made Dan and I feel, through our hardship and sadness came joy and peace. It was our paradise for six years. So, to honor our friends and the time in Mexico, I will be posting videos of our experience.


All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim and fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible. By Orison Swett Marden

Some men see things as they are and say, why?

I dream of things that never were and say, why not?

By George Bernard Shaw

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. By Marie Curie

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. By John Heywood

Journey to Your Secret Garden - Guided Meditation

Have you been keeping your cells happy today?

Hydration is key to Happy, healthy cells! Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body.

The muscles that move your body are 75 percent water. Your blood, responsible for transporting nutrients throughout your body is 82 percent water. Your lungs, that take oxygen from the air to provide your body with oxygen, are 90 percent water while your brain is 76 percent water.

Even your bones are 25 percent water!

When it comes to water, most believe they need to drink more than they currently do and without a conscious effort, this never seems to happen. The wonders of water are well documented, ranging from glowing clear skin and eyes to the prevention of kidney stones. Yet as with most nutritional information, there is so much conflicting information out there, it makes it difficult for you to truly know how much is enough.

Just because you drink water does not necessarily mean the cells of your body are being hydrated.

Imagine every cell of your body ideally looks like a grape. This is the case when your cells are hydrated. A dehydrated state means your cells appear more like a sultana and this can be the result of an inadequate water intake, a lack of minerals or poor adrenal gland function, often due to chronic stress, trauma, excess caffeine or alcohol.

To absorb the water, you drink into your cells, you need calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride. Some of these minerals make their home inside the cell while others reside outside the cell wall. These minerals all talk to each other and if one is present in higher concentrations than another or alternatively if one of those minerals is lacking, it can be difficult for water to enter the cell. Physically, when water stays outside the cell, it manifests as a feeling of fluid retention which for some of you, is so noticeable, that clothing will cut into them as the day progresses. You can change this by improving the mineral balance of your diet and taking care of your liver. So, do you make sure your staying hydrated?

Yesterday, I posted this video for anti-aging of Qi Gong and the benefits for seniors. Dan and I enjoyed doing the practice, that I’m repeating this practice today.

3 Qi Gong Exercises for Anti-Aging (and the Benefits of Qi Gong for Seniors)

Discover three anti-aging Qi Gong exercises for seniors. Learn what Qi Gong is and the philosophy of Qi Gong as it relates to aging.

Qi Gong is called “The art of preventing disease and prolonging life.”

Qi means energy. It’s your life-force energy.

When Qi flows through you, the natural result is health and longevity.

Qi Gong helps you increase the flow of Qi through your body.

Qi Gong is mindfulness in motion. Think of it as a moving meditation practice. The movements are done slowly, with intention and awareness.

In this video, you’ll learn a couple of Qi Gong exercises for seniors (or anyone, really) that one can use to promote longevity and reverse aging.

The first is called Spinal Cord breathing.

This exercise helps your body absorb more oxygen. It clears out stiffness, tightness, and tension in the back.

The second is a movement Lee Holden learned from a woman in China who was 106 years old… and taught ten classes a week.

It’s called “Swimming Dragon.”

This exercise helps massage the muscles in your upper back and neck, clearing tension and tightness. Do this exercise for a few minutes each day to cultivate resilience in your body and mind.

The final exercise is “Pulling Down the Heavens.”

This exercise pulls in energy from the natural world around you. You’ll feel waves of relaxing energy pouring through your body, from your head all the way to your feet.

After these three exercises, you should feel a lightness. You might feel a tingling sensation in your hands and fingers.


If you struggle to embrace JOMO, set yourself a goal to spend a certain amount of time alone each week. It can be anything from ten minutes to the whole day (although you might need to build up to that). Hopefully you’ll start to see a positive pattern being created and time alone will soon become a natural part of your life.

Recapping what JOMO means; a feeling of contentment with one’s own pursuits and activities, without worrying over the possibility of missing out on what others may be doing.


Create a mood board. This could be anything from how you want to redecorate your home to where you’d like to go traveling or simply a collection of things that make you happy. Cut out images from magazines and paint on the colors that bring you the most joy. Whenever you’re feeling a bit low or lacking in focus, you can refer back to your board for some guidance and uplifts.

Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give. By Karl Lagerfeld.

As I continue to be re-reading my book that I wrote four years ago; it’s a personal journey of my everyday experience with treatments that I received in Mexico. In relations to the current series of BELIEVING, entry FLORIDA GIRL CHANGING FOR A BETTER LIFESTYLE.

It’s been going on three days since my arrival to Mexico. I’m unpacking and getting settled.

Looking at the awesome perspective and the mountains that surround me, I couldn’t have chosen a better region to continue to heal myself. There is a location that I envision in my mind for an organic garden, it’s a perfect place to start one. The owner of the property is excited as much as I am to grow greens and other vegetables.

Our New Home

Dan and Sherry Malin's new home in Chapala, Mexico We finally made it to our new home, after visiting Angeles Hospital. Our doctor , Dr. Perez was very pleased with the MRI. Ultra Sounds, and lab work. Everything looks great!!! I have made a movie of Dan and my new home. The area is so peaceful and is surrounded by mountains and a huge lake. This is a great place to continue our home programs.

It is funny how life takes its turns, for I have lived in Florida for fifty-five years and now because of my illness I had to move to Mexico for financial reasons.

Who thought I would ever move, especially to another country? I know Dan and I are able to continue my home program and any procedures needed to keep my cancer managed. We had insurance in the states, but were restricted on what they would pay. It’s terrible when you pay a big premium and still end up paying out of pocket and then it does not cover treatment done outside of the USA. We need to look more into this issue, and stand together to fight for the health rights of the treatments we find are better for ourselves.

In the near future, my goal is to start this format to help change the way the healthcare system sees functional medicine. This type of treatment managed my sickness and not the conventional cut, burn or poison method that is the only protocol allowed in the US.

Finally, I am now waking up to a new lifestyle, which is giving us peace of mind while being surrounded by nature. I wake up to birds tweeting and the leaves moving with the help of the air brushing against them. This is tough, but someone has to do it.

Did you do your walking today? Yesterday was a wonderful day for walking along Virginia's Greenway. Plus, the app on my phone just spoke out stating that Dan and I are forming a healthy lifestyle. Are you!

Here is a video, WALK AT HOME, no excuses!

Beginner 1 Mile Walk | Walk at Home

Are you looking for a way to get started building your healthy routine? This is one of the BEST ways you can do that! This is a 1 mile walk perfect for beginners. This workout is from the Super Walks series.

This is the time to get ready for food and remedies that heal; alchemy of herbs. Moving along to another herb; GINGER. Ginger is one of the most versatile herbal stimulants. Ginger is referred as the universal medicine. It has been used for centuries and is still one of the most popular herbs of our time. It has been widely studied by scientists with positive results for a variety of issues, making it one of the more accepted herbs in Western medicine.

Ginger can be used in an astonishing variety of ways. Because of its healing and drying qualities, it is best used in people with signs of coldness and dampness. Ginger especially affects the respiratory system, digestive system and circulatory system. It is a powerful anti- inflammatory shown to decrease pain in those with chronic inflammatory pain such as arthritis.

Until Friday, life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment. Enjoy your journey at the moment.

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