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January 8, 2024

Hello Followers,

Good day Monday,

A new week, new beginning, and a new day.

So let us get started.

Let us first focus on a word and affirmation of the day; for what we put out there in our universe will be contagious.


Perfection is a trait that makes life an endless report card on accomplishments or looks.

When healthy, it can be self-motivating and drive you to overcome adversity and achieve success.

When unhealthy, it can be a fast and enduring track to unhappiness.

The road to perfection is one filled with many obstacles, and the walk is long.

Nevertheless, we have all pushed ourselves at one point or the other to be the best at each task we attempt in our journey through life.

Dan and I also welcome you to go to our YouTube site to enjoy and bring uplifting vibes to your day.

This year’s affirmations are from the book- Everyday Affirmations

365 Mantras for happiness, strength, and peace.

Follow everyday -

Dan and I highly recommend you check it out.

Let Everyday Affirmation be your go-to for a moment of stillness, gentleness, and generosity for a year full of happiness, strength, and peace.

January 8th


Perfect is the enemy of completion.

It is noble to want to achieve your goals perfectly, to want to be perfectly good or perfectly capable, but it is not possible.

Do not let a desire to pursue total perfection stop you from moving forward.

Our imperfections are what make us human, and what build bridges between us.

They are useful in their own way.

You cannot shed them entirely, so look for ways to embrace them as an asset.

PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

You are perfect as you are.

This 10-minute guided meditation inner journey helps you access inner harmony between all the various aspects of you, as well as the Universe as a whole.

Understand your role in the Universe and find a sense of loving gentleness and relaxation in the process.

It is always important to change your routine around you but continue keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Dan and I welcome you to go to the tag words and explore our posts.

Until Tuesday, practice makes us perfect.


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