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Hello from Dan and Sherry,

This is to a beginning of a healthy life. After much soul searching and managing cancer for nine years, Dan and I decided to not only share our personal stories with you; but also challenge our lifestyle with videos of our everyday journey. Its not just about us, its about hope and inspiration.

We may have a chronic disease, but that does not mean that we have to fear it. No one knows when the end is, for we could die of many natural things. We could die in a hurricane, earth quake, or car accident. You get the drift; this is not to be negative; I just wanted to point out the need to enjoy life no matter what.

If you do not already have a plan for the future, make one. I’m sure there is a goal of traveling, seeing a loved one grow-up, celebrating special events, and just loving life. Focus on what you can do and not what you can’t and be thankful for what you have every day.

Now, that you figure out the importance of your life, there is time to research and find the best methods to overcome the disease. Doctors want you to think that its either their way or the highway. The cancer for example did not happen over night and has been growing at least 6 or more years. Now it has gotten big enough to be seen on a Ct Scan or MRI. This disease can be managed without chemo or radiation, if you choose to go another route.

There are even groups that can inspire you to do so, with other people in the same situation as you are that have done other methods and are doing great.


Last month I have shared a new feature on the website,, which I hope inspires one to check that keeping healthy is a lifetime of balancing your body, heart and soul. Our bodies need certain things to stay balanced; you are what you eat, you are what you put on your bodies, movement for keeping your organs working, and spirituality by keeping your mind positive.

I’m going to start blogging daily, for we just moved back to the states after about seven years and there are many challenges that we are facing. Dan and I are taking each day at a time. For example, living in the Virginia area without a car. We have been walking, taking the bus and Uber. Getting back in the system of what we left seven years ago is quite an adventure.

Challenges are finding true organic foods, transportation, finding a good doctor, finding insurance that will cover both of us. Most insurance companies will not insure myself until ten years cancer free. We recently experienced the government market place and that was a disaster for now we have a big amount to pay back. Dan feels they did not present the program in an understanding way making it too confusing, oh just give us 2018 tax info and all will be fine, NOT !!

Stay tune to our adventures in the coming year.

Remember there are no mistakes, just lessons. Trust and love yourself and anything is possible. It’s your choice, don’t let anyone tell you different.


My daughter for Christmas gave the best gift of her love. It was a journal of gratitude. In reading this book and sharing it with Dan, I realize how important it is to our well being. I would love to share this gift by adding this to my blog this month. One of the most important parts of healing is forgiveness and counting your blessings. Focusing on the blessings in life lightens the heart, lifts the spirit, and calms an anxious mind. By simply shifting your thoughts from worrying over what you don’t have to feeling grateful for what you do have can alter your entire experience of the world. Once you begin to count your blessings, they have a way of multiplying. Follow me in the blog…


The past couple of weeks, I have also researched on how one can order food on the internet. Before we left the states, in Florida we were a member of a co-op and it worked great. Coming back to another area, I have found a company called, Misfits Market. This company is organic and delivers fruits and vegetables to your door. I have ordered from them and liked what I have gotten. You will see them in pictures of the recipes on the blog.

Since we have been back, its been hard to find wild salmon in our area. What we have found was fishy! There is this company that we have ordered from called, Vital Choice they are also on the site and Dan even purchased fish oil capsules from them. We have been very pleased with the products.

As I continue to research and purchase items that I have tried and like, I will share with my viewers.

Life is about experiences and sharing them, love to hear from you and what worked for you.

Until next month, signing off to a healthier and enjoyable month of March.

There is this man we met in Mexico, a English man named Jimmy. He played the trumpet. He played and sang an amazing Louis Armstrong song : WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. He passed on last week. I dedicate this video to him.

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